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  1. LETitBE

    The real numbers

    Fed-26 Djok-21 nad-18
  2. LETitBE

    how is Fogs ankle?

    he didnt play Cincy because of his life threatening ankle injury any update?
  3. LETitBE

    why not get rid of the seeding system altogether?

    that would be fair......wouldn't it?
  4. LETitBE

    Kyrgios injured?

    Or is he just stirring the pot?
  5. LETitBE

    actual time playing tennis

    anyone know where we can get stats on "actual tennis played" in a match?
  6. LETitBE

    Is Novak coming back to the field?

    He isnt playing as well as he has been,i think his great run is coming to an end
  7. LETitBE

    is the bio passport good for tennis?

    i think its fantastic!
  8. LETitBE

    France vs Switzerland RG semi

    Spain ranked 10 and not competing,who will win?:)
  9. LETitBE


    is no one talking about nishikori? hes like a japanese submarine sneaking into the harbour with full ammo.
  10. LETitBE

    does anyone

    Use Slazenger raquets anymore?