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  1. gogo

    Anyone else going to USO 2019?

    I'm thrilled to be going back (was there 2 years ago)! A Grandstand ticket or a grounds pass is a great value, although not nearly as good a value as 2 years ago. We're going on Day 1. So many matches to watch! (although just found out that none of the Canadians we wanted to watch -- Denis...
  2. gogo

    If something happens to me....

    I have to admit that I posted things on Twitter, where I took offense to MBS of Saudi Arabia. If something happens to me, well, you can guess what happened. Beyond that, go ATP tennis!!
  3. gogo

    Debate topic: FAA is the future tennis darling

    Opening statement: Federer has achieved 'God-like' status with fans, both casual and knowledgeable. Nadal, also has a massive following, who naturally find him irresistible. They both have indefinable qualities that draw in large fan bases, from far beyond the die-hard fans who focus on the game...
  4. gogo

    2018 St Petersburg beat down

    No thread for this tournament yet? Lots of great story lines.
  5. gogo

    Who would be a good coach for Shapo?

    I don't want to jinx things, BUT, Marty Laurendeau has been off for 4 months now with a back injury and 19 year old Denis is trying to find his way. His mother has been a wonderful coach, but he needs someone at this critical juncture to step in and help him deal with some of his "problems"...
  6. gogo

    US Open battle of the prodigies: Shapovalov v Aliassime

    No doubt the worst thread ever in light of their rankings....but let's face it that these two are hopes of the future. So who do you have? Will Shapo flex his experience or will Felix build on his incredible momentum? Who do you have??
  7. gogo

    In support of better tennis stats

    Exhibit #1: Why isn't this a regularly reported stat? What other stats should be reported?
  8. gogo

    ATP Swiss Open in Gstaad - No one cares

    So no thread has been set up for this tourney. This late clay tournament has been completely ignored not only on TTW but also Tennis TV. Does anybody care? The Fog and Deliciano are lined up to face off in the top half. RBA, is trying a recent comeback, perhaps to face young Coric. What say...
  9. gogo

    Shapo lost his chapeau?

    You heard it here first....
  10. gogo

    SOOOOO excited! I've got the same ugly Christmas sweater as Andy Murray!

    Well, ok, it has striped sleeves and the battery pack is missing, BUT it only cost $7!! So I bought two! (Yes, my aspirations aren't very high!) Woo-ha! Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all get to spend wonderful time with your loved ones. If it's not so wonderful for you this year, I...
  11. gogo

    Patience is a virtue

    ...but I don't have it. How many sleeps before the 2018 season starts?
  12. gogo

    OD'ing on Fed (and Nadal) threads

    Can we please stop overdosing on Fed? I love the guy, but sometimes this forum is a bit too anal. Below are three random threads in a row. Who will be the AO GOAT should Fed win the 2018 edition ? tennisaddict, Today at 7:43 PM Federer with 1900 racquet + strings vs modern 4.5 level player...
  13. gogo

    What do you think the pros be doing in the off season?

    This tweet inspired me to ask what you thought. John Horn‏ @SportsHorn What some #ATP players will be doing this off season besides ... Nadal Federer Sock Kyrgios Shapovalov Thiem Isner Zverev Murray Khachanov Tiafoe Anderson Del Potro What say you?
  14. gogo

    FAA denied access to hotel gym

    Félix AugerAliassime‏Verified account @felixtennis 3h3 hours ago Just got denied access to the hotel gym because I'm underage it's tough 17 replies40 retweets254 likes The rough life of a young tennis pro.
  15. gogo

    Why aren't there more Asian stars (male)?

    Nishi is great, but he has his injury problems and needs more cavalry in support. Hyeon Chung looks like a top talent in the making. I hope he continues to progress. Duckhee Lee, as much as I admire him, isn't going to be a star. Nishioka is solid, but he's not going to be a star. Can Yibing...
  16. gogo

    Coach of the year

    ATP Coach of the Year: Nominated and voted on by fellow ATP coach members, this award goes to the ATP coach who helped guide his players to a higher level of performance during the year. Neville Godwin (Kevin Anderson) Martin Laurendeau (Denis Shapovalov) Ivan Ljubicic (Roger Federer) Toni Nadal...
  17. gogo

    Long season winding down

    There were bright spots for many. Struggles for others. And a mixed bag for most. I think Pospisil captures his year, and the life of a tennis pro, perfectly in this tweet: (Love the photos, showing highs and lows, but the first one...
  18. gogo

    Impact of gambling on lower level ITF matches

    I know this is nothing new. I know that things won't likely change. But...I feel for most of the players (the ones that are just trying to get a foothold in tennis) who are subjected to this negative force. And, of course, there are those gamblers who are aggressively abusive towards the pro...
  19. gogo

    Let's give thanks

    To my fellow Canejuns....Happy Thanksgiving! But, while our holiday might have got me thinking about "thanks" I realize that there is much to be thankful for. The luxury we all have as tennis fans, to enjoy the leisure activity of watching pro tennis, is exactly that...a luxury. We may quibble...
  20. gogo

    Youngest to win 2 Challengers?

    The answer is Gasquet. But.... ATP Challenger Tour‏Verified account @ATPChallenger Youngest players to win multiple #ATPChallenger (by 17 years, 2 months). Exclusive group! @richardgasquet1 @felixtennis @RafaelNadal Congratulations to Felix Auger Aliassime for his victory in Sevilla today!!
  21. gogo

    Can Shapovalov stay grounded?

    To have fame thrust upon you so suddenly as a teenager must be difficult to handle. Will Denis be able to keep his head screwed on straight? He seems to have a great family influence and strong team around him. They've done a great job so far. I just hope his attitude stays true. -- Chris...
  22. gogo

    Nike US Open swing kits

    My apologies as I don't know how this normally works, but doesn't Nike provide more than one kit option for their players to wear? Or do they gradually "release" a couple of more versions heading into the US Open? All I see Nike players wearing is a plain red top (same style) and royal blue...
  23. gogo

    Del Potro....the most likeable guy on tour?

    sigh. Be still my heart. JMDP is such a wonderful man. He is so sincere. Witness his class today when Almagro retired in pain. Class. Pure and simple.
  24. gogo

    Federer! Federer! Federer!

    Sorry, I just had to start a thread with Fed's name as I thought it would catch attention. Of course I am happy to tip my cap to Fed as he is the GOAT and deserves the accolades. I absolutely love him. But... I DO believe there are other players in the world tour. Perhaps I am mistaken?? The...
  25. gogo

    Overhaul of professional tennis at entry level...overdue

    "The ITF Board of Directors has approved a major restructuring of professional tennis at its entry level. The reform programme of changes will include a radical reduction in the number of truly professional players and the creation of a new global ITF Transition Tour in 2019 that will provide...
  26. gogo

    The Worm....still got the moves

    ♪♫ Still Standing ♪♫ after back surgery. :p Don't worry ladies, he's still got the moves and perhaps considering a movie career. (Gotta love the beard.)
  27. gogo

    Life on the road for the pros

    Yes, I'm sure the very top echelon has it a bit easier, although they are still often away from their families, however the pro tennis circuit must be tough for the "rest of them". Most other pro sports don't involve such extensive travel. And, only the very top earn any kind of reasonable...
  28. gogo

    Fantasy view of the future of the ATP Tour

    Sitting here on a Friday night, sipping on wine, and picturing what the tour might look like in 7-8 years. It might not be too bad at all. Here's what my brain is conjuring up... Zverev, the self-presumed king, is holding court. The mighty Foe is providing solid play and entertainment. The...
  29. gogo

    Can't see the tennis past the ugly Nike kits

    I turned on the stream last night and saw Jack Sock in this: These US Open kits are hurting my eyes and my brain.
  30. gogo

    Testing photo insert

    I'm just trying to figure out the easiest way to post image taken on my cell into this board. (I'm such a luddite!) ETA: well that didn't work. Any suggestions for Android?