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  1. ThirdEye

    Tsitsipas' gear?

    Is that a (pro stock) Blade? H22? Strings? Tension? Does anyone know?
  2. ThirdEye

    Adidas Ubersonic 3?

    Any news about the third version of the Adidas Ubersonic's? After all the women version has been out for quite a while now. When should we expact the men version?
  3. ThirdEye

    Blade 98 CV vs Donnay P1 Penta?

    Can anyone compare these two frames? Hit yesterday with the Blade and liked it a lot, but the demo strings were terrible (Babolat singut) so it felt like a cannon with no control. I guess it's a great weapon with the right strings. Never had a chance to test the Pro One Penta but heard a lot of...
  4. ThirdEye

    Donnay Pro One GT 16x19, tell me more about it

    Currently playing with a Pro Staff 97 RF, which i love, but I'd like to try something else for those days when my feet are not that fast and I could use a lighter frame. Also, serving first serves for 2 hour matches with a 340g frame is not a piece of cake, usually my shoulder gets tired as the...
  5. ThirdEye

    Best thick overgrip?

    I usually use Signum Pro Magic (0,75mm), which would be perfect if they offered more tackiness. I have very dry hands, and the Magic doesn't offer the tackiness I need. I tried Tourna Mega Tac, and while they are very tacky they're not as thick as the SP Magic. Therefore here's my question...
  6. ThirdEye

    Nadal just spanked Murray

    A bit surprising, but Nadal did a good job there. He's been playing really well lately.
  7. ThirdEye

    Sampras still believes in Dimitrov

    Hope he's right. Maybe he should coach him.
  8. ThirdEye

    Mantis Tour Poly Red 1.22

    I just received a set of Mantis Tour Poly as a gift. I've never used this string before and there are not many opinions online about it. Has anyone ever tried it? What should I expect? Thanks!
  9. ThirdEye

    OMNI shoe on clay

    How does an omni shoe perform on a clay court? I play indoor during autumn/winter (usually linoleum or, more often, synthetic grass) and clay during spring/summer, so I'm looking for something that performs well in all situations. I'm talking specifically about this shoe (adidas barricade omni)...
  10. ThirdEye

    Solution Speed 2 Vs Zoom Vapor 9.5 Vs Adidas Ubersonic

    Which one would you pick? I've heard horror stories about the durability of both the Asics and the Nike, but they should be quite comfy. Haven't heard as much about the Adidas as they're still quite new. What shoe would you recommend?
  11. ThirdEye

    A more comfortable APD?

    A friend of mine usually hits with a Babolat APD but his shoulder has been complaining for some time now. He tried it with different strings but nothing changed. He asked me if there's anything that plays similar to his beloved APD (latest version btw) but without the harshness issues. What...
  12. ThirdEye

    Tecnifibre Team ATP x9 and x12 bags anyone?

    I'm currently looking for a new tennis bag. I tried a Babolat Team x6 (size is 76*26*34cm), but it's too small for all my stuff. So i looked for a x9 bag, and loved the look of the Tecnifibre Team ATP line (the red/black ones, to make it short). I was going to buy the x9 version online, but...
  13. ThirdEye

    Anything similar to Yonex Rdx 500 MP?

    Hi everyone, a friend of mine bought an old Yonex 500 MP, I tried it and I fell in love with it. I managed to buy one as well, but now I don't want to end up like Del Potro, stringing the same old two rackets because Wilson doesn't produce that model anymore. So my question is: is there any more...