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  1. Soul_Evisceration

    If Nadal wins i will never post here again

    Of course what people think is what matters hence why Pantera was more successfully but it doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Just wanted to throw my Nickel out there.
  2. Soul_Evisceration

    If Nadal wins i will never post here again

    Slaughter In The Vatican is one of my all time favorite Thrash albums and yet people thinks Comboys From Hell and Vulgar Display Of Power is "Thrash" Metal. Too bad :( On another note, Exhorder will have a new album coming out soon :)
  3. Soul_Evisceration

    USO 2019 SF: Nadal [2] vs. Berrettini [24]

    I wouldn't talk back as you got burned and exposed with your stupidity for the Andreescu comments.
  4. Soul_Evisceration

    US Open 2019 4 R: Nadal (2) vs Cilic

    Most likely Hitman wants Nadal so we finally might be able to witness a Potential Federer - Nadal US Open after 15 years of attempts.
  5. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 USO QF - [5] Daniil Medvedev vs [23] Stan Wawrinka

    Based on the physical factor, Medvedev looks physically spent to me. Wawrinka in 4 sets.
  6. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    American players + American TV coverage is what counts vs a good tennis match on ESPN these days.
  7. Soul_Evisceration

    Why would Dominic Thiem switch from the pure strike 1st gen to 3rd gen, skipped widely loved 2nd gen?

    Not to forget that Thiem like a good portion of Pros these days has a custom made 27.25 inch handle instead of the regular standard 27inch which makes quite a difference as well.
  8. Soul_Evisceration

    ATP Rogers Cup (Montreal)

    Couldn't agree more with you. I also paid with a friend 45$ to like the Row 101 and midway through the section to see that match and couldn't be happier but yes Montreal is very Canadian biased organized.
  9. Soul_Evisceration

    I Stand By Bouchard: Leader of the Genie Army, Ready to Rise and Conquer the World!

    I'm not surprised. When I went to see her last year at Montreal's Rogers Cup teaming up with Sloane Stevens for Doubles Main Event, as I said Hi to Bouchard, she kept walking and not acknowledging me while Stephens came by to apologize to me for Bouchard's behavior. If you are a Peasant to her...
  10. Soul_Evisceration

    Cumulative stats - Djokovic [1] vs. Federer [2] - WIM 2019 F

    And that will be the biggest determinating factor IMO. If Federer serves at 70% or more and Djokovic can win less than 38% of Return of Serves whether they're first or second serves, Federer will win but not easily. If the serve% is lower for Federer and Return of Serve is higher for Djokovic...
  11. Soul_Evisceration

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    Fine. Sleep as the rest of us watches an exciting final without your bickering.
  12. Soul_Evisceration

    Does anyone know what the longest 6-0 set is and also the longest 6-1 set is?

    Probably any Nadal matches on Clay where he won a bunch of 6-0 or 6-1 sets especially vs the likes of Djokovic or Ferrer even.
  13. Soul_Evisceration

    Rafa's candid opinion on the speed of the courts

    No they won't and the Wimbledon organizers couldn't care less about your petty complaint.
  14. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    Cilic's form this year has been disappointing. However, he did look good in his first Round and vs Nadal at the exhibition match. I like Dan Evans but even if he beats Basilashvili (looks likely), I don't know if he has a well grounded game to beat Cilic at the same token. I still think...
  15. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    So going by your logic, Nadal sucks for only winning 1 Australian Open but was a runner up 4 times am I right?
  16. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    Right because winning a non mandatory Masters and Rome is the be all end all of criterias right? :rolleyes:
  17. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    LMAO at Monfils looking like a stoner. Classic :)
  18. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

    Always had, always will. There's no point of returning 5 feet behind the baseline if you ask me.
  19. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

    Well in respect @Aussie Darcy, we all act like d1cks or assh0les at one point in our life but that's not a good look for Djokovic definately.
  20. Soul_Evisceration

    2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

    Very simple : he hates the notion that either Federer or Nadal are considered better than Djokovic and he wants Djokovic to destroy all their records.
  21. Soul_Evisceration

    Worst player to beat great players

    Nadal - Darcis First Round Wimbledon 2013 has to be up there as well.
  22. Soul_Evisceration

    The evolution of Djokovic's hairstyle over the years

    Probably discovered pan crust gluten pizza for the first time :)
  23. Soul_Evisceration

    RG 2019 4R: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Stan Wawrinka

    As weird as this might sound, I think current Wawrinka would be easier since he doesn't seem as mobile or hit as hard as he used to. If Tsitsipas is physically exhausted then I change my mind.
  24. Soul_Evisceration

    RG 19 - R4 - Federer vs Mayer

    That's what I also expect when the second set is over, he will retire. He just wants to see if there's any hope of him getting back to the match but this is a losing battle for him regardless.
  25. Soul_Evisceration

    RG 19 - R4 - Federer vs Mayer

    Saying no chance is a little harsh but he has less of a chance of beating either player than Tsitsipas or Federer.
  26. Soul_Evisceration

    RG 19 - R4 - Federer vs Mayer

    Not comparable since this is an individual sport vs team sport but both are extremely talented.
  27. Soul_Evisceration

    RG 19 - R4 - Federer vs Mayer

    Wawrinka's performance at Madrid made me think twice of him facing Nadal at Roland Garros this year. I would rather Federer then Tsitsipas to face Nadal but agreed that Nadal remains the favorite since only Djokovic is the only remaining active player that beat Nadal at Roland Garros.