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    Another Federer record vs Sampras

    Sampras won slams 13 years apart, today in Melbourne Australia at the Australian Open Federer won his 18th slam, 15 years after his first slam title in 2003. No no no ExCuSES! What it tells us?
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    Bigger will to win Nadal or Sampras?

    Nadal and Sampras are both great fighters. Sampras was at times willing to literally spill his guts for a tennis match however he'd strangely bow down players who had no business beating him on clay. Nadal on the other hand is always trying to win regardless of the surface. It's tough to pick...
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    Does this tweener racket exist?

    I'm too old for my PS 85 now so is their a tweener racquet with players racquet feel, soft flex and lots of power? Any help is much appreciated. cheers Sam
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    prince shark midplus vs volkl tour 8 vengine

    I am looking for a powerful light racket with good control and spin so how is the prince shark vs. the tour 8 vengine? I play a heavy topspin fh and bh game and volleys when chances are there. Which racket is best for power and control and spin? A players racket is too heavy for me but I want...
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    2003 was hot for Roddick but 2004

    sucked. What did Roddick do wrong in 2004? My friend said the game is passing him by. Please discuss.
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    tell me about the pro kennex black ace

    What can you racketheads tell me about this racket? All i know its midsize and black. Anyone know its weight, balance and flex? thanks.