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  1. King No1e

    Jimmy Connors was 21 in his legendary 1974 season

    Meanwhile we call Zverev(23), Medvedev(23), even Thiem(26) "NextGen". STEP UP AND KICK EM OUT!!!
  2. King No1e

    Street vs Sheet: More Accomplished as of Now?

    Zverev: 1 WTF 3 M1000s Ranked 4 for 3 consecutive seasons, highest #3 Tied H2H vs Fed, 2-3 vs Djoker, 0-5 vs Nadal Weaknesses: No Slam semis Medvedev: 1 Slam Final 1 M1000 Ranked #4 2-3 vs Djoker, 0-2 vs Nadal
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    Nick Kyrgios wins Sportsmanship Award

    In a dream he had last night. Mury GOAT
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    Most Spectacular Cases of Burnout?

    I was reading a thread about Wilander recently, about how he burned out completely after his amazing 1988 season. He was on top of the world, and then suddenly he disappeared from the elite circles. What are some other spectacular, abrupt cases of top players burning out? This is one for the...
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    Zverev's AO or USO kit?

    Zverev's AO and USO outfits are to me the best of 2019 so far, but which one do you like more?
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    Thiem and Soderling have had remarkably similar careers

    2 RG finals in their mid-20's, troubled Nadal on clay, but won their only big title on HC. Both couldn't break through Fedalovic (yet) and reached #4 as their highest rankings. Who has had the better career so far? Who has been better on clay so far? Off clay? Discuss.
  7. King No1e

    Youzhny to coach Shapovalov

    Shapovalov hired Youzhny as a coach for the US Open. They are still on a "trial basis" apparently. Looks like he has something to offer concerning Shapo's slice, at least: Discuss.
  8. King No1e

    Kyrgios or Kollerer?

    The way Kyrgios has acted in so many matches this year reminds me of Daniel Kollerer. Both of them are outrageously unsportsmanlike and off-the-wall, yet incredibly entertaining players. Discuss
  9. King No1e

    The World Champion's Curse

    The last 3 ATP World Tour Champions have fallen to this weird "World Champion's Curse". They win it and completely burn out after that. 2016: Andy Murray Has a string of inexplicable early-round losses in 2017 followed by injury break. Fails to qualify in 2017. Never been the same player since...
  10. King No1e

    Raonic or Sampras serve?

    Both Milos and the great man play very similar styles of tennis: big serves, short points, frequent S&V, etc. Commentators who love comparing current players to past greats have often likened Raonic to the 14-time Slam champ due to their similar approach to the game. Sampras's ground game was...
  11. King No1e

    Fedr or Feder?

    Since everyone under 30 is losing in Montreal, might as well forget about it and instead turn back to the burning question on everyone's minds. Is it Fedr or Feder?
  12. King No1e

    Davydenko vs Dimitrov: Greater Career?

    Two players with very similar careers: Tour Finals champs reaching #3, but never reached a Slam final. Who was the greater player?
  13. King No1e

    10 Best Australian Open Matches of the Century

    What are your 10 best AO matches starting 2000? Here's mine: 1. 2012 Final, Nadal vs Djokovic 2. 2013 4R, Djokovic vs Wawrinka 3. 2009 SF, Nadal vs Verdasco 4. 2005 SF, Federer vs Safin 5. 2003 QF, Roddick vs El Aynaoui 6. 2009 Final, Federer vs Nadal 7. 2008 3R, Hewitt vs Baghdatis 8. 2017 SF...
  14. King No1e

    Strongest Year for #2 Player (recent years)

    Which year did a player perform the best for 2nd place?
  15. King No1e

    Are Nadal's Wimbledon dark ages officially over?

    2 semifinals in a row reached in dominant fashion. Big serving and improved aggression reminiscent of pre-2013 days. Is Nadal back to being a force at Wimbledon? Or are these just outliers?
  16. King No1e

    Bautista's chances vs Djokovic as a percentage

    Mods pls lock thread once match starts, but right now what are Bautista Agut's chances of winning Friday's semifinal vs Djokovic?
  17. King No1e

    Federer fans, if Safin had dominated the era instead of Federer...

    would you have been a Safin fan and supported him as much as Federer? Back before Federer started dominating, both were seen as insanely talented players who could become the next GOAT. Only after 2003 did everything click for Federer and the domination started. If the roles were reversed and...
  18. King No1e

    Better Fitness: Labadze or Nadal?

    Mury GOAT
  19. King No1e

    2007 Fedr vs 2011 Cvac at Wimbledon

    Common sense dictates that Peakerer would always win at Wimbledon, but keep in mind that Federer struggled against Nadal in 2007 while Djokovic GOATed against him in 11 (of course the matchup plays a part in it, but destroying peak Nadal at Wimbledon like Djokovic did is a really hard task)...
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    Hewitt Played his Last YEC in Houston

    And retired in 2016. It's remarkable how long Hewitt played past his prime. For a good decade he played among journeymen despite having already hit #1 (and held it for a whole year), won Grand Slams, and dominated the ATP. It really shows his absolute love of the game that he could go from...
  22. King No1e

    Would Nadal have beaten Wawrinka at RG15 final?

    No fandom bias here, because I'm pretty sure RG15 hurts for every fan. Nadal's 5-peat ends, Djokovic misses CGS, Federer gets rolled by his pigeon. If Nadal had beaten Djokovic again in 2015, would he have been the champion? How likely would it have been that Stan's game works as well against...
  23. King No1e

    As a Federer and Nadal fan...

    Neither are the best of their era. Mury GOAT
  24. King No1e

    Is Nadal the Matador or the Bull?

    I hear both used in reference to Nadal. He's the Bull or El Toro, but people also say Viva El Matador. So who is he?
  25. King No1e

    Federer won more games vs Nadal than Nadal did vs Djokovic

    at the AO final. You simply cannot diss this performance. For a 37 year old, on clay, this has been quite a remarkable fortnight for Federer. First SF since 2012, on his first RG appearance since 2015. Nothing but respect for the Maestro. #LegendNeverDies
  26. King No1e

    Better forehand: Verdasco or Paire?

    Mury GOAT
  27. King No1e

    Nadal's 2008 vs 2012 versions on clay

    Which version of Nadal would win if they played each other?
  28. King No1e

    Nike @RG19

    I am truly shocked that Nike has the gall to design a player kit so audaciously, offensively bad. We've seen some truly disastrous designs in the last few years from Nike, but I have to say they have outdone themselves with this eye-damaging abomination.
  29. King No1e

    Forehand Slices are a Dying Art

    I stumbled upon a clip of this incredible forehand slice by Federer, and it never fails to take my breath away: Go to 28:36 for the shot in question (the biggest Fedheads probably know the shot I'm talking about anyway) Only Federer and a handful of older players still use this shot. Rod...