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  1. dolphinsrus

    Looking for Nike Court Tech 1 bag

    Please send me a message if you have one for sale. Thanks
  2. dolphinsrus

    New to Natural Gut....please, tension?

    Hi guys, I am new to natural gut and will string my Babolat Pure Aero. I usually play with a full bed of multifilament at 54lbs as I had tennis elbow few years ago. Quick questions: What tension should I use for natural gut as I was reading that it is more powerful (hopefully I will not have...
  3. dolphinsrus

    The mystery of my Nike shirt

    Can someone explain to me whats going on? I washed my shirt and saw all these stains on both sides. Got crazy !! just to discovered that they disappeared when the shirt dries. Just wondering if they will appear when I play.
  4. dolphinsrus

    Can I re-string only the crosses?

    Hi guys, Quick question; I play with X-one by phase 16 on my Babolat Aero at 54 lbs. The crosses on my racquet will break soon. Can I re-string only the crosses (I have a 1/2 set of string that I havent used)? If so, at what tension? Or should I start with a brand new full bed of X-one? Thanks...
  5. dolphinsrus

    Have you ever seen this on a nike shoe?

    [/url][/IMG] Here is a Here is pic of one of my court ballistecs. I have about 20 pairs of tennis shoes, so I rotate them and dont use this pair that much. Today I played on hard court and my shoe was feeling strange. After carefully inspecting it,I found an air bump on the outsole -not...
  6. dolphinsrus

    How to improve fit on a half size bigger shoe?

    Hi guys, I received a pair of Nike Lunar Ballistec as a gift. These are about half size bigger than my normal size and I can't return them. I already played in them with no problems, but would love to improve the shoe fit. Is there anything I can do other than wear double sock? Shoes are a bit...
  7. dolphinsrus

    Achilles injury

    Hi guys, Couple of months ago, I injured the achilles on my left foot. I just felt something pulled while serving (no contact with the surface or anything). It wasn't something too bad, but a discomfort. I have played sporadically with an ankle support, but still feel some discomfort. As...
  8. dolphinsrus

    Cheaper substitute for Tecnifibre X-one biphase 16 Red

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for a cheaper substitute for Tecnifibre X-one biphase? I got tennis elbow about a year ago and started playing with soft multis. First I started with Babolat Exel and then switched to X-one biphase, but these strings don't last at all. I got the red version because...
  9. dolphinsrus

    Sony Smart Sensor....Should I keep it?

    Hi all, I ordered few week ago a sony smart sensor. I had the opportunity to use it just once during practice session with my machine. It was cool, but the app was crashing constantly. I have two days left to decide if I want to keep it or return it. I installed it on my Babolat Aero Pro and...
  10. dolphinsrus


    Did you guys see Rafa's Legend Edition? Is TW going to sell them? [/URL][/IMG]
  11. dolphinsrus

    What's the difference using poly on crosses?

    Hi, I usually string my Babolat Aeropro Drive with Alu Power Rough on Mains and Babolat xcel on crosses both at 53 lbs. I was thinking about putting Alu Power rough on crosses and babolat xcel on mains. What effect should I experience? Am I going to get more feel, spin? or should I go back to my...
  12. dolphinsrus

    Any idea whats going on with my black widow?

    Hi guys, I just put new strings on my Babolat Aero Pro. Based on recommendations and reviews, I decided to go with the Dunlop Black Widow string, 17 gauge at 55 pounds. Today I used it for the first time and didnt like it that much. I didn't feel it gave me more spin and some of the shots that I...
  13. dolphinsrus

    How do you train with your tennis ball machine?

    Can you guys tell me how do you train with your tennis ball machine? What type of drills do you practice or what routine do you follow? I want to maximize the benefits of training with a ball machine. Thanks
  14. dolphinsrus

    Can I add a remote to a Silent Partner Lite Machine?

    Quick question. Is it possible to add a DIY remote to a Silent Partner Lite ball machine? If so, how? Thanks.
  15. dolphinsrus

    Need your input for a Ball Machine

    Hi guys, I woke up this morning thinking that I should get a ball machine. I am starting my research and would love to get the input of other forum members as there are many brands and features. I am a 4.0 player and would prefer a machine that produces top spin as well as flat shots with 70-80...
  16. dolphinsrus

    Recovering from Tennis Elbow

    Hi guys, I am recovering from tennis elbow. I have healed about 95% (slight pain) but I am refusing to play again until I am 100%. How should I return? Should I start playing little by little? My arm is a bit weak so I was planning on lifting light weights. Quick question; should I wear an...
  17. dolphinsrus

    Lunar Ballistec & Vapor Limited Edition US Open

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know when the Lunar Ballistec and the Vapor Limited Edition for the US Open will be released? Where does Nike post their LE launch? Twitter? Facebook? How can I know when the shoes are going to be released? Any idea about the colors? Thanks
  18. dolphinsrus

    TENS Machine on tennis Elbow

    Have any of you used a tens machine to heal tennis elbow? If so, please share your experiences as well as the best spot to place the pads. What about this machine specifically designed for tennis elbow...
  19. dolphinsrus

    Multi on Mains-Poli on crosses

    Hi there, Quick question; hybrids are usually poly on mains and a softer string on crosses, right? My stringer said that I always break crosses and suggested me to string multi on mains and poli on crosses. He said that this set-up is common, even Federer uses it. Can somebody tell me how a...
  20. dolphinsrus

    My Selfie with Murray

    What a great luck. I took a picture with Andy in Miami. Unfortunately when I took the pic, a fan passed along a huge tennis ball for an autograph. What a nice pic. Can you spot me?
  21. dolphinsrus

    Sore knees

    I am playing on hard courts 2-3 times a week (I have no option of other cur face). I usually end the match with sore knees. I diagnosed myself with runner's knee base on where my knees hurt. I feel that soreness all night long (during sleep) until next morning and then it gradually improves. I...
  22. dolphinsrus

    Dimitrov's Vapor 9 French Open

    Hi Guys, Did someone see the Vapor 9 Dimitrov was wearing today at the french open? If so, do you have a picture or do you know the colors? I liked them. Hope I can replicate those on nikeid. Thanks.
  23. dolphinsrus

    Nike Courtballistec 4.3 Black/volt

    Looking for a pair of Nike Courtballistec 4.3 in Black / Volt style #487986-017 in size 8.5 or 9. Email me Thanks
  24. dolphinsrus

    Vapor 9.5 Limited Edition

    DO you know guys if Nike will real ease a special edition for the Vapor 9.5 like they did last year on the US open (Black Vapors with 3M) or the Brogue edition (London)? If so, when? Thanks
  25. dolphinsrus

    Need to make some changes

    Tennis is not treating me really nice lately. Don't misunderstand me, I love it as much as any player here, but I end up my matches with physical pain. Would love to hear from other players how to deal with these issues (I know I am 42 and no longer a youngster) but I want to keep playing 2 or 3...
  26. dolphinsrus

    Should I get the 2010 Aeropro or keep looking?

    I have been playing for years with the Babolat AeroPro. My current racquet is a Babolat AeroPro GT plus from 2010. However, my backup or second racquet is an even older AeroPro (not + which means it is shorter). With the price drop of the 2010 Aeropro GT Plus at Tennis Warehouse, I was thinking...
  27. dolphinsrus

    Super String From Austria (orange)

    A friend of mine is trying to persuade me to buy Super String, a product from Austria in orange. He said that it is one of the best strings in the market and is not expensive. I couldn't find a lot online. I am hesitant to try it as I had tennis elbow about a year ago. I currently play with...
  28. dolphinsrus

    What is wrong with this stringing job?

    My twelve year old son is experimenting with my new gamma x-2. He strung his first racquet, but there are extra holes, which means that he missed something. I am assuming he didn't align the racquet correctly, but I am also a rookie as I just stringed one racquet so far. Can anybody graphically...
  29. dolphinsrus

    New to Stringing, need some tips

    Hi guys, I just ordered a gamma X-2 stringer, and I am excited about stringing my own racquets. It will be my first time and don't know exactly what to expect. I would appreciate some tips as which videos to watch before starting, should I practice with a cheap string and then cut it? or do you...
  30. dolphinsrus

    Advantages/Disadvantages of using multi on mains and poly on crosses?

    To the experts in the forum; I always break the crosses, even with a full bed of multi. When I do hybrid, my stringer always recommends to put the poly on the mains and the multi on the crosses. What happens if I do the opposite (poly on the crosses and multi on the mains)? Would my strings last...