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  1. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    On the last cross you can also use a blunt nose needle to keep the path clear. Before you block the grommet on the outside insert one from the inside of the frame and finish your mains. When doing your last cross feed your string into the needle then pull the needle out from the inside. If your...
  2. alexmcnab

    FS: RAB SM1000 Tennis Stringing Machine

    Ideal home tennis racket stringer in full working order. Bought new in 2008, strung approx 500 rackets. Manual crank tensioner, 6 point mounting, new Pro's Pro swivel clamps and bases. Complete with Manual, Stand, Cover, Tools. £330, Collection only from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
  3. alexmcnab

    Gamma Casters for X-ST/ Progression II ST, standard floorstand

    hi, did you get the cheaper ones with 2 locking wheels or premium with 4 locking wheels?
  4. alexmcnab

    Gamma X-ST mini review and vs RAB Stringmaster 1000

    I bought the Rab 10 years ago and I guess it served me well apart from the clamps which have been disappointing. Every other machine I'd seen on Youtube seemed to have better clamps than mine! By better I mean slicker and easier to lock/unlock and move around the turntable.I even bought some...
  5. alexmcnab

    Gamma Casters for X-ST/ Progression II ST, standard floorstand

    Thanks, I've asked Caster Depot (was Great Lakes) for shipping cost for TWUN75NM20BKB as these ones have a brake.
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    Gamma Casters for X-ST/ Progression II ST, standard floorstand

    thanks esgee48, will check out those threads
  7. alexmcnab

    Gamma Casters for X-ST/ Progression II ST, standard floorstand

    I'm going to order a Gamma X-ST with standard floorstand. The castors are £36 a set which seems a bit steep. I haven't got the specs but just wondered if anyone with this machine/stand knows of an alternative or what specs I should be looking for? I'm in the uk...
  8. alexmcnab

    28 inch 16x19 pattern raquets???

    4-string gave a solution in post 2 - You can choose a 28" 16x19 (and all your others specs) on the angell tennis website. They are the best quality rackets on the market
  9. alexmcnab

    Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp Base and Bar V2b problem

    Correct link to image The rab clamps seem to have got worse over time despite cleaning and the bases didn't seem snappy any more to me. The new pp clamps seem better I'll check the rails later for diferences - the pp ones looked a rougher finish so I kept the rab ones but again I'll try one...
  10. alexmcnab

    Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp Base and Bar V2b problem

    I bought these bases: Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp Base and Bar V2b to go with some pp clamps in the hope it would be smoother than the ones on my rab 1000. I actually decided to keep my existing rails which are better than the ones supplied. I'm finding it tricky to set up the clamp bases and lock...
  11. alexmcnab

    Staple gun for securing butt caps on racquets

    I have this one which works fine:-
  12. alexmcnab

    Tying cross on a main

    Thanks Irvin, does your 2nd para mean this-
  13. alexmcnab

    Tying cross on a main

    I usually string my tc95 16x19 2 piece but I'm trying universal atw. So the last cross (it's actually the next to last cross) should tie off at 11B but that grommet is a little difficult to get to because my support partially blocks it and also there isn't a lot of space to tie the knot...
  14. alexmcnab

    Measuring SW (and / or TW)

    I must stop reading threads like this, I fear my brain will explode.
  15. alexmcnab

    First stringing experience?

    I used the brake for every pull, no idea why i thought that was a good idea, took ages lol
  16. alexmcnab

    I clocked a serve and it was 85 mph

    I had a go a while ago on a friend's radar placed just the other side of the net. Only managed 75mph on serve which was a litle disappointing. Then I had a go on groundshots, wow, managed 108mph on a forehand and then a few minutes later 108mph on backhand. I was shocked, they both went in as well.
  17. alexmcnab

    Blunt syringe needles for stringing?

    By coincidence my 14 g and 15g blunt needles arrived today and I too have an angell tc95 with the blocked grommet on the last cross. I've not used them yet but Kirschbaum max power 1.20mm and Weiss cannon scorpion 1.22mm fit through the 15g one. The 14g is too big to fit 7B but I could replace...
  18. alexmcnab

    Synthetic gut Mains / Polyester Crosses Club

    Interesting thread, I've just tried:- Prince SGDF 1.30mm @ 58lbs in mains Weiss Cannon Scorpion 1.22 @ 54 lbs in the crosses Seemed a nice combination, comfy with good control. We were playing in the rain with increasingly wet balls so be interesting to see how it feels in the dry and will get...
  19. alexmcnab

    Why don't companies produce starting from even balance?

    Angell do a TC90 in 290g (2HL) and another in 300g (6HL)
  20. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'm using Weiss Cannon Scorpion 1.22 and Kirschbaum Max Power 1.2mm. Can't decide between the two which I like best.
  21. alexmcnab

    Recreating the best racket for your game

    You can choose your specs on Angell website
  22. alexmcnab

    Best staplegun to order from Amazon please

    I got this one which works fine for butt caps
  23. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Has anyone tried measuring the sq in of their TC95? I did using some formula I found somewhere and it came out at 97.25 sq in. I'm not really that bothered, my V3s are perfect but just interested if anyone has found an accurate way of measuring and what they found?
  24. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Wow, just received my V3 TC95s and they look awesome! One of the most beautiful objects, let alone tennis rackets, I've ever seen.
  25. alexmcnab

    Which sport sunglasses do you use?

    Bolle Competivision are excellent
  26. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I believe it's generally agreed to string new rackets/grommets 2lb tighter to allow grommets to seat properly. In other news, 2 x V3 TC95's on their way!
  27. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I seem to remember seeing a tc95 lying on top of a tc97 somewhere that showed the size difference but can't remember where. Anyone seen this or could post one? thanks
  28. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I love the look of the copper rackets. Currently playing with TC95 but thinking of getting a V3 TC97. Apart from getting a little more power, slightly bigger sweet spot, what else will this offer, and what might I lose? thanks
  29. alexmcnab

    The Official Angell Users Club

    If anyone is looking for a string to try in their angell, I very much recommend weiss cannon scorpion 1.22 @ 54lbs. I feel it gives the spin of a poly but its very comfy too - quite an unusual experience and pretty cheap too. Has very good ratings on