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  1. nohandedbackhand

    H22 Vs H19

    A 3 second google search Another also tennisnerd has done reviews and comparisons of both if I recall..
  2. nohandedbackhand

    H22 Vs H19

    has been discussed and answered many times - use the search, Luke...
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Nice, life is short. Every time I feel bad about how much money I’ve spent on trying out different racquets and strings I remind myself that tennis is a pretty cheap hobby overall (assuming you have public courts or at least aren’t forced to join a country club to play). A couple racquets, bag...
  4. nohandedbackhand

    Anyone ever Extended a Wilson Ultra Tour to 27.5

    I have. Once I did that and got the swingweight and balance to my liking the xl UT played considerably better for me than when it was modified in std length. Monfils and Smyzchek also supposedly play with xl H19s - I found it helped my two handed backhand significantly and now standard lengths...
  5. nohandedbackhand

    Wilson Ultra Tour 97 vs Yonex Vcore 97HD

    Agree with everyone here. I eventually got my UT feeling pretty good (for a mass produced retail frame that is) after extending it, customizing it with lead, palleting it (drops the RA), etc - but there is no denying that the layup is stiffer and seems cheap/tinny (even after matching specs)...
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    Need proof that the wilson ultra tour is the h19!

    I see. So again, not trying to be a jerk, but do you actually know the difference between mold and layup? Just based off what you’ve said so far it doesn’t really seem like it. The molds of H19 and UT are essentially identical and many others on here have echoed this. I personally own both and...
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    Need proof that the wilson ultra tour is the h19!

    I assume you misspoke and mean that the difference is in the layup - not the mold, right? Also not trying to be a jerk but that's not exactly the world's most objective example of how different the two frames are ;)
  8. nohandedbackhand

    wilson hologram sticker

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you can’t easily remove Wilson hologram “stickers” as they’re under the clear coat. At least that’s how every Wilson I’ve ever owned was.. you sure this 97 isn’t counterfeit? You should post pictures
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    Awkward: Kyrgios practising next to Verdasco

    Except Nick actually seems like a decent person outside of tennis, no? Chris Brown beat the absolute **** out of a woman because he was mad. Our society’s idolization of him is pathetic.
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    New Yonex VCore - VDM - Vibration Dampening Mesh

    May be wrong but it sounds like a similar concept to Volkl handles? Just a thin layer of material between the hairpin and handle? May help a bit (sometimes every bit counts). You can do this type of thing too if you have racquets that use pallets - just put a thin layer of something like carpet...
  11. nohandedbackhand

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Hopefully they incorporate the same clash tech they did to the blade but with ra under 60, keep the balance more headlight and swing weight low for customization, and keep the foam. Ooh and leather grip. A girl can dream..
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Anyone compare the 18x20 version to an ultra tour yet?
  13. nohandedbackhand

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Well there is obviously a huge difference between Freeflex and Feelflex DUH! I remember listening to an interview with Federer a few years ago where he mentioned he'll only use racquets with one but not the other, I just can't remember which.. ;) In all seriousness though I'm intrigued by this...
  14. nohandedbackhand

    Verdasco is an underachiever...especially on hard courts

    Verdasco's game is that high risk/high reward type where he's either pounding you into submission with unplayable shots (AO2016 against Nadal) or he's wearing himself out making all kinds of unforced errors. Not too sustainable of a playing style for a pro I imagine. He's also spoken publicly...
  15. nohandedbackhand

    Eugene/Springfield OR

    I lived there for a bit a few years ago - the YMCA in Eugene has drop in tennis in the evenings for like $10 which was actually pretty fun! Indoor courts and lots of playing king of the hill so great for just getting out and hitting if you can't find a partner or it's raining
  16. nohandedbackhand

    Tecnifibre Tfight pallets and buttcaps

    You can use head pallets (tk82, tk57, etc). You can make most pallets fit most hairpins sometimes it just needs a bit of modification like a little extra double sided tape or sanding down the inside of the pallet
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    Boris Johnson’s tennis skills

    Every time I see this picture I get super uncomfortable and bothered - it's horrifying. And then I remember he's the president of the united states..
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    If the lime is the same as the red (pretty sure it is) then it doesn’t have pallets - it has a molded foam grip like Wilson, Yonex, etc. you can heat it up and remove it with some careful patience and whatever implements of destruction you desire (exacto knife and flathead work for me) but it...
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    How to tell if my Ultra Tour is a Prostock or Retail?

    I have an ultra tour and H19 in same cosmetic and they’re extremely similar (including specs as the h19 is not customized at all yet) with the H19 feeling more flexible and of somewhat higher quality graphite and the h19 has no retail hologram on the throat (which is under the level of clear...
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    How to tell if my Ultra Tour is a Prostock or Retail?

    Does the throat have the retail hologram on it near the Wilson "w"?
  21. nohandedbackhand

    Wanted: Tecnifibre TFight 315 ltd 16M

    Prefer the 2013 red/black version and grip L2 or L3 but would consider other grip sizes. Have lots of racquets for trade or would consider buying outright.
  22. nohandedbackhand

    Differences between the Wilson H19 and H22 frames

    Sort of. Exact same mold. Minimally to moderately different layup depending on who you ask.
  23. nohandedbackhand

    Weight of grip plastic

    Wilson plastic can range from 2-17 grams.
  24. nohandedbackhand

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I’ve owned and played both. In my opinion there is no comparison. Mg radical mp (at least the reissue which I tried in 2013) felt cheap and harsh despite customizing both to similar specs and with soft multi at low-mid tension. The low quality graphite was noticeable which for the price and as a...
  25. nohandedbackhand

    New blue pj 97 head size

    I have so many questions.
  26. nohandedbackhand

    Moving on from my Wilson Ultra Tour, looking for suggestions

    Has anyone found low tension (meaning 40-45 lbs max) soft poly to feel comfier than normal tension multi/synthetic? It’s been feeling that way for me with the ultra tour so far (but only tried it a few times). Also before you give up on the ultra tour - I never felt it was anything that special...
  27. nohandedbackhand

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    This may have been discussed earlier but just in case anyone else was struggling to find the best lead set up for their UT - I just removed the molded foam grip (by heating it up and using a thin flathead screwdriver it comes off pretty easy with some gentle patience) and put on an **** tk82s...
  28. nohandedbackhand

    Wilson ultra tour Vs Head MG radical...

    Never played with the original Microgel but had the reissue (bought 3-4 years ago) and thought it felt like crap, even with lead and silicone. The ultra tour feels way better and like higher quality material in comparison. Whether or not it’s worth the extra $ is hard to say though.
  29. nohandedbackhand

    Technifibre 315 Tfight LTD (16M only)

    For anyone else looking to get rid of theirs I would possibly be interested. Prefer the 2013 version in L2 or L3 grip