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    Insults from Brad Gilbert

    You might disagree with his comments (or his commenting, more generally), but how are these 'insults', exactly? :unsure:
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    37-year-old Nadal: Season in Review

    Still 3 behind Federer, so no progress on that score for the last 10 years or so. Vamos!
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    I think Berdych is the dark horse of this AO

    That's probably because Berdych was injured during those 18 meetings. As 2015 AO showed, even the best Nadal has no answers against a healthy Berd. Vamos!
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    I think Berdych is the dark horse of this AO

    You mean the match that he almost won in straights 2/6, 0/6, 5/7, right? One of his greatest moral victories, for sure. Especially the second set. Thaat was peaky prime Nadal for sure in the moral win department.
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    Reaching all slam finals in a career ( Murray related )

    They would have been a killer team, obviously. :D
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    There should be no excuse for Novak...

    This. Mental burnout isn't an excuse, it's a failing, plain and simple.
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    There should be no excuse for Novak...

    "NO EXCUSES!!!" Ahhh, these were the days... :D
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    Did Serena or Federer have it tougher in the previous era?

    It's basically a tie, but I would say that Navratilova had even tougher competition than Evert (she had more of Graf, who you didn't mention, while Evert had more of Goolagong and Jean King). They also both had to face Mandlikova (who sure wasn't a pushover in the first half of the 80's) dozens...
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    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    Just like Nadal was really #2 in 2017 because Federer injured his back, you mean? Or in 2008 because Fed had mono? Or in... Or maybe people could just say that things happened like they did and not try and twist everything around to suit their fantasies (yeah, I know, that's a pretty tough sell...
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    Impressive Federer

    Forget the "neo backhand", this match already featured the best backhand pass of the year by a fair margin (and yes, that includes the 10 months of tennis we've yet to see until the end of 2019).
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    De Minaur not happy with AO official

    Having an influencial uncle seems to help quite a bit in the draw and surface choice departments, too.
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    Overall competition strength

    Some could have been here when he burst upon the stage. But all the good clay players (Kuerten, Coria, Gaudio, even Norman, although he still did some damage as a coach) disappeared due to injuries (or to being headcases) just before he came, which didn't hurt his cause one little bit...
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    Overall competition strength

    And zero (count them) clay ATG's in all his runs, whether he won the tournament or not.
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    Overall competition strength

    Weak clay era confirmed! :eek:
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    "Rafa Ready To Unveil Revamped Serve"- Carlos Moya

    Nadal now to routinely serve bombs at 200 mph and play "not tennis" according to, well, Rafa? :eek: Bamos!
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    Could Karlovic make a big upset at AO?

    Him not making any ace at AO would sure be a serious upset. :eek:
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    Overall competition strength

    Lew's argument: I can't find a stat that bears that out using my usual blinders and ELO shennanigans, so it can't exist or be true. The delusion is strong with this one. Talking about Gonzalez, when is the last time a player (any player, even ATG's) ended up with a 42/3 winners/UE's record in...
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    Overall competition strength

    And? Would Djokovic also losing GS finals to Baghdatis, Philippoussis and Gonzalez actually help your argument? Besides, the level produced by Gonzo at AO 2007, for example, was easily better than what better players like Murray or Wawrinka have ever produced in a slam final (even those that...
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    Overall competition strength

    Actually, I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that, at AO 2006, Kiefer and Baghdatis were tougher opponents than Nadal and Djokovic. Let's see how they all fared in said tournament: - Kiefer: made the semi (beaten by Fed in four) after beating Ferrero and Grosjean - Baghdatis: made the final...
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    Overall competition strength

    On the other hand, you seem to have no problem "accepting" that Djokovic is a bigger name than Roddick, and that this makes him stronger competition all the time. Double standards much?
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    Overall competition strength

    Nope, because you make the same mistake as Lew, ie you get blinded by names and ranking instead of actual form. When you win a tournament after beating the guys who beat the top 3, who's to say that you didn't have it harder than if you had faced said top 3? Weren't those beaten by a reason (ie...
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    Overall competition strength

    It really is quite simple. Federer played for all the time Djokovic has been playing, plus some extra years. So, Federer had exactly the same competition as Djokovic (except he faced it when he was older, not exactly an advantage), plus players that Djokovic didn't even have to face or routinely...
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    over-rated to under-rated things in tennis

    To be fair, Navratilova's doubles carreer is just the icing on top. Her singles career is already more than enough to have her as FemGOAT, and by a fair margin, too, imho.
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    The most dominant HTH records vs a player that won a slam title.

    I'm not (and I totally accept the H2H's such as they are, btw--notice I didn't mention any clay skew). I just think this is not the point of this thread. Otherwise, most of the impressive H2H's listed on the previous pages boil down to a couple of matches only (and 2-0 or 3-0 is definitely less...
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    The most dominant HTH records vs a player that won a slam title.

    Nope. It's just cherry-picking, Lew-style. It's like saying Fed is 5-1 vs Nadal indoor (with his only loss coming the year he played injured). In your opinion, this is valid. I do think it's just cherry-picking by playing to Fed's strengths and Nadal's weaknesses. Selecting only part of the H2H...
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    The most dominant HTH records vs a player that won a slam title.

    What false equivalency? She's the one who tried to hijack the thread by twisting the question. I haven't checked the Fed-Rafa H2H, but I'd be very surprised if it was 9-3. I'm pretty sure they played more than 12 matches over the years. But then, what do I know? ;)
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    The most dominant HTH records vs a player that won a slam title.

    And yet, the same Nadal was unable to dominate Gaudio (3-3, with all 6 matches on clay) while Federer is 5-0 vs Gaudio (including a 6/0, 6/0 demolition on their very last match). Unbeliboble, no? :eek:
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    The most dominant HTH records vs a player that won a slam title.

    Edberg being 10-0 vs Muster (including four (!!!) matches on clay) is also mighty impressive.
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    Nadal playing Sydney?

    You mean, on court? Wow. Better be careful, or he might get arrested for indecent behaviour. :eek: I guess for some, when you can't be exciting on court, being excited is the next best thing, but still... :oops:
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    Is Federer the only one who can stop Bautista-Agut in Melbourne?

    It's time we started asking the real serious questions here, so discuss. Vamos! :cool: