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  1. Bertie B

    Why Andy Murray is underrated

  2. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    You do know opinions are like orifices, right?
  3. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    @captainbryce Jelena Ostapenko Bianca Andreescu They have been the most recent Gemini champs on the women's side.
  4. Bertie B

    ClayDal....King of Clay

    @Pantera it's never wise to break promises. I read on this board where you made a promise to the Jinx Gods. They gave you what you asked for, satisfied, you quickly did a 180, and refused to hold up your end. Buddy, you have to follow through. Or your jinx won't work anymore....
  5. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    Why the long face? Your sign not ranked? I identify as Virgo, so I know the feeling.
  6. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    My image sharing site is down, so I'll need time to update the image. For now I will update the totals in the text below the image. 1. On the men's side Geminis have narrowed the gap with #1 Leos from a 14 slam difference (77-63) to a 10 slam difference (77-67) 2. On the women's side Libras...
  7. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    2019 Additions. Of the eight singles events; Gemini won FIVE titles. Libra, two, and one for Taurus. Gemini men won all four men's events. Libra women won two of the women's, with one each for Gemini & Taurus. Andreescu is a Gemini, Barty is a Taurus. Osaka & Halep are Libras.
  8. Bertie B

    Djokovic's Final Slam Count

    Aren't you guys forgetting Wawrinka? Djokovic will need lots of co-operation from Stan to reach 19/Nadal. If Stan is healthy and playing well, Djokovic isn't winning more than 18 total.
  9. Bertie B

    Is Medvedev the 4th Horseman on the ATP Tour ?

    ...maybe. Outside of the BIG 4 (Fed/Nadal/Djoko/Wawrinka), Cilic was the most recent to have won a slam and made multiple finals. Cilic is a Libra, with Mars in Aries. The Mars of Marin is retrograde (moving backward), and has returned to Pisces. Hypothetical sequence... Wawrinka...
  10. Bertie B

    Is Medvedev the 4th Horseman on the ATP Tour ?

    Some people believe in chaos, some don't. I don't know what I believe. Let's look at the Sun-Mars sequence of the guys in Federer's generation. Sampras was the King of the 70's generation. Safin was first of Federer generation to become #1. Sampras - Leo : Aquarius Safin - Aquarius/Pisces...
  11. Bertie B

    Is Medvedev the 4th Horseman on the ATP Tour ?

    Observe the Sun-Mars relationship between the successive champions. Federer - Leo : Cancer Nadal - Gemini/Cancer: Capricorn Djokovic - Gemini : Cancer Murray - Taurus : Gemini Wawrinka - Aries : Taurus Med - Aquarius : Aquarius In this sequence the first sign is the Sun, the second sign is the...
  12. Bertie B

    Is Medvedev the 4th Horseman on the ATP Tour ?

    Astrologically speaking, The BiG 4 are linked along the Sun-Mars axis. Med doesn't fit the sequence. If you read my thread, Astrology of Tennis Rivalries, you'd know that Sun conjunct Mars makes for the best rivalries, and as such it will be Mars who topples the Sun out of #1 slot. Looking...
  13. Bertie B

    Is Medvedev the 4th Horseman on the ATP Tour ?

    He'd need to beat Novak consistently at the slams. That's why Murray was booted - RG 2016. The current BIG 4 - Federer/Nadal/Djokovic/Wawrinka.
  14. Bertie B

    Why Serena is a victim if her own success and why she is the GOAT

    Sharapova played the same way in 2004. Astrologically, I feel Serena didn't work hard enough as the planets were aligned for high achievement.
  15. Bertie B

    Could Medvedev be the GOAT?

    No. He's an Aquarius. They don't have the patience, discipline, or stamina for the grind and repetition it takes to become a GOAT. Especially after he's seen his first $5 Million. Aquarius mission in life is to upset the apple cart and frustrate the *&^% out of you. When you least expect it...
  16. Bertie B

    Djokovic's Shoulder

    Where there's secrecy there's deception. Faker!!
  17. Bertie B

    Nadal lost a fan tonight

    Medvedev said, the sweetest thing is to have crowd against you, them win tournament anyway. This is why Nadal is a fan favorite. The crowd wanted Medvedev beaten, and Rafa delivered. Satisfied, they will accept the Russian with open arms.
  18. Bertie B

    Did Nadal Dominate at the USO in the '10s?

    12 claycourt finals vs 10 hardcourt finals. Looks pretty even.
  19. Bertie B

    Did Nadal Dominate at the USO in the '10s?

    Looking back I think he's always had challenges at the AO. Before 12, 14, & 17, remember those heartbreakers in 04 & 05? Whatever is in the air down there is absent in NY which allowed him to dominate this past decade.
  20. Bertie B

    Did Nadal Dominate at the USO in the '10s?

    In the 90s it was said Pete Sampras dominated both Wimbledon AND the USO. From 1990 - 1999 Sampras played the USO nine times, winning four titles in four finals. He was the winningest player at that tournament in that decade. For this he was said to dominate. From 2010 - 2019 Rafa Nadal...
  21. Bertie B

    Nadal saving Federer's weeks at #1 record?

    I remember Federer in his prime. He was unchallengeable. Turns out it won't be Rafa or Djokovic who takes him down, but both. The Astrology of it all. Gemini the Twins, vs Leo the Lion.
  22. Bertie B

    Better forehand-Agassi or Federer?

    See their 2001 USO match. Agassi.
  23. Bertie B

    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Missed what? Were the planets in alignment? Last I looked Fed's moon is in Aries. As a Leo Fed's Sun is on the fixed cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Being his moon ins't receiving solar support (the trine is too weak), I wasn't expecting him to break through. In fact, by Oz 2017 fed...
  24. Bertie B

    Dimitrov mugging it up again!

    Had to stop watching.
  25. Bertie B

    Pete and Agassi in 30-40 years range sans the Big 3 would dominate the past two generations

    Pete would struggle with the modern court speed. See his record in Melbourne & Paris. Hewitt, Safin, Ferrero and all the other guys who were beating Pete and the other S &Vers on the regular would continue to do so.
  26. Bertie B

    Cilic missed a golden chance

    I don't think burnout is his problem. His game is too passive. Most of his shots are neutral, he rarely attacks the opponent, or puts them under pressure.
  27. Bertie B

    Cilic missed a golden chance

    Out of shape. He was huffing hard between points.
  28. Bertie B

    Djokovic is 4-4 against Wawrinka in grand slams.

    If this was a truly bad matchup the overall h2h wouldn't be so lopsided.
  29. Bertie B

    How many slams would Djokovic win if he had to consistently face peak Wawrinka?

    Djokovic got the luckiest break. He never got to experience the humiliation the other two endured. Oh, but it's coming.