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    Help me settle this argument with myself K6.1 90 or 95X

    I'm currently debating as to which new racket to choose for my freebie from Wilson. I'm currently switching back and forth between the Vantage frames I ordered (28" long, 90" head, 330g, 12pts. HL) and my weighted up nBlades (12g spread around the upper hoop, 6g at the top of the grip, 15g at...
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    nBlade experimentation

    I've been looking for a way to replace my Pro Staff 6.0 85 for a while now. The n6.1 Tour 90 is not getting the job done. It just doesn't feel right to me, it never has. So, the other day I get some packages from Wilson and what do I find...three brand new nBlades to play with. I also...