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    Selfie stick tripod to record tennis match

    Am thinking of getting a selfie stick with tripod base and mount my iPhone to it to record myself. Since my club's indoor court only has curtains at the back and no back fence, I'm thinking the most portable/compact solution is a selfie stick that comes with tripod base. One question I have is...
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    Tsitsipas put away shot

    1) Does it look like he’s using Eastern grip? 2) Really like this clip because it shows the brief moment before striking the ball the kinetic chain at work (right leg push -> hip thrust -> shoulder thrust -> elbow straighten -> wrist lag) within a very short time.
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    Pro's Pro Comet vs Gamma Progression II 200 for hobby stringing?

    For stringing at home (maybe 1-2 racquets per month) and learning as a hobby, would Pro's Pro Comet be better than Gamma Progression ii 200? Pro's Pro Comet: Gamma Progression ii 200: Price-wise the Comet is more expensive than the 200, but not by too much if I get directly from Pro's Pro...
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    Gear trend

    Some interesting bits from the latest gear article from Racquet: Anyone wants to speculate who? Pure Aero 2019 or Prince Twist Power / Textreme Twaron? Shoes: Barricade? Gel-Resolution?? Strings: Finally...
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    Some BTS videos from Wimbledon's stringing room

    Videos feature a few players' preferences. 2018: 2017: 2016: 2015...
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    Has anyonte used Artengo strings?

    It seems like they do quite cheap multifilament strings here in the UK. Searched through TT and no one seem to have any experience posted. Stringforum has a couple of reviews and that's about it. Thoughts?