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  1. Spanglish72

    Serena says that 24 slam wins for her is inevitable...

    “What we don’t understand is when I get 24 – because it’s inevitable – you guys are going to ask me about 25 and to pass the record.” - Serena
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    What is going on with all the double faults in the pro game?? Previous generations never doubled this badly. It's like watching a 12U local junior tourney. Zverev, Cilic, half of the WTA tour... C'mon guys you're supposed to be pros!
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    WTF Nick Bollettieri???

    I saw Nick Bollettieri do a motivational speech recently and he had lots of good things to say, except for one... He said, "if a ball is close, you call it out!" At that moment I lost all respect for the guy....what the hell kind of thing to say is that? Even if he was joking, I didn't like...
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    Daria Snigur (2019 Wimbledon Girls Champ)

    Has anyone seen Daria Snigur play? Playing her must feel like playing a robot that never misses and hits every ball 6" from the line. She hits every ball pretty flat with almost no spin, but the ball never goes out. She utterly destroyed Emma Navarro in the Semis and in the final Noel had to...
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    Pro practice hours?

    When pros are on the tour how many hours do they practice per day? Some locations only have courts at the tournament site that are already being used for the matches. Seems like once you get on the pro tour it really cramps your practice time & court options.
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    The tip of the racket on take back seems much lower than currently recommended by most instructors, but still seems HIGHLY effective. Is this new style forehand going to catch on with other juniors and young pros?
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    Best city for junior player development in the United States?

    Would like to hear from people their opinion on which city in the U.S. is best for junior player development. Good coaching, competition, affordability, climate etc. The obvious choice seems to be Orlando, FL. Are there any other good ones?
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    The Volvo Open has 2 women in the main draw who's fathers are billionaires...Jessie Pegula & Emma Navarro. Can kids from poor or working class families make it to the pro level anymore? Is there any pro in the last 10 years who's not from a rich family or who got a big sponsor to help them...
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    Top National Junior Player Development Federations?

    I was just curious to know which national tennis federations spend the most to develop their junior players? My kid plays in the USTA system and has been invited to local sectional development camps and selected to participate on sectional teams to travel and play against other teams of the...
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    Bianca Andreescu!

    I've recently been watching a young player from Canada named Bianca Andreescu, who just broke into the top 100. She's amazing. GREAT athlete, solid strokes, decent serve for 5' 7", positive attitude (for the most part lol). How far do you guys think she can go? I'm thinking she could win a...
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    Junior Tennis on a budget...

    Hi Guys, Is there a way to become a great tennis player without being part of the expensive USTA Junior $ystem? The cost of travel, tourneys & coaching is crazy!