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    Why do teaching pros insist on teaching spin serve esp to women?

    They say it to men all the time too, constantly. They certainly say it to me and I have a good kick serve.
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    Two Handed Serve

    Can you imagine how good his serve would be if he directed the skill it took to do this into a normal serve? That looks extremely difficult to do (in addition to looking absurd).
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    Do you call a footfault

    I'd let tell him first that he's foot faulting on ever serve, and then give him a chance to stop, but let him know you're going to start calling it. Be careful that it doesn't interfere with your return game. I find it hard to watch for a foot fault and still keep my eye on the ball for the...
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    Help with moonballer

    Here's the strategy that I was taught that has been very effective. On neutral balls, hit it deep and push your opponent back until they cough up a short ball. Don't blast that ball off the court (unless you have that shot and can put it away 80-90% of the time), instead angle it off to the...
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    Any ideas on practicing volley away from court?

    You could do what she does,
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    5.0 vs 4.5 Crosscourt Forehands

    I like the cross court/down the line drill. One person always hits cross court the other always hits down the line. It's hard and requires a lot of running, but it's good for your game. He's got a longer swing than you do, but a short compact swing doesn't necessarily mean you can't make an...
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    5.0 vs 4.5 Crosscourt Forehands

    Biggest difference I see between the two of you is the other guy gets ready way earlier than you do. He makes his unit turn sooner, and has plenty of time to just wait on the ball. You look rushed and even late on a lot of balls. Still you guys are both really good.
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    Is this reverse slice serve?

    Great serve, looks like he's using a semi-western grip but he's holding the racket so the face is in the same position it would be if it were continental, probably for disguise. That would be a great serve to serve and volley behind.
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    Too much topspin?

    I don't think you are spinning it too much, but they may still have a point about the warm up. The warm up is a courtesy to your opponent your job is to warm them up, and their job is to warm you up. That means both players should be cooperating. If you watch the pros that's what they do...
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    Yes, and I think it's more stressful to a lot of people - they feel more comfortable with a partner so they are not responsible for every single thing that happens. In the beginning I use to feel that twinge of panic when I had to play singles, but now I feel that twinge of disappointment when...
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    I'm not a doubles guy, and I know people say that it will improve your singles (McEnroe says that all the time), but for me if I have the option to play I'm going to try and play singles. I don't know why so many people don't like to play singles?
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    I don't think I'm going to be a full time SV player, but depending on who I'm playing it might be up to 50-60% of the time at the most. I'm not including in that the fake serve and volley points, where if some one is returning at my feet I'll come in a step or two and stop and then take the...
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    I love SV, or I wouldn't have stuck with it this long. I like to play aggressively, probably too much so, and nothing is more aggressive than SV. Also, I've learned there are a lot of benefits from learning it even when not playing that style. Like it improves your serve, anticipating the...
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    Yes, you have to be willing to lose when you do anything new, doubly so with SV since even when you do it well you take a lot of lumps. I love the style and to me there’s nothing more satisfying than a well executed one two SV point. But I think it’s always going to be a situational play I’m...
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    After 3 or 4 years of baseline singles I have started to learn to serve and volley, after about 6 months I've learned that there's a lot to learn and I have improved a great deal and I'm still improving, but I'm not nearly as good with it as with my baseline game. That's to be expected I guess...
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    How to play with a wooden racquet

    With modern strings wood rackets react pretty close to today's rackets, but the big difference is the sweet spot is very small. So, you have to find the center of the racket on every shot. Accuracy, shorter swings, don't over swing.
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    tips and thoughts about my forehand

    No kidding, it would be pretty hard to keep all those lines straight in a match.
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    Match vid - any feedback welcome

    That's certainly possible, but I'd wager against it. On a side I did find this video that shows really well the stability of the elbow through impact and the role of pronation on the windshield wiper forehand.
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    Match vid - any feedback welcome

    I agree, but the guys who hit with a bent elbow don't change the amount of bend during impact. Through the contact zone the elbow position is stable. The issue I'm pointing out is that he's bending the elbow in the contact zone. Bending it a lot - you see the elbow fly and bend right as his...
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    Match vid - any feedback welcome

    Interesting video, thanks for posting. Your opponent foot faults on every serve, but that's not you asked. A lot of unforced errors on the forehand. You have a really pronounced elbow bend right as you are hitting, and you either whip the racket across your body and get too much spin and...
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    First Match Tips?

    Starting at 4.0 is probably a big ask, and don't get discouraged if it doesn't go well. It usually does not go well for anyone in their first matches, let alone someone who may be playing at too high of a level. You'll be nervous. So, keep in mind nerves affect your breathing - take some...
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    JV Tennis

    Find someone to play matches with right away, you'll find that is a very different experience from just learning to hit certain shots on your own.
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    Bringing weak 4.0 volleyer to the net

    Try and first push him back behind the baseline with a deep spinnner, and then hit it short with a slice or drop shot - you can use a forehand slice as well. If he's has a long way to go to get to the short ball that will give you a little bit of a buffer and not require you to hit such a...
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    When do errors become their fault.

    With short balls at the net you have to make a decision right away what you are going to do with them. If they sit up it's tempting to hit them hard, but you really still need to put a lot of spin on them, and your target is usually just past the service line. You don't want to aim for the...
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    To quote Homer Simpson giving a life lesson to young Bart "If there's ever anything in life that's really hard, it's probably not worth doing."
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    Good stuff . . . I mean I'm not so sure about the Nelly part. 80% moonballs is a lot of moonballs :) In general, there's a lot of good advice here, and I can tell that a lot of peopel have given this some serious thought. Very helpful stuff.
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    That's interesting, but I really doubt that would work for me. Sounds like it worked for this guy and for you, but I think the more pressure you put on yourself the less likely you are to perform your best. After all the primary difference between practicing and playing matches is that in...
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    Sounds like your saying there is no long term solution and the best you can do is to muddle through. That's not far off what I've experienced. The odd part is that 4 out of 5 matches I play extremely tight, tenative, and turn into an unforced error machine. On the 5th, I just play great, and...
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    That's something I completely agree with. Your quality of play should not be determined by whether you win or lose, but based on some goal you can accomplish without the opponents cooperation. But, it comes back to the how - what are your performance goals? How do you get into the state of...
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    Read it, I'd say that falls into the category of long on identifying the problem but short on how to solve the problem.