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    *Recreational* Doubles Strategies and Behaviors

    I have found a few things unique to our hobby doubles, ie wouldn't necessarily exist in pro level : TURN AROUND: I'm at the net, I like to turn around and look at my partner when he is hitting. I also move well to one side to give him more room for his overhead. Most of the time this seems...
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    Any ideas on practicing volley away from court?

    I wanna improve my volley side but I can't come to the court. Even if I come, there's no one cooperating. I thinking of doing some "wall" volleying and a lot of mental visualization. I'll be thinking of my weaknesses and trying to address them through ... practicing reflexes, mental imagery...
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    Did you ever get bored with tennis?

    Like quit or wanting to quit for a while? How did that happen? I'm feeling bored and a little disappointed by the kind of tennis only available for me. Nobody plays singles. They play doubles but aren't good sportsmanship. Talking craps, cherry picking, always ready to put down others but...
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    Coaching Differences between a beginner and a very bad veteran?

    Should you coach a bad veteran player the same as you do a beginner? Part of me wants to "rebuild" this old guy's game from scratch but other part is telling me to correct his gigantic flaws only. But the latter can be very tough if things work in a system. How would you approach it?
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    How to handle a weak group?

    Do you play in a group where the members never want to step up to challenges? You invite them to play singles -- they'll say no or try to avoid it at all cost. For doubles, they like to set very favorable teams for themselves. I understand that we all play for fun and some exercise but don't...
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    Cues or teaching methods for developing fundamentals?

    I want to develop and maintain these FH fundamentals that I think very good for playing: high elbow (armpit almost forms a square angle) and Full extensions on the arm and on the elbow, like Djokovic shows here. What are some of the good cues or learning methods to practice? I find...
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    What's difficult about singles for you?

    I bet different people have different issues even though playing a singles match may look like hitting the ball back and forth. For me, I consistently see that if I'm a bit lazy, tentative with my hitting or getting defensive, my games will go to he|| I'd be very slow to get to the ball, and...
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    Shot Tolerance: The ugly beast at every court

    This one is very different from Jolly's elephant. That is... The shot tolerance that is required to deal with lower or much lower level opponents. And, who hasn't come across a lower level opponent? A common theme in our group is good player has to spot free point(s) (or additional court...
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    Survey: would you...

    would you continue to play with players at much lower level than yours? Say, in singles you give them 4 games ahead and they still can't beat you. You give the best guy in the group 30-0 ahead everyday and he still has no chance. Would you continue to come out and play with such a group of...
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    When do you GET the serve?

    How many years in? Or pretty quick for you? Isn't it a great feeling to finally get it? It's probably similar to the other strokes but the serve feels super special being the toughest stroke to crack! Share your experience, your journey to find the Holy Grail ? :) For me, 8 months and a lot...
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    What do you believe?

    Given you and opponent A are equal in level. A third person (lower level) joins you to have a match 2 vs 1 against opponent A. Obviously, you and your partner defend your dubs court and the lone opponent defends the singles court. - Do you think your partner add value to your game? - How...
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    Dead even, what would you do?

    Say, my friend and I seem dead even. Our match could go either way. What are the things that I can employ at the moments to advance myself? Thanks.
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    Doubles: how frustrated are you when ...

    You're trying hard to hang in there, finding way, not making mistakes but your partner is making 2, 3 point losses per game? What's your strategy at this point? Or, are you throwing in the towel?
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    Costs of doing changes?

    The changes I am implementing are costing me several match losses already. I know. Not the smartest move to change and play matches at the same time! but I'm not getting any younger. Just wondering, has anyone gone through changes and experienced negative impacts? For how long? Are the changes...
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    Do you consciously (intentionally) do a high back swing?

    On the FH and the BH? I think most pros perform this fundamental. It can be difficult for us recreational players if you've never been trained. Shots in rec games tend to be low. Many times players think a high back swing (or a loop) isn't necessary and never developed it.
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    How exactly do YOU practice your serve?

    Have a coach with you telling you what to do? Watch Youtube videos? How do you pick which one? Take a bunch of balls to the court and do self learning, trial and error? Recording? Shadow swing in the backyard? Learn piece by piece? A bit of everything? I'm interested to hear. What's a...
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    What to work on first for the Serve?

    What would this board recommend? Focus on generating (a lot of) power first and then work on placement/control? Or the other way around?
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    How do you get dubs partners to move, poach, etc.?

    They always stand in one spot, in their service box, well to a side, and basically wait for a very easy ball or the ball coming to them which their success is then 50/50 (think about this, why would opponents challenge them if they opponents don't have a chance?). Their background is they have...
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    How would you fare in an uneven match?

    Let's say that Djokovic in his current level played against a 500th ranked player, or someone who's never got past the first round at a Major, could he still win if Djokovic started every point at 0-30 deficit? A lot of time we see that Anderson was up 0-30 or 15-40 on Djokovic's serve but...
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    Did anyone wager on the Wimbledon Final?

    Especially picking Anderson? Small, fun wager, that kind of stuff? I was a little a surprised that a friend was willing to pick Anderson, but I had to pay out 1.5x the prize if he won. That was an easiest bet, next the World Cup final. LOL
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    If serve is done without tilting

    Could someone tell me that if you stood straight with arms out (fig 1), holding a racket -- like you're not tilting, hitting a ball above you in a traditional serve -- how would the swing & swing path of Federer's serve look like? I really have trouble constructing a swing that's powerful and...
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    HOW do you referee?

    If you are asked to.
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    Any grunters here?

    What do you think about your grunting (after making a shot)? Very helpful for you, or hurting tactic for opponents. Do you want to continue it? Get rid of it? or lessen it? I notice that I cannot play without some form of grunting. Today I tried to be quiet and calm and have my emotions under...
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    Mental Impact from losing too many times?

    Is there a psychological impact on the player if he loses too many times and consistently? If there is, how big is this impact? If you have experience with this, please share.
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    How much practice do you spend on TIMING?

    It seems like the biggest key to my tennis excellence is when I get the timing of the ball/my swing right! Almost any (small?) deviation or variation in the swing itself, the footwork, grip, etc seems irrelevant. When my timing is screwed up, no amount of swing adjustment, footwork effort...
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    Why so many long time players don't know playing at the net?

    What's the ratio of net players vs baseline players do you see at your site? I don't care the level. Just the willingness to come to the net. For me it's like 2 : 5 Then, for every 4 net players, there's only 1 who's competent and dependable! What's it like for you?
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    Ball stuck in the net, rule?

    on a ground stroke back and forth. Whose point? Could you cite a rule, link, so I could bring it to the court next time for settling dispute? Thanks.
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    Was there any doubts about Querrey/Anderson match?

    That Querrey would come out ahead? When I saw the match-up I immediately thought the US man would have no chance. What's interesting is Querrey is seeded several spots above Anderson. So there should be a slight hope!!! I caught the match at the 2nd set's TB where Querrey was playing...
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    Game plan going into a match?

    Do you usually have one? Better, 2 or more? It takes some mental work and I feel lazy to do it most of the time but it works. I beat my friend 3 times in a row. Then, got complacent. The next two times we tied. I got a bit annoyed so today I did some planning and it was very effective. Cut down...
  30. user92626

    Analogies for hitting serve?

    Are there easy to understand analogies or similar actions to hitting the serve? Thank you.