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  1. fedtastic

    McEnroe "There should be no pre match warm up in Tennis"

    Heard him say this on the BBC radio today. His argument is that Boxing doesn't have pre match warm up in the ring and boxing is a more physical game. He said players should warm up in the locker room or the gym and be ready to serve straight away once they are on court. I kinda like this idea. I...
  2. fedtastic

    Max Mirnyi calls Nadal's game "boring"

    Just heard him on BBC2, in an interview. When asked who he would prefer to play, Roger or Rafa? He replied "I find Rafa's game boring and predictable, you know its going to be physical and he will try to wear you down or if your lucky you might just sneak out a win. With Roger its totally...
  3. fedtastic

    Federer will win Roland Garros 2011

    He will repeat 2009. revive this thread when its all said and done.
  4. fedtastic

    Do you want a Fedal final?

    Being a Fed fan myself, I do want a Fedal final and would love to see Fed beat Rafa in a slam final. Even if that doesn't happen, I would love to see a Fedal final because the level of play and drama goes through the roof. I have to admit I have enjoyed watching Federer's losses to Nadal except...
  5. fedtastic

    Post your "preferred" ATP calendar

    I am only posting ATP 500 Tournies and above in which the top players usually play but you can post whatever you want. January AUSTRALIAN OPEN - 3rd week of Jan February ATP 500 Tokyo - 4th week of Feb March ATP 500 Beijing - 1st week of March Shanghai Masters 1000 - 2nd week of March ATP...
  6. fedtastic

    Rod Laver vs Arthur Ashe

    This video didn't have many views on youtube so I thought I would share it. I can't believe how hard they hit with those rackets :shock: Amazing skills. Oooops, seems like its posted in the wrong forum. Can the mods plz move it to...
  7. fedtastic

    Why does Djokovic runs around his Backhand?

    I am watching the US open final and one thing I notice is that Djokovic keeps running around his Backhand to hit Forehands. Why does he do that when he has a more stable and devastating Backhand? Nadal keeps dropping the ball short in the middle of the court and instead of ripping cross court...
  8. fedtastic

    Congratulations Djokovic

    Now that he has beaten Fed, I feel he can win the whole thing. The semi final wasn't that long only 3:30 hours and he should have plenty in his tank left. If Djokovic stays aggressive and serves like he did today against Nadal in the final, I think he will win in 4 sets. I feel Djokovic is a...
  9. fedtastic

    Mandy Minella is cutie

    I like watching her, her game that is ;)
  10. fedtastic

    Freddie Mercury is alive

    ooops delete thread
  11. fedtastic

    Federer is done, Stick a fork in him

    Trolls are going to do it so I said why not. Lets hear it all here. Federer sucks and needs to retire and he will never win another slam. He is lucky he plays in a week era with chokers of the highest level. Federer is lucky he won Roland Garros and Wimbledon because Nadal was injured. Now...
  12. fedtastic

    Which final would you prefer?

    I would prefer a Djokovic vs Del Potro final for the sake of better tennis. Fed seems to have Del potro's number and it might be a very one sided final. On the other hand Djokovic vs Del potro final might be even worse and a choke fest. Since its Del potro's first slam final and Djokovic seems...
  13. fedtastic

    Credit to Del Potro

    This thread is about giving credit for reaching his first Grand Slam final and focusing on the good things he brings to the game of tennis. Today he played absolutely beautiful tennis destroying, Nadal in straight sets. This guy is a huge talent and deserves respect rather than being called...
  14. fedtastic

    Why does Murray have such a slow racket-head speed?

    I am watching him against Cilic right now and he seems really slow on the forehand side. He can't seem to generate any power and is just pushing the ball in. Compare him to Federer or Nadal or even Djokovic his racket-head speed seems really really slow. Is that why he can't seem to generate...
  15. fedtastic

    Do top pros practice new shots during matches?

    Having seen great players like Sampras, Agassi Nadal and Federer, I have a feeling that these guys practice new shots during their matches. Not in the quarter finals or later stages but when they are playing some no name players during early rounds. Does anyone think that?
  16. fedtastic

    Can we all agree now that Murray is

    the 2nd best player in the world after Federer. The rankings don't lie and I think he deserves to be there. Sure Nadal was resting and stuff but Murray has really been rock solid. I see him winning a major in 2 years. Is he really the 2nd best or did he just get lucky?
  17. fedtastic

    Murray will win the US Open

    Now that Muzza has beaten Tsonga who defeated the GOAT the day before, we can safely assume Murray will win his first Grand Slam. Come On Muzza!!!!!! He will now prove everyone wrong on this board. Just wait and see.
  18. fedtastic

    Roger Cup 2009 : Marat Safin (RUS) VS Gael Monfils (FRA)

    Welcome to another Safin roller coaster. I hope he doesn't disapoint us by winning in straight sets. I'll go with Marat in tight 3 sets. Davai Marat!!!!
  19. fedtastic

    Did you start following tennis SERIOUSLY because of Federer?

    OK, so this is a really simple question. What I want to know is did any of you guys started playing/watching tennis SERIOUSLY because of Federer. I don't mean just watching a Slam here and there but also watching masters events and other ATP events your favourite player plays. I used to be a...
  20. fedtastic

    Justin Gimelstob interviews some pros no apologies if posted already. :)
  21. fedtastic

    Who has better career: Lleyton Hewitt or Patrick Rafter?

    Lleyton Hewitt Australian Open F (2005) French Open QF (2001, 2004) Wimbledon W (2002) US Open W (2001) Patrick Rafter Australian Open SF (2001) French Open SF (1997) Wimbledon F (2000, 2001) US Open W (1997, 1998)...
  22. fedtastic

    Federer winning French open and Wimbledon back to back

    Nadal was the first man to win French open and wimbleon back to back since Bjorn Borg and now Federer has done the same just one year later. What an amazing acheivement this is. How long will it take for someone else to repeat this feat. Maybe 30 years or 1 year. What an unpredictable sport...
  23. fedtastic

    Best match of wimbledon 2009?

    What is the best match of this years Wimbledon. For me, it was the Murray-Wawrinka. The first match with roof closed and lights at wimby and an incredible atmosphere.
  24. fedtastic

    Davydenko (RUS) VS Berdych (CZE) : Wimbledon 2009 : 3rd Round :

    I feel this is going to be a tight match, a possible 5 setter. I am going with Davydenko in 4. Both are great strikers of the ball, should be intresting.
  25. fedtastic

    What should be Federer's next goal?

    Now that King Federer has finally won the career Grand Slam :shock::). What should his next goal be? 1. Improve his head to head against Nadal: It has been said by many tennis pundits that while Federer has dominated tennis for about 4 and a half years, he hasn't been able to come to terms...
  26. fedtastic

    SI Soderling article caught up with Jon Wertheim to get his impressions of No. 23 seed Robin Soderling's stunning upset of No. 1 Rafael Nadal at the French Open. When was the last upset of this magnitude? Jon Wertheim: You'd really have to go pretty far back. This is the first time he has lost at...
  27. fedtastic

    Does Federer need to change his game?

    Now that Nadal is out of the equation, should Federer change his game? It has been said that he is practicing and coming up with a strategy to defeat Nadal and his game was tuned to bring down Nadal. Now that there is no Nadal should he go back to his old game and not worry about high balls to...
  28. fedtastic

    Nadal and Soderling Interview

    Nadal Soderling Translations plz!!!
  29. fedtastic

    Credit to Federer

    This really shows how hard it is to stay No 1 in the world for 4 1/2 years and reach 19 consecutive semi finals of Grand Slams. Many people say Federer is not mentally strong but it just shows how strong he is. Federer fans must appreciate everything he has brought to the game of tennis and...
  30. fedtastic

    Is Nadal's schedualing a big problem?

    The title says it all really. He played a tourney in Rottherdam after winning the Aussi Open and then he played Barcelona which are not compulsory. Should Nadal do what Federer has done and only play big tournaments and leave some extra gas in the tank. Nadal looked a little slow in his match...