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  1. Newballs

    Can Rog continue the 'streak'?

    I honestly don't think so... I'm a fan of the Rogi but I think Rafa is gonna put a stop to the bleeding here.
  2. Newballs

    Who would benefit more...

    Sorry, post got screwed up. If Rafa quit to coach Rog or if Rog quit to coach Rafa... I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one but, your thoughts??! I know it's total crap either way cause none of this could ever happen but I figured what the heck.
  3. Newballs

    Is Murray just a placeholder?

    Everyone's time here is finite, but I'm curious as to who (as an observer) sits where on this.
  4. Newballs

    Trans Siberian Doha...?

    What was that craziness prior to the ceremony??!!
  5. Newballs

    The 'big 4' are now the 'Fab Four', who does what and why?

    Murray has to be Ringo though...