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    Dunlop 300g (98) stringing pattern

    Can one of you USRSA members tell me what the digest says? I don't like the tie off Klippermate is giving me for the bottom cross tie off (7b). I'm tying off at 4b, which i also don't like for the longer run, but it works well otherwise. Thanks
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    Gamma Customer Service

    Just need to repeat how great the CS at Gamma is. Once again, they have gone above and beyond to keep a customer pleased. Glad I went with a Gamma machine for this reason alone, if nothing else.
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    Pro Kennex - Start Crosses

    Just got myself a new PK stick. Went to string it and the exact racket's pattern, i could not find although i knew that it was the same as many of their sticks (16x20, skip 8 both). Figured it out no problem, but found it interesting how they note on the frame "start crosses" instead what i...
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    PK - Pro 5g vs Ki 5 (315) vsc Q5. Can anyone compare these 3?

    Strongly considering these frames as I'm coming off a TE hiatus since mid november 2015. It appears that any of the three would be a solid choice, just wondering where to start. I've been playing MG Radical MP (weighted to about 340g, 6-7 pts HL) for a few years but tried the PD107 (2012)...
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    Bryan Bros and foot faults.

    Was in Cincy last week and caught the B Bros loss to Nestor/Roger-Vaselin. Mike Bryan foot faults, just barely, on almost every serve. I saw him called for it three times, maybe four in the match. Bob does not do so. I found it odd that Mike didn't back up a half inch or so. That is all...
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    Head Youtek IG Radical S --- Grommets

    Anyone else noticing premature grommet wear on the "clear" head grommets? I've a friend who seems to be going through these at a much quicker rate than the traditional black plastic grommets (I use the black head grommets on my sticks and have never had this issue). They seem to wear...
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    CP users....

    When stringing mains, do you unclamp as the machine is pulling tension and move the clamp so it's ready when tension is reached? If that makes sense. Or do you wait until tension is reached before moving the clamp? edit: i should have said "electronic cp users".....
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    6004 and Wise

    Finally getting around to mounting my Wise. I'm not using the the Gamma adapter (to maintain 360 rotation). How far from the Turntable did you mount YOURS on the track arm? It appears it'll need to be mounted pretty far out on the arm to avoid the string rubbing the top of the billiard posts...
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    DayGlo yellow.

    Does anyone else find these clothes a mild form of cheating? I see it not much different than pasting a bunch of tennis ball halves on my clothing. I always thought it kinda bush league, even in league/rec play. Plus, it's not attractive.
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    Soft Players frame to Tweener?

    Suppose a man plays a Head MG Radical MP. He has them weighted up to about 11.9 oz fully dressed. He likes the racket fine and isn't all that into fidgeting/changing gear. He picks something that works and goes with it, generally. Finally, suppose he would like to see what easy power...
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    Just ordered myself a ERT.

    Figured it was a good time to buy one as I'm going from lockout to Wise. Kinda wanted one anyhow, so now is the time. Hope I like it. That is all.
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    Please show me someone who abuses the rules more than Sniffer.

    What's with this guy? I've never been a fan, but always had for respect for ralph. Not anymore.
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    Tifosi sunglasses - GT lenses

    Anyone tried the Tifosi, more specifically the GT (golf/tennis) lenses? Most frames seem to have interchangeable lenses, not a bad thing either i suppose. Just wondering about the optical quality and the GT specific lenses. I'm aware that many use the Bolle glasses, but I'm more...
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    Natural gut storage - opened half sets

    With the use of NG/poly setups we are now dealing with half sets of NG at times which in theory need to be stored more carefully than the nylon/plastic stuff. Anyone doing anything special? Seems a cheap vacuum sealer might be warranted, but ziplocks might be just fine as well (my current...
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    Treating Natural Gut

    I've been playing a set of 17g Klip Legend for awhile transitioning to outdoors, mostly green dirt. I really think it should suit my game, all court, lots of doubles, moderate topspin, and a mild TE problem in the last year. At first I loved the string, I'm new to gut. I don't break strings...
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    Replacement grips for 1 gripsize difference.

    Are there any synthetic grips that come in thin and regular/thicker versions? Looking to even out a 3/8 and a 1/2 racket (same model dunlops) for a friend without handle shaving. So i'd want a relatively thin replacement grip (for the 1/2) and a normal/thick version of the same or very similar...
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    Stand Room Only - 360 degree rotation 6004 has 360 degree rotation. As such, I tend to move about haphazardly at times and on occasion will rotate the handle of the racket over the tension head instead of away from it. No big deal I stand to the left of the track/rail and have the handle on the left side of the...
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    USTA Promo code for Powershares series - CLT

    Looking for usta promo code for the Charlotte, NC event March 13, 2014. thanks.
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    ball falls out of pocket?

    i thought loss of point, shouldn't be a let... yet, a search revealed otherwise? c'mon. saw it happen in a close match (my team) and we called a let (they dropped the ball), i thought we shoulda just won the point. bzzzzzt, wrong?
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    Reel of poly for the masses...

    As a stringer (not high volume) for myself and friends/team-mates I need to keep some poly on hand. Mind you, none of them are "gear snobs" and are happy with whatever is available, a few have their own reels, etc. I've been throwing Pro Line 2 at them, but am about out of stock (bought abunch...
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    Looking for KPS 88 grommets

    Need a few sets for a buddy. Can't find them. Any tips? Supply? This the "Pete Sampras" K Factor Pro Staff, label says 88 sq in. Thanks fellas.
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    strings: weights per set.

    i only keep a few different strings on hand.... what would a man reckon the largest difference in weights per set of string (when strung) would be? Let's just assume midplus/98, not trying to compare a mid vs OS for example... assume 17g so how many grams more does the heaviest set vs the...
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    The sun.

    I know this shouldn't be in this group, but i'm not sure where it SHOULD go and i read and post here most often............this is one of the more knowledgeable groups on TT in my opinion. so.... Anyone know of a chart/formula/whatever which would help best determine the "optimal"...
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    Racket matching.

    about to match four rackets, add a little weight, etc. do you feel it's necessary that they all be strung with the same string? in the past i have done so, but now I have four sticks with different string setups in them.... FWIW, they are all syngut and multi (2 are 17g, 2 are 16g). thx folks.
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    HEAD Grommets - MG Radical MP

    Time to replace some grommets on some of my MG Rad MP's and I know lotsa HEAD folks use grommet sets from different models for various reasons. Let's hear 'em. Why not just go back with stock? I know CAPs will add some heft...
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    Randy Moss.......

    So, Randy Moss says he is the greatest WR ever to play football. Abit brash, yes. BUT it made me think of my view of Serena. He may be right, he may be the most talented ever. I'd say the same about Serena. But Jerry Rice is the GOAT, no doubt.
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    anyone seen this?

    bearing failure.
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    gamma jamma

    kudos to John and Scott at Gamma. super easy customer service, got a new clamp for my 6004. odd failure. thanks fellas!! also went ahead and got a set of casters, dig'em.
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    tight spot.

    What's the best tie off knot for a tight tie-off location? Currently, I'm referring to O3 Blue - top cross tie off. Actually, I've strung these a few times and always gotten it done (parnell on 10T -main, knot does rest against the very close 3rd cross), but just wondering. This is not the...
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    2nd job tighter

    I feel like i'm fairly deliberate, consistent and i don't rush. More times than not lately, it seems that if I'm doing a pair of matching rackets, the 2nd racket comes off tighter. Just barely but they usually ping a tad tighter even after plenty of settle time. Stringmeter shows roughly...