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  1. Newballs

    Would you say this year's US Open is "Federer's to lose?" Or "Nadal's to lose?"

    I think Rog has the slight advantage when it comes to winning this one. Not sure about the losing part.
  2. Newballs

    What's wrong with Djokovic shoulder?

    He lent it to Roger after Wimby.
  3. Newballs

    Serious question. What exactly makes the Top 5 different from Top 20 ?

    Black ops Top secret Government funded Weapons grade Genetically engineered
  4. Newballs

    What would "prime" Federer have done to Goffin today?

    The original I assume? British?
  5. Newballs

    Whats the point of Goffin

    There he is... :)
  6. Newballs

    They really didn't show any of Monfils/Shapovalov during the whole Osaka match...

    How can that surprise you? That’s how they roll...
  7. Newballs

    Welcome to NY gentlemen

    Easy now, let’s not tear each other apart just yet...
  8. Newballs

    wtf is going on

    Standards are down all over. :)
  9. Newballs

    Kobe Bryant’s tennis addiction

    He’s just using tennis to launch his book. :)
  10. Newballs

    Federer will not win US Open 2019

    He’ll be lucky to win a set if he keeps this up...
  11. Newballs

    Should we be worried, Maestronians?

    I’m surprised they still work as well as they do... (the knees that is) I ain’t worried, any loss here will be easier to deal with than what happened at Wimby...
  12. Newballs

    The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

    Daniil can tamper with my election any day...
  13. Newballs

    Where is the tennis this week on TV in the US?

    But you’re such a nice guy;)
  14. Newballs

    Fed & Rafa Back On Player's Council

    It councils.!!? (god...) ;):happydevil:
  15. Newballs

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Indian Wells semi-final, 2011

    If all this is correct then congrats, but why?
  16. Newballs

    How is it still always the same dance?

    That didn’t take long...
  17. Newballs

    Will Camila Giorgi ever win a grand slam?

    Nice... She is cute though (shallow i know)
  18. Newballs

    Federer AO’s Greatest Champion

    Can hardly tell them apart:p
  19. Newballs

    Can we talk about Fed's amazing fitness?

    Fed had no business doing what he did out there yesterday. He is absolutely one of the most amazing athletes ever. He’s got another slam in him.
  20. Newballs

    Anyone not hyped about any Masters anymore?

    Have you seen the new Apollo 11 documentary? The new footage is astounding! Yay tennis.