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  1. amorys90

    Goffin and Thiem to spoil Fedal meeting

    Sorry guys, it's happening! ...Unless I'm jinxing it like some particular Thiem fan :eek:
  2. amorys90

    ATP 250: Kitzbuhel 2017

    The last clay court event of 2017 is upon us :(. Will Pablo Cuevas salvage what has been a dismal Euroclay season so far or will red-hot Fognini vulture the title. I say Haas... looking good in more ways than one! ;) I shall miss you, red clay... fair well.
  3. amorys90

    ATP Madrid Round 3: Dimitrov vs Thiem

    My eyes lit up when I saw this match up on the schedule. Cant wait! :) Was torn but will cheer for Dominic. Want to see him break through at a clay masters. Dimi's all black looks cool though.
  4. amorys90

    The Reason Behind Andy Murray's 'Weak' Serve

    Andy Murray's serve, particularly his second serve, has been criticized very much as being less effective and reliable than other pros. Most people seem to simply attribute this to his mentality or lack of aggression, claiming that Murray simply does not "go for enough". However, this idea seems...
  5. amorys90

    ATP Indian Wells: Dominic Thiem vs Stan Wawrinka

    Who will win in this battle of the tours two heaviest hitters. More importantly, who will have more 1hbh winners? Who will hit the ball harder? Slow IW courts are perfect for this match. I say Thiem in 3.
  6. amorys90

    ATP Rotterdam: Dominic Thiem vs Pierre-Hugues Herbert

    I say Thiem over the Air-Bear in 2.
  7. amorys90

    ATP Rotterdam: Dominic Thiem vs Gilles Simon

    Thiem overpowers Simon in 2.
  8. amorys90

    ATP Rotterdam: Dominic Thiem vs Alexander Zverev (Zebra Brothers)

    Very tough draw for the Thieminator. Still going with Dominic in 3 tough.
  9. amorys90

    2017 Argentina Open (Buenos Aires) ATP 250

    Nishikori and Ferrer are leading the field. Nadal and Thiem opting not to play this year. Definitely a step up in class when compared to Quito. Should be a good one! I'm going with Cuevas to win it all.
  10. amorys90

    2017 Sopfia R2: Bresnik's Ball Basher vs Basilashvili

    I say the Bresnik's Ball Basher to Thieminate in 2 Dominating sets.
  11. amorys90

    2017 Ecuador Open (Quito) Atp 250: Time for the red dirt!

    The first ATP clay court event of the year is here! This is the stop on the 5 tournament "Golden Swing" through Latin America. I really enjoy this part of the year as the smaller clay court events through South America showcase some great variety, scrappy play, and of course heavy topspin...
  12. amorys90

    Dominic Thiem Serve

    Thought it would be interesting to make a thread about Dominic Thiem's constantly evolving serve. Originally had a pinpoint serve in his Jr and early pro years. He then went to somewhere in between pinpoint and platform. Slight toe drag Now he has a traditional platform What do you...
  13. amorys90

    Need help selecting a Prestige MP

    Hey guys, I need help selecting a Prestige MP. I've been playing for about 4 years. I originally started playing with Babolat but one day tried someone's Microgel Prestige Mid. I really liked the more traditional prestige feel compared to the Babolats. However, I really do not see myself being...
  14. amorys90

    Congratulation Grigor!

    On winning 200 career matches! It's been quite an exciting career so far, but this is just the beginning. I look foreword to sitting back and admiring whatever masterpieces you create in the future. Onward Young Artist...
  15. amorys90

    ATP 250 St. Petersburg Open, St. Petersburg Russia, 2016.9.19 - 2016.9.25

    Saw no thread for this. No seeds in action yet. Who's your pick. I have Raonic winning it again. #Let'sFindTheLostGeneration
  16. amorys90

    I wander with the "Lost Generation": the journey out of the Dark Ages

    Led by Young Masterclass, the "Lost Generation" will navigate their way out of the murky forest of mediocrity and tennis will exit the Dark Ages of this Weak Era once and for all. This will be the Bigger Four: Young Masterclass The Canadian Missile...
  17. amorys90

    Greegor's road to the US Open Final: Round One -- I. Cervantes

    I will be tracking Young Artists journey to the US open final where he will meet Guru-flis in a match that will be so epic, both men will be declared US Open Champions.
  18. amorys90

    Young Goat will end the Year in the Top 15.

    My prediction. The man is on a mission. Of course he will! Cheers! Go Grigs!
  19. amorys90

    Does Grigs have a new coach?

    Could Dani Vallverdu be the savior of Young Artist? "The relationship between Dani Vallverdu and Juan Martin Del Potro has probably come to an end. As a matter of fact, Vallverdu is training with Grigor Dimitov this week at the Rogers Cup in Toronto. It would not be a surprise if Vallverdu...
  20. amorys90

    Grigor Dimitrov - It's never too late to be who you might have been

    Vamos Grogolo! Fans (ArcSpacE) do not give up hope no matter how much the TT members ridicule you. Our boy will succeed. Credit to this video belongs to Tihomir Borislavov. His channel is very good and he has amazing Dimitrov and Federer tributes (I've seen them all!)