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  1. mike danny

    Top 5 best matches since 2003 that did not involve the Big 3

    What are the 5 best matches in the last 17 years both in BO3 and BO5 that did not involve any of the Big 3? The Tsitsipas-Wawrinka match at this RG gave me this idea of a thread. It was, so far, the match of the year and it did not involve any of the Big 3. So the 5 best BO3 matches and the 5...
  2. mike danny

    RG 2019 QF: Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev

    Their first slam meeting and only Sashca' second slam meeting with a Big 3 player after Nadal at AO 2017. And Z has only [played 2 five setters on his way to getting here. Novak, meanwhile has been ruthless. Who wins? The H2H is 2-2 withZ recording some big wins over Novak in big finals.
  3. mike danny

    RG 2019 4R: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Stan Wawrinka

    Their very first meeting. Tsitsipas has struggled so far against not so strong opponents, while Stan appears to be picking just in time, dropping just 1 set. But Stan's form has been deceptive since last year. Battle of the one-handers fighting for the right to face another one hander...
  4. mike danny

    Rome 2019 QF: Roger Federer vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Their 3rd meeting this year and overall and their first on clay. H2H is tied at 1-1. Federer's heroics today against Coric have been impressive. And he did well to survive playing 2 matches in 1 day on his worst surface. But I think his heroics will end tomorrow. Tsitsipas is 17 years younger...
  5. mike danny

    Rome 2019 3R: Fred vs Bore

    Their 6th meeting. Fedr leads 3-2. This is also their first meeting on clay. Who wins?
  6. mike danny

    Madrid 2019 3R: Fedr vs La Monf

    This is their 14th career meeting and their 8th on clay, where Fedr leads 5-2, but Monfils has won 2 of their last 3 matches on clay. This will be the first big test for Fedr on his return to clay. Who wins? I'm gonna say Monfils in 3. He'll grind Federer down.
  7. mike danny

    Barcelona 2019 final. The Prince vs the Bullsheet

    Thiem in his first Barcelona final vs Medvedev in his first ever clay final. Thiem has just beaten Nadal again. Who wins?
  8. mike danny

    Djokovic's most emotionally-charged victories

    Inspired my @Nadalgaenger's thread. Will do one for Nadal as well. What are Djokovic's most emotional victories, of any kind, not just tournament wins? Mine would be, from most emotional, to least so: 1. AO 2012 final 2. AO 2013 win over Stan 3. Wimb 2015 final 4. Wimb 2011 5. USO 2011
  9. mike danny

    Miami 2019 SF: Roger Federer vs Denis Shapovalov

    The meeting we have all been waiting for. Righty OHBH vs lefty OHBH. How often do we see that? A 37 year old vs a player literally half his age. Who wins?
  10. mike danny

    Federer's top 10 tournaments since he turned 30.

    So since August 8 2011, what are Federer's 10 best tournaments in terms of level? Unfortunately, this excludes other tournaments where he played at an insanely high level like FO 2011 and WTF 2010, but it is what it is. So, having said that, here is my hierarchy, in no particular order: 1...
  11. mike danny

    IW 2019 final: Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem

    Their 5th encounter and their 3rd on HC. The H2H is 2-2, with Federer leading 2-0 on HC. First final between the 2 of them as well. This is Thiem's first first big non-clay final. About time really. He has rebounded nicely from the disappointment of the South American clay swing. Fed is...
  12. mike danny

    Better HC season? 2017 Federer or 2013 Rafa?

    We all know that overall Rafa had a better year in 2013 than Fed had in 2017, but what about when comparing them on HC? 2013 is Rafa's best HC season to date and his HC season and Federer's 2017 HC season are remarkably close. Who would you say had the better HC season?
  13. mike danny

    Rank the Big 3 since 2017

    The Big 3 have evenly split the last 9 slams 3, 3 and 3. How would you rank them based on their overall performances?
  14. mike danny

    USO 2005 F vs USO 2006 F vs USO 2013 F

    I picked these 3 matches, because they are incredibly similar in terms of scoreline and development. In all 3 matches, the loser played a bad set 1 and a bad set 4, an even worse set 4 even, while they played well in in sets 2 and 3 and kept up with the winner. In all 3 matches, the loser...
  15. mike danny

    Great matches that are rarely talked about

    When the subject of great memorable matches arises, everyone easily brings up matches like Wimb 2008 F, AO 2005 SF, Wimb 1981 F, AO 2009 F, AO 2012 F, Wimb 2018 SF etc. But what other great matches deserve recognition that they just haven't received? I have been watching some highlights lately...
  16. mike danny

    Federer vs Davydenko AO 2006 highlights

    A high quality match, IMO. Fed wasn't at his best, but Davydenko was playing well. It's a shame for the chocking, because Davydenko had Federer on the ropes. If only Davydenko had a better mental game and a better serve, he would have achieved more. A better player than Kei Nishikori, IMO.
  17. mike danny

    Big 3 and the 15th slam

    All Big 3 members have broken Pete's GS record at their pet slams: Federer - Wimb 2009 Nadal - RG 2017 Djokovic - AO 2019 At the same time, they also broke Pete's GS record at the slams at which they won their first titles. Funny coincidence. And all 3 are the GOATS of those respective...
  18. mike danny

    I have one question regarding Zverev

    Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that it's strictly the slam pressure that overwhelms him. Would he still have that pressure if he didn't find success in big tournaments in BO3? Tsitsipas and Chung haven't had Zverev's amazing results in big events and they have reached slam...
  19. mike danny

    The Bleach thread. Talk everything about Bleach

    I sincerely jope there are Bleach fans on this forum to talk to regarding my favorite series, Bleach, for now. :giggle:
  20. mike danny

    In Andy Murray's honor

    What would you say are the best matches he has ever played? My nominations are: Shanghai 2010 final against Fed. Fed had no answer to Murray that day. Murray was incredibly aggressive. Toronto 2010 final against Fed. Another aggressive Murray match. Tokyo 2011 final vs Nadal. Murray GOATed in...
  21. mike danny

    The Big 3 and their comebacks

    Over the years, the Big 3 have shown me things that I never thought were possible. Each had his own defining comeback. 1. Nadal showed in 2013 that it is possible to return after a long injury layoff and dominate like it was nothing and win multiple slams. In terms of win-loss record, 2013 is...
  22. mike danny

    Big 3 top 3 toughest slam wins

    All the Big 3 have won well over 12 slams, but among all their slam wins, what would you say were their 3 toughest wins?What are the 3 toughest slam wins the big 3 have ever won? The order of that top 3 matters, from strongest to 3rd strongest. My top 3 choices, from strongest to 3rd...
  23. mike danny

    Which is the better match?

    Nadal vs Dimitrov AO 2017 or Nadal vs Thiem USO 2018?
  24. mike danny

    It's a shame Tsonga hasn't peaked in these past 2 years

    He would have improved his career significantly. Tsonga of 2011-2013 would have been good enough to reach the Wimb final of last year and the AO final of this year in Cilic's place. I would have given him better chances against Federer in this year's AO final and he would have certainly been a...
  25. mike danny

    Something special in 2018

    2018 marks the first time all the Big 3 have managed to be no.1 throughout a season. Never before have all 3 of them exchanged the no.1 ranking between them.
  26. mike danny

    Fellow Fed fans, don't be sad

    2018 has still been a very good season for Roger. He has won a slam and returned to world no.1. These accomplishments make it a very good season by any standards. He is still in the top 3 as well at 37 years old. I mean, I'm sure all of you back in 2016 were wishing for a 2018-like season for...
  27. mike danny

    Which match-up would you prefer to watch now given the possibility?

    Let's say you are given the option of watching just 1 match between 1 current ATG and 1 former ATG. You never get that opportunity ever again. Which match-up would you choose? The options I selected are: Federer vs Sampras Nadal vs Borg Djokovic vs Agassi Djokovic vs Lendl You can pick...
  28. mike danny

    Shanghai 2018 SF: Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev

    This is only their 2nd ever meeting. Zverev won their only match so far, so this will be a revenge match for Novak. First meeting on HC as well. Who will prevail? The great one or the arrogant one?
  29. mike danny

    Shanghai 2018 QF: Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori

    These 2 will meet tomorrow for the 8th time. Their first meeting since last year's AO 4th round match between them which signaled Fedr's epic comeback. Federer leads the H2H 5-2, winning their last 4 encounters. But Nishikori has not been an easy opponent for him. Federer's form is patchy at...
  30. mike danny

    Rome final: 2018 Nadal vs 2005 Coria

    Who wins?