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  1. Fed881981

    Fed is not a good front runner anymore

    Think about his GS losses in 2018-2019, for example. 2018: W: lost after having a 2-0 set lead and match points USO: lost to a no name after winning the first set 2019: AO: lost to a young player after winning the first set FO: lost to the king of clay in straight sets W: lost after having 2...
  2. Fed881981

    Nadal's GS record against Fed/Djokovic in the past 5 years

    2019: L, W, L 2018: L 2017: L 2016: No meetings 2015: L Total: 5 losses and 1 win (RG 2019)!
  3. Fed881981

    8 QFs of a slam, 7 straight-set wins

    The only match in which the winner dropped a set was Fed-Wawrinka. As a tennis fan, I think that's disappointing, especially on the women's side: it's not like prime Serena, prime Henin, prime Graf and so on met qualifiers. It's players who don't often challenge for big titles that won their...
  4. Fed881981

    Nadal is not Fed's biggest nemesis

    Converting break points is. I'm trying to think how many times he failed because of that... I just cannot!
  5. Fed881981

    4 weeks down... 3 more to go!

    The clay court season is way way too long and boring. It’s tome to cut it and add a Masters on grass.
  6. Fed881981

    There's a Fed Era and a Djokovic Era. No Nadal Era!

    To be clear, when I say #2, I don't necessarily mean #2 in the ATP rankings. I think that it is widely accepted that Roger Federer was the main man in the previous decade, especially between 2004-2009 (or even early 2010): three years with 3 slams each, two years with 2 slams each, reached...
  7. Fed881981

    The "new generation" is indeed taking over

    Finally, we can say that the new generation is taking over from Fed, Nadal and Djokovic. And by the "new generation", I mean 30+ Nadal and Djokovic and 35+ Fed. They are not at their peaks, but these versions of them are still the best in world tennis. They have now won all of the last 7 slams...
  8. Fed881981

    Who will win the 4th slam first: Murray or Wawrinka?

    Also, where and when you expect that to happen?
  9. Fed881981

    Petkovic lashes out at Halep' "haters"

    "For all the haters who said she‘ll never win a Slam because she‘s mentally weak, go choke on that. Everyone has their own timing and supposed failures are often just stepping stones in an individual‘life. CONGRATULATIONS, Simona - is what I‘m trying to say and thank you for teaching us all."...
  10. Fed881981

    The lefty Fed beats the righty Nadal

    :D Watch it here:
  11. Fed881981

    So, what did really change in the Fed-Nadal rivalry?

    Fed didn't drop a set against Nadal in the last three meetings (7 sets in a row). In two of those (IW & Shanghai) he looked much better than Nadal. So, what caused this shift? 1) A much more aggressive BH by Fed 2) The confidence after Fed turned the table in the 5th set in Melbourne 3)...
  12. Fed881981

    Hilarious Serena

  13. Fed881981

    This is actually sad!

    AO 2017: We, Federer fans, finally saw him lifting the 18th. It took 4.5 years to get there. And he finally beat Nadal in a slam. His gap from Nadal grew by 1. FO 2017: Nadal responds by bringing the gap back to 3. W 2017: Fed finally wins the 8th title at Wimbledon, and gets to 19. The gap...
  14. Fed881981

    Fed won all majors in straights sets

    AO: 2004, 2007, 2010 FO: 2009 W: 2003, 2005, 2017 USO: 2004, 2007, 2008 Total: Perfect 10!
  15. Fed881981

    The main takeaway from this USO

    Be out of the game for few months; you will come back and do great. Fed, Nadal (to a lesser degree), Kvitova, Keys, Kanepi and Stephens are good examples. Djokovic is probably taking notes!
  16. Fed881981

    Kanepi's return vs. Sharapova's return

    Sharapova was out for 15 months due to a suspension. Kanepi was basically out between January 2016 and June 2017, 17-18 months. Sharapova received 10 WCs since she returned, including to this USO. Kanepi received zero (to my knowledge). In this USO, she actually had to play two qualification...
  17. Fed881981

    Henin's slam count without retiring in 2008?

    She retired in Spring 2008, just before turning 28. She was the top ranked woman, the three-time defending champion of Roland Garros and the defending champion of the USO. Imagine that she didn't retire then (she had no injuries at the time), and instead continued to play for 5 more years. How...
  18. Fed881981

    Fed is getting older too fast

    In January, he turned 18. Two days ago, he turned 19... that was quick. Oh, and he may turn 20 in September :)
  19. Fed881981

    Nadal is losing many 5-set matches these days

    Check out the last 10 matches: Muller (W 2017): L Federer (AO 2017): L Dimitrov (AO 2017): W Zverev (AO 2017): W Pouille (USO 2016): L Verdasco (AO 2016): L Fognini (USO 2015): L Smyczek (AO 2015): W Djokovic (FO 2013): W Rosol (W 2012): L Total: 6 losses in the last 10 matches and 5 of the last 7.
  20. Fed881981

    This is just unfair

    Multiple hard court and clay court Masters but not even one (one!!!) grass court Masters. This is just unfair, and not sure how this is being tolerated for so long.
  21. Fed881981

    Paul Annacone to coach Wawrinka

    This summer, Annacone will be taking his immense experience and talents to the coaching team of Stan Wawrinka. Announced just before Wawrinka was to play Rafael Nadal in the French Open final, Annacone will join the three-time Grand Slam champion during the grass-court swing. That includes...
  22. Fed881981

    A year ago, Djokovic was holding all slams

    Now, he is holding none! I never thought that would happen. Such is life, I guess...
  23. Fed881981

    The World #1 with only ONE title this year

    So, Murray won only in Dubai. No slams and no Masters mid way through this year. Oh, and no final since winning Dubai (March 4th). I was happy when he became #1, but he is a weak one.
  24. Fed881981

    7 of the Top 8 seeds made it to the QF

    Ranoic is the only exception. Real dominance, and I expect the top 4 (Murray, Djokovic, Wawrinka and Nadal) to reach the SFs. Speaking of the top 4: Murray dropped two sets, Djokovic two, Wawarinka and Nadal-none. That's 48/52 sets won by the top 4!
  25. Fed881981

    The difference between Federer and Nadal

    Federer is chasing history. Nadal is chasing Federer. Each time that Nadal gets an inch closer, Fed makes a step forward! Djokovic, by the way, is chasing both. And Murray? well, he is looking behind his back to Stan-The-Man!
  26. Fed881981

    Federer and Sock vs. Nadal

    Federer: Sock:
  27. Fed881981

    The reason Fed won today

    He had an extra day off and an easier semi final. Oh, and a joke draw.