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    Camilla Giorgi Mystery Stick

    Anyone know what Giorgi was swinging at Wimby? White racket with green, no labels. I thought it might be the new Strike but there’s a tag on her hoop that says Handmade In Italy.
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    MUGU KO'd in first round at Madrid

    If there is one player on tour who would benefit from a fresh start -- new coach, new team -- it might be Muguruza. Knocked out of Madrid in the first round -- her home event on her favorite surface. Martic has been a tough competitor so far this season, but Mugu has to find a way to get that...
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    Question for Pure Drive Tour Players

    Wondering what guys who play the Pure Drive Tour (and have moved up from the 2015 to the 2018 model) think about the difference in hoop shape between the two. The 2015 has more of an elliptical shape, while the 2018 is rounder. '18 version is slightly more maneuverable, but I visually prefer the...
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    Whatever happened to....

    Cici Bellis from what I heard has been injured most of last year. Something like 3 wrist ops? Anyone know if she's coming back? Also, Kayla Day? Young hard hitting American seems to have vanished. Had such a promising junior career and last checked she hasn't played much over the past year and...
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    Head Extreme Pro 360 / Pricing

    I’m just curious: Why does Head price the Extreme line of racquets $30 cheaper than all other lines? Is it to lure Babolat Aero customers away with aggressive pricing? Just wondering. I am waiting for my demos to arrive ... this will be the first time I’ve ever tried an Extreme. Reviews of new...
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    Elise Mertens Black Babolat in Hawaii

    I always thought Mertens used a Pure Drive, but in this past Hawaii Open exhibition she was using what looked like a blacked out Pure Strike. Looked to be a 100” head size, but nothing I’ve ever seen before? Is she testing a new frame? Custom paint job? Or just looking for a bit more control...
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    WANTED: HEAD YouTek IG Radical Pro 4 1/2"

    Hungry for the Head YouTek IG Rad Pro in 4.5" grip. The cleaner the better. Email me at if you're holding and want to sell. THANKS