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    Stretching your abdominals

    I just realized that abs are one of the few muscles that i never stretch, could this be bad it seems as if i could do harder stuff with my abs if they were stretched but i have no idea how to do this
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    how bout this ab routine

    check it out sounds pretty killer
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    Chest training

    Lately ive noticed that my left pec is much harder than my right, even though i am right handed. my philosophy behind this is that during presses my dominant hand right tricep is doing more work than my left tricep so my left pec has to work harder to compensate, how can i compensate for this
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    The make or break body part

    In bodybuilding comps is there one body part that you think judges, for instance a lot of people talk about ronnie's ridiculously wide lats or arnold's chest. but if you were a bodybuilder and had to pick one supernatural body part would it be perfectly shredded abs, huge quads, great bicep...
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    Which whey protein powders taste okay in water

    So i've been using the TJ's chocolate whey protein powder, kinda beginner not very strong, for about two months and it tastes prett good three scoops with a bit of milk. however, when combined with water it is way too thin and tasteless, are there any types of whey drinks that you have combined...
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    Is sprinting the most difficult "sport"

    I can't remember where sprinting landed on ESPN's list of the toughest sports, but after boxing i think that sprinting is one of the two or three toughest sports and requires the greatest coaching. This is because during almost any sport, take tennis for examples, you can miss one or two shots...
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    Can weightlifters lose their "explosiveness"

    This is a hard question to explain but you know how sprinters aren't supposed to run long distances because they will lose fast twitch muscles. Does the same thing apply to power lifters. for instance say a powerlifter can bench press 600 pounds on his one rep max, if he instead trains with a...
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    Surfing for conditioning, conditioning for surfing

    so i used to surf until i was 11 or 12 and i'm thinking of getting back into it this summer. how good is surfing as a conditioning for strength balance flexibility etc. and what types of excersises are good for improving your surfing
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    Whats the greatest feeling in the gym?

    Another very open ended thread. what is most satisfying to you, adding another plate to your bench, doing that extra pull up or dip, another plate on the squat, or simply the feeling of those rock hard hamis the day after a hard leg workout
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    Worst Day at the Gym

    Hey guys i made a thread so people could talk about their worst day at the gym, because i had mine today. I haven't gone to the gym in about 5 weeks, which is a long time for me since i generally go three days a week. My lower body has stayed strong because i've been running, but i decided to do...
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    Standing Calf Raise

    Whenever i do standing calf raise my ankle hurts like an sob for a day or two, what could i be doing wrong and what alternate types of excersises are there for the calfs, thanks
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    A question about a new forum

    Was wondering if you guys would be willing to make a sub-forum simply for people asking about sponsorships, they are flooding the junior boards.
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    Wats up with Harrison?

    Ryan Harrison no longer appears on the list for class of 2010, instead his rankings say n/a is this because he signed with img or what?
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    Which Class is strongest?

    The battle is on, which class has the best top 10, best player depth, best overall, most promising 1-2 punch?
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    Is Nadal a future top 10 of all time?

    Nadal has been the only person to stop Federer from winning a grand slam, but does he have a shot at becoming top 10 of all time?
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    Does your community college have a killer gym

    Santa barbara City College has the best gym in town, freeweights, super circuit, treadmills, ellipticalls, four squat racks, two power towers, four bench press racks, limitless freeweights, top of the line machines, two full cable machines and many others, and it only costs 30 a semester. do...
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    Rank US juniors individual shots

    Just wondering which us juniors you think have the best serve, forehand, backhand, net game, return etc.
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    Bench Press VS Incline Bench Press

    What are the advantages to both, which one do you prefer what different muscles do they trian, kind of an open ended thread.
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    does anyone subscribe to

    just wondering if anyone actually paid the 50 dollars a year, is it worth it? there are some older articles that i'd like to read, but i don't think it warrants 50 bucks.
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    does anyone subscribe to

    just wondering if anyone actually paid the 50 dollars a year, is it worth it?
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    delayed soreness

    sorry for the inspecific thread but i have a question. on thursday i went to the gym and did pretty intense high weight bench press, incline bench, curls, squats, alot of crunches etc. friday morning i wake up and i have no pain at all, which is strange since i should be really sore, but on...
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    I got to play with the new microgel prestige!

    Today a head rep came to my club and gave the owner of the club the microgel prestige. he allowed me and my friend to hit with it and i fuond a good amount of control and pop from the service line, low power on the groundstrokes, and great accuracy and response on my volleys. however, the paint...
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    Most improved players of the year for 2007

    Which junior player do you guys think improved his or her game the most this year.
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    Greatest shot ever?

    What shot do you think is the greatest of all time. Connors backhand, Sampras' serve, agassi's return, federer's forehand?
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    Los Caballeros

    Who do you guys think will win in each division of the los cab tournament this weekend?
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    Sam Querrey

    I was just wondering what you guys think this guys chances are on the pro tour, his story is pretty cool, but i was just wondering if you think he has the game to be the next great american talent.
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    Jump from 14s to 16s

    I have only started playing tennis in the last year and have been relatively sucessfull, all things considered, in the 14s (around 300 in so cal), but I am turning 15 in September so i have to begin playing 16s soon. I have a good first serve which i hit pretty consistently, and a second that...
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    Best tennis city

    This is a forum where people can tell everyone else why there city has the best tennis. I would like to start by representing Santa Barbara. With top juniors like Daniel Nguyen, Matt Stith, Stefan Menichella, Spencer Simon, Michael Grant, Alexander Grysanov, Kevin Cheng, Billy Grokenberger and...
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    Fantasy tennis

    Will someone please explain to me what fantasy tennis is. I am a great fantasy baseball player and love it so i would love to join a leauge. Sox 4 life!!!