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  1. FudgeMyn

    John isner will win Wimbledon

    it's his time I can feel it.
  2. FudgeMyn

    If murray didn't get injured...

    Can we admit he would have been dominating tennis right now? Probably would have destroyed Federer in straight sets tbh;);)
  3. FudgeMyn

    Novak will never win a slam again

    Look at the guy. hes so skinny now. his shots barely bully his opponents now. he'll be lucky to win masters in the next couple years. Ultron is dead and gone. Press F for respects.
  4. FudgeMyn

    This is berdych last chance at a slam.

    With Nadal out. Federer is the only person in his way at this point. I don't see Chung/kyle/ Cilic taking him out with his current level. Can the man finally step up and take it home?
  5. FudgeMyn

    Advice on Becoming a good coach?

    To make a long story short. The apartment complex where I live at has offered me a chance to teach there since they've been having some demand for wanting lessons and I'm the only one who uses the courts consistently haha. Anyway, my skill level is 4.0 but in terms of coaching, that means...
  6. FudgeMyn

    Nadal and sloane should donate some of their prize money to the hurricane victims

    Not only it would boost their social status by the millions. But its the right thing to do,No?
  7. FudgeMyn

    Who Will replace boris becker?

    Think its obvious by now djokovic is gonna sack him any day now! Will his new guru take over beckers place or will novak seek help from another ex-pro? I'd think it would be interesting if djokovic considered working with his buddy janko tipsarevic (who currently has his own academy)
  8. FudgeMyn

    Why is CiCi bellis going to college?

    Atm this seems like a really dumb move by her parents or advisors. I have nothing against college but I always felt like when it comes to tennis that was an option for players who just couldn't cut it in the future/challenger circuit while having financial issues. But clearly this isn't the...