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  1. bogdan101

    Trend toward lighter racquets

    Looks like the young guys swing lighter racquets than the veterans; none of them seem to go for specs similar to what Federer, Djokovic or even Nadal are using. Any hard data to back up that impression?
  2. bogdan101

    Milos as Cool Hand Luke

    Clearly out of gas, barely moving, with the match outcome in no doubt, but still pounding ace after ace to the bitter end against Lacko; a lesson on how a tennis pro should act on the court. Vamos Milos!
  3. bogdan101

    Aljaz Bedene (SLO... errr... GBR ... errr... SLO)
  4. bogdan101

    Filip Peliwo deserves his own thread...

    Especially after winning the Knoxville Challenger in impressive fashion, beating Denis Kudla 4 and 2 in the final. Congrats!
  5. bogdan101

    Watch out stringing the crosses on a Pure Aero

    I discovered when I finished that I started on the wrong side. The effect of that is that the loops on the outside of the frame are not sitting nicely in the grommet channels, but on top. Oh well I learned something. That'll teach me to pay attention to the markings on the racquet rather than...
  6. bogdan101

    Tourna 300 CS crank stringing machine

    Cheers to all, this is my first post here. I just ordered my first stringing machine, a Tourna 300 CS. I am in Canada and this is from the big rainforest online retailer, so if I don't like it it would be easy to send back. Anybody else have any experience with this particular model? Thanks...