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  1. OldschoolKIaus

    Since 2008 the most embarassing player is Novak Djokovic

    It's a simple but staggering fact. Nobody lost as many slams finals as he did against Murray. Federer and even Nadal never lost a slam final against Murray. Since 2008 the biggest embarrassment of tennis is Novak Djokovic. He's the most embarassing player in activity and only "the best" when it...
  2. OldschoolKIaus

    Zverev in R2 and nobody seems to care?

    96 minutes of smart, elegant and down-to-earth tennis. Is he that unpopular around here? "People on TW forum should accept me as their GOAT."
  3. OldschoolKIaus

    Florian Mayer will win US Open 2018

    Beautiful FH swing. Awesome serve. Beat Zverev (future GOAT candidate) once in a final (Halle 2016). Owned Nadal (the luckiest player ever; master of easy draws) on fast court in Shanghai 2011. Why not?