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  1. YetAnotherFedFan

    Bezos is the nearest we have to an authentic James Bond villain The Indian government should also be ashamed of their vainglorious space ambitions when they can’t even provide toilets for the majority of their citizens.
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    Stan to squeeze Muzz out of Big 4 on Sunday?

    Probably not, but I couldn’t resist :happydevil:
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    Tarantino Movie Discussion Thread

    At least try and rank your top 3 and feel free to rank them all. Were any real duds for you? My top 3 in order: Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown Reservoir Dogs I personally enjoyed all of his movies though I would say Hateful Eight is the weakest in the pack. I have not got round to watching...
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    Novak is the Ultimate Percentage Player but has the Least Flair Amongst Big 4.

    Fair comment or am I going to get excoriated for this?
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    Can TW monetise TTW?

    I think TTW is more public service than anything else. There are probably a core 500 users and thus it’s just not interesting enough to third party advertisers. Google searches may help bring consumers to the merchandise section but that’s about it. The ‘like’ feature adds to the general...
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    Men and Women: Who has a tattoo?

    Tell us more: where and what is it?
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    Men Only: Who has their ears pierced?

    I’m going through a mid life crisis and I thought what the f@ck, why not!!
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    Will Novak attack Fed’s Forehand on Sunday?

    That seems to be the prevailing strategy to pull Rog out wide on the forehand wing. It will be interesting to discuss this match and if Novak wins (I hope he doesn’t, but I think he’s 55/45 favourite as Federer’s recovery will be slower) a number of expected blistering CC forehand rallies...
  9. YetAnotherFedFan

    Big 3 are the greatest narrative in the history of tennis and possibly in any sport

    These three guys are utterly remarkable and are still yet to write the final chapters of this compelling saga. I believe their dedication and hunger for excellence and trophies has essentially frozen the rest of the tour out. Although in some respects there is some case for arguing their...
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    Should Monaco really be considered an ATP 500 Tournament?

    Given its not mandatory for the top players to play Monaco, should it be relegated to a 500 for the purpose of comparing tournament trophy distribution amongst the Big 3? Disgust
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    Three Americans in Top 50, has US tennis ever been in a worse state relatively?

    Isner 10 and likely to lose some points at Wimbledon. Tiafoe 36 can’t seem to build consistency and criticised for his awkward forehand. Fritz 42 good mid level tour pro, can we say more? I know it’s well broadcast that the US hasn’t had a slam winner for a while, but as things are shaping...
  12. YetAnotherFedFan

    What happened in set 3 and 4 today please?

    Unfortunately I only caught the first two sets. I thought Thiem was lucky to nick the second as I thought Nadal had the balance of play in that set. So did Thiem collapse in 3 and 4 or did Rafa play out of his skin?
  13. YetAnotherFedFan

    If Thiem loses, what will he say in his interview about Friday’s Fiasco?

    Will he tell the truth in a diplomatic fashion? Or will he look scorned and mumble that he wasn’t good enough?
  14. YetAnotherFedFan

    RG Final on Monday?

    I think they will do everything they can to keep play on the Sunday assuming even if Friday’s matches drag on into Saturday. The TV audience is so important to the financing of the whole thing and the networks will really push for Sunday. Besides, on the longer term forecast Monday looks...
  15. YetAnotherFedFan

    Novak second most aggressive player on tour after Fed.

    All this talk that Novak is a pusher is some of the biggest load of rot I’ve ever read on this forum. The fact of the matter is that Novak is the second most aggressive player on the tour after Fed. He’s taking the ball incredibly early and does an amazing job of defending the baseline...
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    Malivai Washington, I doubt he would break top 100 today

    I have recently subscribed to Tennis TV, where they have a wonderful archive of older matches. If you actually watch some of these older matches you cannot argue that the game is being played at a lower level today. Even in 2004-2007 Federer made plenty of errors with his forehand. Federer...
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    Google Chromecast, IPad and IPhone Compatability with TennisTV

    The bottom line is that to broadcast to my TV I need to have Chromecast running on my phone. I can login to the TennisTV site on Safari but not on Chromecast as TennisTV says Chromecast will not accept cookies. How do I disable cookies from Chromecast when used on Apple products. Thanks for...
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    ATP 2019 19 Tournamnents YTD and 19 Different Winners

    Think about that for a small minute. It suggests there is tons of depth on the tour and totally debunks the weak era BS you guys are spouting all day long.
  19. YetAnotherFedFan

    AO Scheduling is a Shambles

    I read a lot of strong opinions on this forum stating that the Australian Open is best for the players and has the best facilities for the players. Sorry, don’t buy it. It’s a disgrace that Konta and Muguruza were playing at 3:00am last night. The Cilic Verdasco match is going the distance...
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    Fed Serve Motion has changed over the last two years

    This is an observation which comes from my coach, and unlike most of us he really knows what he is talking about. He’s throwing the ball up less high and the motion is therefore more compact and energy efficient. And yet he’s serving better than ever. The man’s desire to improve is truly...
  21. YetAnotherFedFan

    Medvedev Update

    He’s had some good results on the lesser tournaments. I don’t think he has the charisma or game to to be a real superstar, but I’m interested in how far others think he can get.
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    Non English European Songs from 1945 Onwards

    Here’s one from Jose Luis Perales to get us started. A Christoper Cross from Spain if you will.
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    I wish there was an option to watch the match court side

    Once every 20-25 points they will show a rally court side point. Of course you only get to see one side of the court but you get a much better sense of the rally than the conventional birds eye view. What are your thoughts about this? It should be relatively easy with the technology we have in...
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    Djokovic back to ‘Peak’

    After his tremendous performance in Shanghai I have no qualms in saying Djokovic is playing at the highest level ever. It’s up there with 2015 and 2016 which is my opinion was a higher level than 2011. He’s moving well, he’s light on his feet, its effortless and that’s what separates Novak from...
  25. YetAnotherFedFan

    Borna Coric career high 13 on Monday and 11 in the Race to London

    Lots of you have written off a 21 year over the last 18 months but as some of us predicted he has continued to find his form. He turns 22 shortly and has physically matured. He still has an outside chance of qualifying for London if he does well in Paris or Basle. He will be a regular fixture...
  26. YetAnotherFedFan

    Enzo Couacaud the James Bond of Tennis

    Enzo has struggled to break in to the top 200 and the only fathomable reason I can think of is that he insists on playing in a dinner jacket. Presumably his choice of attire is because he has a more pressing appointment at the Monte Carlo Casino before seducing Russian oligarchs’s wife number...
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    ER Suffix Essential to Goathood

    Many fans consider Laver the GOAT and indeed he may well maybe the pre open era GOAT. Roger Federer has triple the er which thus trebles his claim to GOAT status. Nadal is inconsequential in this debate and Djokovic is as we all well know a well loved comic. Ladies and gentlemen I rest my...
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    UFO and Space Brothers Phenomenan Explained from a Spiritual Perspective

    @Sentinel do try and watch this in full if you can.
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    What does Djokovic do against Nadal which the rest of the tour seemingly can’t?

    Ignoring the Davydenko jokes for a minute, Novak is the only player who seems to have got the measure of Nadal across the surfaces. What is about Novak’s game that has made this possible? Or is it as simple as Novak making Rafa play that extra ball?