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  1. UnforcedTerror

    Federer must save this USO and tennis overall before it's too late

    First post since Wimbledon final and I still don't feel I'm over it but this needs to be said. The way things are going at USO, it seems that Rafito is left with another open path to the title just like USO17. There were only 3 players in his half (Thiem, Khachanov & Tsitsipas) that could make...
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    Roberto Bautista-Agut's forehand is currently the most underrated shot in the game

    Every time I watch this guy play I'm in awe of his forehand. It's huge for someone his size, flat, effective and sexy af. Just a joy to watch I believe it's top 3 on tour right now.
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    Stars are aligned for Federer to win #9 at SW19 19

    The hard truth; Wimbledon 2019 is a must-win for Fed especially now with Nadal closing in on Roger. 2 Slams gap is just too close. o_O Fed should really give it his all here and I believe he will be the last man standing.. 1. Fed is in a good form. 2. First week is gonna be a breeze for him...
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    Top half to play QF and SF on two consecutive days. Nadal to win another Slam without having to break a sweat. Color me surprised.
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    Ultron is Epic :D

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    Rate how tough is RG draw for each of the TOP 4

    Djokovic R1: Hurkacz R2: Querrey R3: Simon R4: Coric/Shapovalov QF: Zverev/Fognini SF: Thiem/Del Potro 9.3/10; brutal, one of the toughest I've seen. Nadal R1: Qualifier R2: Qualifier R3: Goffin R4: Pella/Basilashvili QF: Nishikori/Medvedev SF: Federer/Tsitsipas 2/10; LMAO. It's because of...
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    It's about time everyone; Lord Fedr is Coming!

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    Prediction: Djokovic will NOT win another Major this season.

    I think we are going to see Nadal with RG trophy once again, and Fed winning Wimbledon for the 9th time. USO goes to a new slam winner, could be Zverev or Thiem. 4 different Slam winners this season. :cool:
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    Australian Open SCRIPT for 2019 season has been LEAKED

    This was posted by ATP's social accounts a day before the semifinals were played You can clearly see the script here are the two making the final and even the one who is going to take at all. There are two holding their racquets and the other two posing for camera indicating that they can...
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    Can anyone other than Djokovic deny Fed #100 in AO at this point?

    Fed seems to enjoy his tennis since the beginning of the year, I really don't see anyone (besides Djokovic) beats him if he keeps playing like this. Tipsyass? He will hate his life when he find himself has to deal with those delicious chip returns again. Cilic? Unless he replicates his USO14...
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    Roger's Pursuit of #110: How many titles for him in 2019?

    At this point, it seems to me that beaking Connors' 109 record is just a matter of time for Fed. He still needs 11 so I see him getting the 110th in 2021 but for now, let's just focus on 2019, how many titles can Fed win in the upcoming season you think? He won 11 titles in the last two...
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    Federer to play Rome and RG in 2019

    Let's hope he wins both and forgets about clay entirely so he can focus on the more important surfaces.
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    Story of the Season in one tweet.

    Turn sound ON. :D
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    Prediction: Zverev will be the first player in Open Era to win the Double Career Grand Slam

    This man is the unstoppable force of the future and I have no doubt that he is the next new World No.1. The next decade will be huge for him and I predict a DCGS for this talented guy. I'm not sure if he's gonna dominate any of the four GS but I'm 99% sure that he's gonna win 2 AOs out of...
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    Tennis sucks

    That's it.
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    Federer can make a historic record with any new Grand Slam title..

    If he wins Australian Open He will hold the all-time record with 7 titles Roland Garros He will become the first to win the Doube Career Grand Slam. Wimbledon He will equal Laver's 9 grass Grand Slam titles. US Open He will hold the open-era record with 6 titles. Let's hope we see him...
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    Tennis Heritage (Official) - Golden Nole stands alone with a historic Big Titles Sweep

    So, it's official now as it should be. Many congratulations to Nole and his team for this unique and special achievement. Well deserved indeed. Now, what do you think we should start addressing Djokovic from now on? Tennis Grandmaster? In chess, Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player...