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  1. Otacon

    Kyrgios is great for tennis

    Imagine a circuit without the 3 ATGs. Who's the next big thing ? Kyrgios. He's interesting, period.
  2. Otacon

    Let's Waltz !

    This is so beautiful, the European culture at its best :)
  3. Otacon

    2019 US Open Prize Money Tops $57M, Richest Purse in Tennis History

    The USTA announced that total player compensation for the 2019 US Open will surpass $57 million for the first time, maintaining the US Open as the richest purse in tennis history. The USTA worked collaboratively with the ATP and WTA Tour to determine specific prize money levels on a...
  4. Otacon

    Mad Men is the best TV show ever

    I'm a fan of a lot of series, but Mad Men is something else. Every episode is a movie of its own. This is the 5th time I'm rewatching it, thanks to Netflix.
  5. Otacon

    Wimbledon R4 : Fed vs Berrettini

    Fed looking good, will win the match.
  6. Otacon

    This is how the USO should look like

    Perfect camera angle, perfect court speed/bounce, players hitting the ball on the rise
  7. Otacon

    Why is everyone ignoring Canada's PM Justin Trudeau ?

    I thought this was funny :p
  8. Otacon

    Nick is waiting for Rafa

  9. Otacon

    How data analytics is giving top players like Federer and Djokovic another edge on their rivals

    "All the big guys are using data analysis, they just don’t like to talk about it."
  10. Otacon

    Why Tennis is not booming in Australia

    Organised sports such as tennis and rugby union are declining in popularity as time-poor Australians turn to lifestyle activities such as walking, cycling and working out at a gym. The 2019 AusPlay survey found soccer was the sixth most popular physical activity with 1.7 million participants...
  11. Otacon

    We've never seen someone like Roger

    Ok ? Ask Jack Kramer.
  12. Otacon

    Was the Davis Cup as big as the World Cup ?

    An old man told me that the Davis Cup was the most important sports competition in the world in the first half of the 20th century, as important as the World Cup in Europe and even bigger in the US and Australia. Anyone who witnessed this period ?
  13. Otacon

    Be confident Fed fans

  14. Otacon

    Mcenroe answers

    Your greatest achievement? The 1984 season (where he won 82 matches out of 85). All the pieces of the puzzle were put together. But I was probably happy with that. I had kids and I did not work enough. I rested on my laurels. It was obviously a mistake. Especially since this is the moment when...
  15. Otacon

    Tsitsipas going to Eastbourne

  16. Otacon

    The chair umpires thread

    Let's make a dedicated thread about chair umpires. Their faces are well known to tennis fans, their backgrounds a bit less.
  17. Otacon

    Berrettini is making a fantastic transition from clay to grass

    I am impressed with this lad
  18. Otacon

    The USO to introduce on-court coaching in the main draw

    In all probability, we will end up with Wimbledon and the French Open banning any mid-match communication while their New World counterparts permit it.
  19. Otacon

    Rafa assesses Federer chances of success at Wimbledon

    "Roger was super solid from the backhand side, he moved well. The first thing I thought about after the match was Wimbledon. If he plays like that, he can go get it."...
  20. Otacon

    Thiem critics should apologise

    He IS the prince of clay and he doesn't need any M1000 on the surface to prove it.
  21. Otacon

    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    Ok, let's talk tennis :cool:
  22. Otacon

    Rafael Nadal Is Playing Mind Games With You

    When you think of Rafael Nadal, you might think of a player who hits balls with hellacious topspin and grinds out points on clay. His RPMs and his sweat grab the glory. But the 11-time French Open champion uses a few insidious tricks that go beyond the obvious strokes and traditional tactics...
  23. Otacon

    Does anyone know Drake's phone number ?

    I'll pay the plane tickets if he accepts to pose for a pic with Rafa :-D
  24. Otacon

    What makes the difference between a champion and a good player ?

    "One might think that there is a justice in tennis. That what happens to you is what you deserve. Fabio Fognini, Nick Kyrgios and Benoît Paire, even Gaël Monfils, have gone through their careers playing in a relaxed way. It does not mean that they do not fight, but when they have to play a match...
  25. Otacon

    The most incredible stat about the Big 3

    At least one member of the Big 3 has been a part of every Grand Slam final since the 2005 RG. The only two exceptions are the 14 USO and the 16 Wim, but in these two tournaments, Nadal was missing. (54/56) In other words, whenever all three of them are present at the start of a GS, they always...
  26. Otacon

    Rafa is apparently in trouble

    Patrick Mouratoglou has just made an interesting observation on Eurosport. He has indeed noticed that since the beginning of the year, Nadal tends to start his matches at full throttle in order to finish off his opponent as soon as possible because he no longer has the physical endurance of...
  27. Otacon

    RG 19 - R4 - Federer vs Mayer

    Roger has only lost to one-handers in 2019, so beware !