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    Getting Nadal's Physique

    Guys, stop hating on this guy for wanting to put a little extra muscle on, he only said he looked up to nadal as a goal for his physique, shoot for the stars
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    Getting Nadal's Physique

    here's an example of the calves routine Actually you should have the order be Day 1 Legs day 2 Shoulders et all day 4 Chest (add abs) Day 5 Back bis Day 6 Abs Day 7 abs or cardio
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    Getting Nadal's Physique

    Alright here you go man imma get specific try doing a four day split workout plan Monday work Shoulder tris calves and abs Tuesday Chest Thursday Legs Friday Back Bis and abs start every workout with two large compound lifts, for instance on a chest day start with bench and dips or incline...
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    Getting Nadal's Physique

    no way two straight months, i am a 15 year old freshmen and i would say its been fairly easy for me to gain muscle, but those nadal guns don't happen overnight, and remember you gotta eat to get big
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    Perfect core exercises.

    you don't wanna train ur core daily prolly 2 3 times a week is better. You want to go really hard so that your muscles are sore and have a day to rest. My favorite core excerises are twists, plank (you can get great variations on that one) decline weighted crunches and leg raises
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    is it true that 80% of your power in tennis comes from your abdomin muscles

    I would say a lot of power comes from your hips, lower back, and quads
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    Shoulder Clicking

    i get a similar type of clicking when doing lateral raises
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    What time is best during work out to do cardio

    150 is not an exact number. I am lucky (or unclucky depends how you look at it) to live on a fairly steep hill so the distance from the speed bump at the bottom of the hill to one sign post is about 150 M. I do that 12 times then finish off by sprinting the 1/4 of a mile or so back to my house...
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    What time is best during work out to do cardio

    BTW Rickson you are the man you really know everything, also what i find ridiculous is people who try to do weight excersises when they can't do it with their own body weight, like doing bench presses when you can't even do 10 pushups or doing barbell squats when you can't even one leg or body...
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    What time is best during work out to do cardio

    rickson i get up 45 min early and go run wind sprints (about 150 M increments) every morning what do you think about this
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    are tennis players strong?

    I would say basketball takes the greatest combination of physical strength, endurance, speed and power
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    Whey protein

    i use the metrx chocolate powder, tastes great with water, but i am switching to muscle milk, tastes SOOOOOO good and i found it at a good price
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    Increasing Muscle Mass Quick!

    and nadal fan one thing to remember is that muscles are made at the dinner table
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    Increasing Muscle Mass Quick!

    i am a really big fan of rickson and chess' philosophies, however the one thing i disagree with is that 14 year olds don't have enough testostorone to make major gains
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    Schedule for weight training and........

    if i were you i might put shoulder in with chest, make biceps and triceps their own day, back its own day and legs its own day. however, i don't know if you have time for this
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    ***** Sweetooth

    I hav kinda similar situation, only the problem is exxagerated by the fact that my dad has an insane sweet tooth and he always stocks the house with ice cream and chocolate, i actually eat really healthy all considering but it can be too much at time
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    Swimming and Tennis?

    im pretty sure its against cif rules to practice that many hours....
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    am i fit or not?? (do i need to lose weight)

    dont wry my best bud is 6 2 185 and benches 200 and his bro is the star track runner runs a 47 400
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    am i fit or not?? (do i need to lose weight)

    waddyamean oriental food isn't the healthiest i think its all great, and yes you do hav decent stats and whoever said the only way for this guy to get a six pack is to deprive himself of calories is totally wrong you must feed your muscles, maybe cut back on some types of calories but not...
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    Stretching your abdominals

    I just realized that abs are one of the few muscles that i never stretch, could this be bad it seems as if i could do harder stuff with my abs if they were stretched but i have no idea how to do this
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    what US cities have the best tennis community

    Santa Barbara no doubt also irvine is good, but who the hell would wanna live in Irvine anywhere in So Cal maybe ventura as well so cal rocks
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    how bout this ab routine

    personally i don't like the idea of doing an excersise to failure. I often find that if i tell myself to do something to failure i onl do 7 reps, whereas if i had said do 8 reps right here i could have squeezed one more in. maybe i'm still a bit weak mentally
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    how bout this ab routine

    imma try it tuesday
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    how bout this ab routine

    check it out sounds pretty killer
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    Facebook- "Tennis Turkeys on the Court!"

    sounds pretty cool i got another group that fights against brown nosers in schools please join we're really lacking support. If you're a parent or a child this should be of the utmost importance to you
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    Is a full body workout 2x a week enough?

    ball busters are kind of like suicides
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    Is a full body workout 2x a week enough?

    if i were you heres what i would do monday upper body weights tuesday tennis wednesday lower body weights thursday tennis or core training fri lower body weights saturday tennis sunday rest Also get up 45 minutes early two or three days a week and run some ball busters, it will actually make...
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    How do you make veins appear on your calves? :D

    in all honesty this is a pretty insignificant thing to worry about, and also i doubt he has body image problems, i have a lot of questions about the way my body is a certain way and i know that i don't have image problems.
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    A person's height is determined by...

    interesting question that i don't have a complete answer to, i've heard that milk is great for making you taller, but that might be a wives tale i would like to gain a couple of inches myself.
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    Chest training

    i always use free weights, hate that chest press machine and i always do 3 sets of 8-10 dips during my chest workouts, ive been using dumbells on my presses, the only machinese i use during my chest workouts are the pec deck and cable crossover