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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    against that skilled of a baseliner u have to both play the net. i would lob over the father and make the baseliner hit through u . If he is like any other young adult i play he will not be comfortable lobbing back and will try to hit through u.
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    Too much topspin?

    u hit them as u wish . only thing i cant tolerate during warm ups is if people try to hit winners to the corners or intentionally do drop shots.
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    3.5 TTPS

    looks like 3.5 to me. Both guys seem athletic and similar in skill levels. Thats all that really matters in rec play.
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    Footage of myself.

    these were 4.5's? In the couple of minutes that i watched, did not see any type of rallies, net play, etc. I'm not saying htey need to look world class but a 4.5 should be able to construct points alot better and have some aresenals for attack.
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    No pace balls difficult

    who says these player are beginners, its just how they play. i see that alot in league play. That is there weapon, i find most of these players have great defensive skills also.
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    How to handle a weak group?

    u need to find a different group. its not on them its on u to change. Cant make someone play singles if they dont want to. As far as doubles, some people just wants to play with certain partners, i understand that. When i run into these types, i look elswhere. I dont expect them to change.
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    Video of me trying to figure out the kick serve

    thats a nice looking stroke
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    Embarassed and disappointed in miself

    ive seen your videos and it does seem like u have good looking strokes. Problem is that just doenst always translate into wins. This discussion always arises on this forum when people throw out terms like "pusher, junkballer" . When u play someone with unconventonal strokes with lots of spins be...
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    Is the USTA video the best example of a 4.0 player?

    i wondered if people who are arguing the validity of the players ranking has ever played in usta leagues. If u have then u will know that 4.0's come in all colors.
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    Taking on the Sandbaggers

    AT your level lobs are not defensive shots. i like to throw up couple of lobs in any set to test the opponents overheads. At the rec level, players usually have terrible overheads.
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    Tennis Is Not About Winning At All!!!

    but winning sure makes the ride more enjoyable.
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    How many hours to learn kick 2nd serve?

    sometimes no matter how much time and effort u put into it u may never get it. especially if u started playing later in life. Go to any playground or tennis courts and see hoe many have a good looking kick serve and these players may have played for decades.
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    More Amateur Tennis [1080p 60fps]

    great match to watch. u got skills
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    Considering used lobster 401

    machine will help with overheads and volleys. At least it did for me.
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    Survey: would you...

    no i would not subject my time to that. I chose players that are competitive and they choose me for the same reasons. plenty of players show up at the courts and each will naturally fall into there respective groups. i would expect to play regular games with groups that are above my level unless...
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    Adjusting as you get older (50+)?

    i play every other day. Play alot more doubles. Dont take things too seriously, just happy when i get a good workout without the pains associated with the workout.
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    Can This Partnership Be Saved?

    first question is how is your approach shots and how are your overheads, are the volleys just puff putbacks. if these two are lacking u are going to get killed at the net play. at 3.0 3.5 level sometimes rushing to the net may not be the best strategy.
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    First match at 3.5 40+

    u have a great looking serve for 3.5. once u have better control of it youll move up fast. Have more confidence and try to get a net game would be my only advice. great serve with a net game youll be unstoppable at doubles.
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    2 wilson blade 104 CV 2016 version

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Two Blade 104 CV (2016) model Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8, 4 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 104 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): *General Description (including any cosmetic...
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    Great forehand vs great serve

    the serve. i play with alot of players at the 4.0 and 4.5 level who have great serves( even if they can only get it in 50-60 percent of the time) with decent ground strokes. if there serve is on its very hard to get a win.
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    What is the best way...

    first trust your strokes. Second this is rec tennis, deciper your opponents weakness, we all have them while not exposing your own. I played a doubles team yesterday that on initial inspection seemed like an easy win. They had terrible looking strokes but they were young and mobile and when they...
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    Do you give 100% when you are feeling a bit rough?

    Theres no monetary reward for recreational play. if im not feeling my best why risk it. if I really get sick then it affects my real job. Secondly I play a lot of doubles and if im not feeling 100 percent then Im just hindering the team.
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    HELP wrist injury

    does it only hurt when u play tennis or is it with all activities. is there swelling. if it only hurts playing tennis then maybe a video of how u are hitting may help to diagnose the problem.
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    Doubles with partner that stand on service line with 1 foot in the alley

    There are no easy answers. Doubles requires the coordination of 2 people. Seems u got mixed up with the lowest ranked player since u are the highest ranked player in this scenario. Theres nothing u can change about your partner. U just go out and play your serve and volley game. If u get beat...
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    thoughts on my serve (and the pain and delight of being a lefty)

    honestly for a rec player, the motion looks pretty good. some things that may improve it. doesnt look like u are using continental. looks like toss is super high which causes a lag in your swing
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    Serve Pronation after contact, Murray vs others

    i see pronation in the video. it occurs at the elbow. Are we seeing the same video
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    Road from 3.5 serve to 6.0 serve [progression videos]

    serve looks good in practice. Will it look the same in a match, thats what really matters.
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    Stronger backhand than forehand

    i agree that most of us rec players just dont have the skillset to change on the dime. Sometimes we know what we need to do but jsut dont have the shots to make it consistent. consider yourself luck that people will always target your strong side.
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    Split step timing

    what i see in these videos is that the player is constantly hopping on his toes which allows him to make adjustments more quickly as the balls are hit. What u dont want to be is flat footed.