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  1. Nastase

    college life in Oxford & Starkville for athletes

    Oxford is a far better college town, but both are good tennis programs. This may be for another thread but ...what is not always understood by rising freshman is (as a D1 player) your activities on and off court are basically with the tennis team. You will do track in the AM, go to school, then...
  2. Nastase

    Stability of Head Prestige Pro but with more power and lower SW

    The Graphene XT PPro seems to fit that bill, modern and reasonably powerful (relative) although it can swing heavy versus some versions for some folks. Did you not like that version? Interested in replies to this thread.
  3. Nastase

    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    No idea who gets the job but to do this in mid-August is weird. If this is their decision it should have been made a while ago since the kids are back now. Louisville is a good job and they have decent facilities but its a long way up in the ACC. In addition to chasing UVa-UNC-Wake, Clemson has...
  4. Nastase

    FT: Yonex Vcore 98 (Red) L3 for Pure Strike 98 P17 L3

    trade has been made Yonex is no longer avail thanks all
  5. Nastase

    FT: Yonex Vcore 98 (Red) L3 for Pure Strike 98 P17 L3

    For Trade: Will trade for Pure Strike P17 16x19 4 3/8 only in similar condition Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex Vcore 98 (red) Grip Size / Size: 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30...
  6. Nastase

    Red Hood super smooth deal

    Have no worries with Red Hood he shipped super fast and racquet was as described. Thanks!
  7. Nastase

    Head Prestige Tour 300 midplus 660

    Fantastic racket, very stable and solid. I don't think it was one-dimensional because it just did everything well and had great feel. The issue was when they moved to the suspension grips the grip kinda broke down over time and they developed a squeak. There was no need for the suspension grip...
  8. Nastase

    Has Spin Obsession Caused Tennis to Regress???

    Good thread. Also worth noting in addition to string technology - or maybe because of it- that at all the academies and tennis symposiums over the past several years the magic word was “shape”. They’re quite focused on putting shape on the ball. Producing a lot of spinny rallying and such but to...
  9. Nastase

    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat Pure Drive VS Playtest

    Thanks to TW and Babolat for the opportunity to participate in this test – it’s been a pleasant experience and enjoyable test. String and tension used for the Pure Drive VS test: Strung it first with Alu Power 16L then with Tourna Black Zone 17 both around 50/51 lbs. Later tried a hybrid of...
  10. Nastase

    RadicalP great seller

    RadicalP delivered the goods, great communication, timely shipment, thanks
  11. Nastase

    great trade experience w gburgh

    very smooth deal good communication fast shipping - thanks gburgh
  12. Nastase

    Prince Tour 95 and Tour 100 availability

    what is launch date or pre-sale date?
  13. Nastase

    2018 Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC Rackets

    I find the new TF XTC 305 and XTC 315 to be much improved. These are the only 2 that I have personally hit with. More stable, better power overall, improved feel. My son plays with XTC 320 and reports the same.
  14. Nastase

    Why do Tec racquets FEEL like crap?

    Feel is subjective, but I love the feel of TF sticks. I particularly love the feel of the new XTC 305. Its a monumental improvement over the previous DC and Dynacore models which I thought felt good, but were underweight and hit a thin ball. Even with lead I could not get to a happy place with...
  15. Nastase

    Alabama men's tennis

    He’s proven he’s the man to take them forward. SEC is tough he’s done a good job recently. I admit he took a while to do it but people here don’t know all the details.
  16. Nastase

    The rise and fall of racquet companies.

    Antelope RT Sports Zebra (Zebest)
  17. Nastase

    o0lunatik is great

    Don't let the Saints fleur-de-lis fool you...he's great thanks for the smooth deal
  18. Nastase

    Best serve in college tennis (current only)

    Frederico Gomez of Louisville has an enormous serve
  19. Nastase

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    I've hit with the Tour on 2 occasions now and find it to be a really great racquet. Strung with Head Hawk Touch originally at 52.5lbs (too tight) but the tension had surely dropped by the time I hit it. I did not find it to be uncomfortable despite being strung more tightly than I wanted, and...
  20. Nastase

    The 2018 Jolly video review thread.

    Prince Phantom Pro 100P
  21. Nastase

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    looking forward to the feedback this stick looks very nice
  22. Nastase

    Radical Touch MP and Pro reviews.

    Agree Don and addition to the rads now folks who haven’t hit a ball w the Prestige Touch iterations are critics...just hit with them first. I think these could be very good. The 305g prestige version looks great, even if you modify to taste. IMO always.
  23. Nastase

    Every ex-D1 player I've met wants nothing to do with tennis....

    Here are the NCAA specs for HS athletes that go on to play in college For men 5.1% of HS tennis participants play NCAA tennis, only 1.7% play D1. Women about the same....4.9% of all HS participants...
  24. Nastase

    Every ex-D1 player I've met wants nothing to do with tennis....

    IMO it has nothing to do with "recognizing you arent going to make it professionally". They've known that for a looooong time. Playing Futures is great but its not what I would call "making it" . These days D1 (and often D2, D3) tennis is a full- time job. Typical day has you up at 6am running...
  25. Nastase

    Alabama men's tennis

  26. Nastase

    Name your top 10 fav music albums

    no particular order lydia loveless - somewhere else elton john - yellow brick road graham parker - squeezing out sparks cheap trick - heaven tonight elo - new world record steely dan - aja bruce - the river jackson browne - late for the sky peter frampton - comes alive the knack - get the knack
  27. Nastase

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Drive 2018 4 3/8

  28. Nastase

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Strike 2017 18x20, 4 3/8

    Racquet: Babolat Pure Strike 2017 18x20 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9/10, one racquet is newly strung with NXT 17, the other is unstrung *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 3 hours each *General Description (including...