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    Mental Game: Gilbert vs. Braden, etc.

    A contradiction I've noted in reading tennis books has been between the very situtation-oriented advice in Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly, which advises players to think about crucial points in the match, their importance, and so on, and that in the "inner game" tradition advocated by writers like...
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    Dallas Challenger Radar

    Just watching this on the Tennis Channel, and 6'7 Eubanks just blasted a flat serve up the middle that registered 120 mph. Is it possible that this is a slower radar than that used at majors, big ATP events? Just doesn't seem possible that a routine Federer serve with lots of spin on it is that...
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    Humidity, Tension Loss, and Natural Gut

    The consensus from posts that I've read here is that modern natural gut has a coating that makes it less likely to swell in high humidity environments and that it is also the most tension-loss resistant of the various strings (except perhaps poly). For whatever reason, a recently strung gut...
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    Hardest Hitting in Practice Video?

    I've watched a fair number of pros practicing, and I remain astonished by how hard Nadal is hitting here: Do you have any suggestions that show players hitting as hard? I'm aware that much of the perception of speed and heaviness of the ball is based on acoustics and camera angle.
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    Radar Gun Adjustment

    I've seen a couple of times here the claim that the radar that measures the speed of serves was adjusted at some point to register more speed. What is the basis of this claim? I started thinking about it after watching the documentary on Showtime about Nick Bollettieri in which Agassi says in...