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    Gut/ZX Thread

    So I know they've been a ton of threads out there on Gut/Poly, mainly which is the best Poly as a cross against the Gut, and similarly there have been many threads on Kevlar/ZX and ZX as a cross however I havent come across a main Gut/ZX thread besides a few posts here and there and...
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    Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G Question

    I tried doing a search but nothing came up. I came across a MW 200G 95 at $40 the other day and was pretty interested. I saw however that it was slightly odd compared to a google search images of the racket. The differences are as follows:- 1. It doesnt have Dunlop "Tectonics" on the side...
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    Tennis Racquet Bag or Backpack?

    Im a recreational player who plays on average twice a week for about two hours at a time. Im looking for a new bag as my current one is just a regular backpack which I need to use for other purposes besides carrying my tennis racquets. Im looking for a Racquet Bag/Backpack to bring two of my...
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    Ashaway Crossfire Hybrids

    First and foremost, my goal was to find a reasonably priced string, maintains tension long enough that the only thing for me to worry about is when the string breaks (low maintenance) and I suppose along the same lines durability. Spin is important but secondary to me meaning if it gives me good...
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    Measuring Swingweight

    I know this has been posted quite a number of times and trust me I have read pretty much all of them. However being a complete nutcase I still have not figured out how to measure swingweight using the pendulum method on Tennis Warehouse's website. The problem I have is I hung the top cross of...