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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    USO12 4th round and AO18 QF are great places to start. Thanks.
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    Barricade midsole tear

    Hi, I've just noticed a small tear on the midsole of my B7s. Not a huge problem, but I wouldn't want it to escalate. It's kind of hanging there, so would you recommend keeping it that way or cut it off to prevent any more possible damage? Thanks.
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    You know who the GOAT is now...

    The only man who could stop Djokovic in a Wimbledon final. Get well soon #MurryGOAT
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    FS: Uniqlo Tennis Jacket

    Item description: Gray Uniqlo Tennis jacket Size: US/EU size Medium Colour: Grey Condition: 9/10 Quantity: 1 Time used: 1 hour Description: This is an extremely rare to find jacket that was worn by Djokovic in Doha 2017 as a part of Uniqlo 2017 ND collection. Almost identical one was worn by...
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    FS: Uniqlo medium tennis shorts

    Item description: Those are shorts from Nishikori USO16 collection. It's hard to find uniqlo tennis specific shorts, so this is a great deal for everyone who only got polo shirts from them. Size: Medium (They're from Japan, but Uniqlo sizes for bottoms are the same for every region) Colour: Navy...
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    TTW Official Meme Thread

    Since pretty much every tennis meme page on fb or twitter is god awful I've decided to start maybe at least a decent thread here. Starting with two obvious ones. No swearing pls
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    Barricade 7 or Novak pro eu 43 1/3

    Hi, does anyone here has a pair of those that they're willing to sell? They've miraculously reappeared on competitors' website and my size was bought while I was making the payment which pissed me off a bit (lot). Trying to stock up on those before their extinction.
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    Wanted Adidas Lendl GTX Pro or Pro T

    I'm searching for rackets listed above.
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    RF asian swing outfit

    Dunno if it's been posted before. Also used all black pj for the shoot.
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    Rogers Cup 2018 1st round - Wawrinka vs Kyrgios

    Dreams come true.
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    Will Murray comeback Nadal win happen?

    Both Roger and Novak had to go through Rafa to make their comebacks. Do you think it will happen with Andy too? Can he do it this USO?
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    Uniqlo ND: A Complete Obituary

    RIP Uniqlo Nole, long live Lacoste Nole. This thread is practically stolen from @King No1e but this time with Novak as the main hero. Looking back at those designs may show us what to expect with Roger. RG12: Very simple and classy IMO. He also worn all navy (not black like most people...
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    RIP USO17 jokes

    AO06 it is.
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    Do people realise that uniqlo...

    were sponsoring tennis players before? Seriously, when I see people wondering if fedr will be wearing their shoes I'm almost surprised. They've been doing outfits only for 6+ years, you may have just as well expected Novak to wear lacoste shoes. They never cared about the huge demand for the...
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    The next big prediction

    For the last two years some of tt member have been on fire with their predictions. The most memorable and improbable so far seem to be those three*: *Though fed's deal is not official yet, @Babolast who's been spot on in the past pretty much confirms it. Also, ignore @Checkmate final...
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    Your black friday picks

    What are the best deals you got on black friday this year? Don't have to be tennis related. I found CC B7s for $95. Not a bad deal, considering they haven't made those since 2012/13.
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    Which big 4 member gained the most in the last 2 seasons?

    Just like the title says. Djokovic got to 12 slams in '16 which meant he was "just" 2 and 5 behind Rafa and Roger respectively. During that time he finally completed the career slam and got the NCYGS which was something unique that others didn't and still don't have. (although not many were/are...
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    What's the best exhibiton on tour right now?

    What's your favourite irrelevant tournament?
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    Fred Perry white cap

    Hello, I'm searching for a white Fred Perry cap with the logo in the middle, not on the side of the hat. Kinda like the one on this pic.
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    Djokovic gear

    Hi I'm currently searching for Djokovic uniqlo (jap size L both shirt and shorts) and ST (size M) gear.
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    Cheap international shipping service

    Hi, does anybody here knows any good cheap international shipping services inside the EU?
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    Double peak/brim cap

    I'm searching for double peak cap similar to those on the picture below. Does anyone knows where I could find one?
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    Is it possible to trim down polyster shorts?

    Hi, just like the title says. Saw some great deals but they were XL only (I wear Ls).
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    New Novak Pros

    Any thoughts? Not a big fan tbh. I think previous serbian flag variant B7s looked better 2017: 2015:
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    Djokovic 2017/15 AO Uniqlo color

    Hi, does anybody here own Djokovic AO 2017 and 2015 navy shorts and could tell if it's the same shade of colour?
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    Yellowish mid/outsole

    I recently purchased Novak Pro Barricade 7 Black from 2015, but the out/mid sole on the left shoe was sadly exposed to the sun for too long. Does anybody know a good fix for this?
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    Haas wearing Novak pros?

    Seems kinda funny to me that a pro (especially former #2) is playing with another players face on his shoes.