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  1. Loco4Tennis

    Name the mystery string

    the technifiber poly spin is a first generation poly string, no power, not much feel, boardly is a correct word for it, its cheap also, i bought a reel of it and use it to test tensions and setups when i get a new racquet and introduce people to poly, costs me almost nothing to use that string...
  2. Loco4Tennis

    Name the mystery string

    here is a pic of technifiber poly spin on the mains and technifiber synthetic gut on the crosses
  3. Loco4Tennis

    Best way to straighten strings after restringing

    i think this is a interesting idea, have you tried this?seen it done? this would be fast and efficient
  4. Loco4Tennis

    Name the mystery string

    if not technifiber poly spin, it would be another yet similar one, i think gamma hasa similar one as well, clear yellow/orange see through poly, i could be wrong about gamma brand but i have seen a tech.poly.spin clone out there by another manufacturer, possibly wilson
  5. Loco4Tennis

    German Hex Strings = one factory

    yeah this ive always wondered myself, when buying from a unknown brand, and your provably not entirely incorrect, but i worry more when strings come taiwan or china. as for msv, i like their strings, the price is right so no major gamble there; weisscannon and topspin are some of my other german...
  6. Loco4Tennis

    Black string on mains, natural or white on crosses

    yeah i also dont like the look i string a wilson k blade tour with topspin cyber black on mains and gamma livewire (natural) on crosses, while the setup feels nice, the look is not right,,,, i like to cross it with forten nylon black, instead, it looks a lot better with all black; the forten on...
  7. Loco4Tennis

    hat or head band

    both; when i cant find a headband (my number one choice, out of necessity), ill throw on a hat; i seem to have either/or arround me always; if i need to wear the hat like on really sunny days, i'll try to wear a bandana underneath the hat also, it will absorbs more sweat, otherwise with just a...
  8. Loco4Tennis

    <<< My Custom Paint Job >>>

    ^^ this is some nice work, looks very nice, great job! what did you use for the detail? the flag, letters and stars? did you do a final clear cote?
  9. Loco4Tennis

    Elbow pain with Forten Nylon 15 /Gosen Micro 17 ...on a POG

    yes, i am using the forten nylon 16g, (black) as for the string setup, while 17g is the thinner of the 2 string, the crosses are usually the ones that break first, so having the 15g forten on the crosses and the 17g gosen on the mains would last a little longer for most people
  10. Loco4Tennis

    Elbow pain with Forten Nylon 15 /Gosen Micro 17 ...on a POG

    how long are you keeping the strings?? the two you mentioneed are not long term strings they do go bad fairly quick, hence the price, but they are great/cheap strings for the short period (1 month max IMO) even if you dont break the strings they will go dead and hurt your arm, unfortunattly...
  11. Loco4Tennis

    Skip A Cross?

    the april issue of "tennis" magazine has the new cover page with the new wilson blx racquet,, this racquet is strung with this skip pattern we are descriving, only the side thats shown will look like this, the other side look normal. i started looking arround for the solution to the problem when...
  12. Loco4Tennis

    Skip A Cross?

    this is also what i was thinking from reading the post, i do this all the time after replaing new bumper guards, also all freshly string racquets bought at the store should be strung this way to makle the bumper guard end stay put
  13. Loco4Tennis

    Cheaper alternatives for Luxilon Big Banger Original 1.25mm

    i also give my vote to topspin cyberflash, ive tried it, and liked it, dont use it now, since topspin now has many more kinds of strings, but thats my suggestion for a poormans luxilon
  14. Loco4Tennis

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    my question would be: did you pay retail for these?? or, did you get sponsorship discount??
  15. Loco4Tennis

    The "Golden Sheep™" Rig

    ive tried the sample packs, along with some of the multis, they seen to be OK,,, for cross strings!!, i would provably give their multis another look, but the other strings, had nothing special to offer, their are better stuff out there for better price too
  16. Loco4Tennis

    Ivanavic to wear Adi cat-suit in 2011!

    talk about "bait.n.switch",, not only that, but the poster mentioned the date of this thing, which is 2011! :-( we have to wait 7 months to see if its true or not :-( ,,,, thats not right in all kinds of levels, danggg
  17. Loco4Tennis

    Topspin Cyber Twirl, Genesis Typhoon, Big Hitter Rough

    sublime, to make things more confusing, topspin claims that the color pigment they use will make the string feel different, thats why they brought out topspin pure concept, which i've also tried and find to be very comfortable copoly string, also softer then the topspin cyber blue,
  18. Loco4Tennis

    wilson hollow core 16 sucks. EOM.

    this descrives it for me, good description "BreakPoint" the price was not right!! too expensive also, it was hard to string since it was so tacky, weaving was a nightmare to me, too sticky on a side note,, did anyone hear broken glass when you hit with it???? :-) almost as if the plastic...
  19. Loco4Tennis

    Topspin Cyber Twirl, Genesis Typhoon, Big Hitter Rough

    sublime, good explanation on your post i was thinking to myself that the twist was a way for the string to remain SOFT 6 sided and not colapse/deform too quickly when it hit the ball, or notch with the cross strings
  20. Loco4Tennis

    Topspin Cyber Twirl, Genesis Typhoon, Big Hitter Rough

    jcstennis, i was really contemplating buying that one, but i tought i would get more spin from the 6 sided versus the 8 sided string glad u had good results, i will look into it further
  21. Loco4Tennis

    Topspin Cyber Twirl, Genesis Typhoon, Big Hitter Rough

    i just tried the topspin cyber whirl, i have been using the topspin line for a while now, i think it is a softer string then the cyber blue, spin is much better, similar to msv focus hex, but much softer, the only gripe i have with this string is the fact that it does not show the string twist...
  22. Loco4Tennis

    How to create a custom paintjob (very detailed)

    this is what it started like, im glad i took pictures,
  23. Loco4Tennis

    How to create a custom paintjob (very detailed)

    here is a pj i tried, still have it, its nice looking, kinda, use it to murder bumbble bees :-)
  24. Loco4Tennis

    Last cross is completely blocked! Dunlop 300g

    i use hand lotion on the string and the owl when trying to force it,,,, no joke,,,, it works, using the needle nose pliers and inching the string slowly will do the trick, prestreching the holw will make this easier, if you can see light coming through the hole, then you have a chance, 2 16g...
  25. Loco4Tennis

    When is it too cold to play outside?

  26. Loco4Tennis

    When is it too cold to play outside?

    when the balls refuse to bounce!! happens at arround 35 degrees, they feel like bouncing rocks when hitting, maybe its the strings too, but ive seen it when it literaly does not bounce back up,,, good times trying to get thoes
  27. Loco4Tennis

    CyberFlash or CyberBlue

    i would play arround with the tension, since lots of spin is a good thing, if you like the control and the flat shots, then a 16g string combo might be what you like i play with 17g mains and 16g crosses, currently i have 17g cyber-black mains at 52lbs, and 16g forten nylon-black crosses at...
  28. Loco4Tennis

    CyberFlash or CyberBlue

    thats a power oriented combo (for a poly/syntgut hybrid), and lots of spin too being 17g through out, whats the problem?? whats the tension you jhave them at?
  29. Loco4Tennis

    Has anyone ever strung a racquet without grommets?

    i had this same issue with a spalding taxi-comp racquet i got from da-bay, i could not find grommets anywhere for it, even tried other brnads, gave up and used single hole grommets for the whole racquet, where not expensive, so i bought a couple ags enough for the 30 or so holes, worked well, i...
  30. Loco4Tennis

    What strings are these?

    my 2 cents i play with cyberblue alot and cyberblue does not move until the tension is gone, characteristic of a poly, even when the tension is gone, it would still move very little, even at 42lbs, but most of all the color does not transfer to the ball, r i have yet to see it do this from the...