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    Vid of two guys at a rec tournament, guess their level

    I'd guess 3.5, even knowing what video does
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Of philosophy? Sure.
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    Djokovic plays points vs fan

    You might not think it, if you've played high levels of tennis like Texas 3.5/4.0, but Djokovic and other top pros are very talented and tough to play against.
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    Tips vs. Pusher in Playoffs

    20 ball rallies at 3.5 are pretty damn rare. They are rare, in fact, at the highest levels of the game. I don't think it's realistic to expect that kind of patience, shot tolerance, and point construction from a player at this level.
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    Is Stefanos Tsitsipas really 6ft4' tall?

    I would believe that Iverson is like 5'11 with very long arms, but I'm not sure about 5'10.
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    Do you talk to opponents during a match/changeovers?

    Didn't Wawrinka win that match with Kyrgios when he (Kyrgios) said the rude things handily?
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    How can I improve my horrible tiebreak record in doubles?

    As long as you're not deliberately sabotaging yourself with more dfs than usual, etc., I think tie-breakers are mostly a coin flip. Your winning percentage will balance out when you play more of them.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    We "rein in" launch angles. I still am not entirely sure that I understand what a launch angle is, however, never mind ball pocketing or "plush feel."
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    Google has reached quantum supremacy

    Shor also created an algorithm that will perfectly rank recreational tennis players, though it needs 1K qubits.
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    Durable string suggestion

    I'll just add to the comments about string pattern. I broke strings in my 6.1 95, which I think is a 16x19 or 16x18 in two or three hours, whereas I almost never break them in a 93p 18x20.
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    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    Raonic seems to be pushing? That seems like him.
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    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    Next you'll say that pro players have thrown matches for gamblers?
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    Line-Ups Are Written In Blood

    I would love to read some threads or tips on managing personalities, emotions, etc. as a league captain.
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    Which type of player is the worst to play with?

    I know players that look like 4.5s who are 4.5s. And I know players that look like 2.5s who are weak 3.0s. I do not, however, know any players who look like 5.5s who are from Iceland. I'm sure they are out there; I just don't know any.
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    Laver Cup

    Isner looks hard to lob.
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    Fred gives Fog advice

    It was interesting to me how generic the advice was. It's exactly what you could tell someone in a typical league match.
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    How in the world

    He might be 187.
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    Laver Cup

    The Levar Cup rules.
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    Laver Cup

    Fognini's into this.
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    Why do teaching pros insist on teaching spin serve esp to women?

    From my experience playing mixed, and I have also heard this from several other people, it is spin and not pace that mostly separates the men's game from the women's at similar NTRP levels. Heavy topspin on groundstrokes and serves was, from my observation, almost uniformly unreturnable for 3.5...
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    Whey Protein powder? why would you take it?

    Whey is fine unless it irritates your digestion. It's almost impossible to harm yourself by ingesting too much protein as such (clearly this doesn't apply to red meat). More than the average person gets appears to be needed for optimal response to resistance training.
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    Obsessing over technique and never playing matches

    Please don't quote my ignore list: most of the good posters on this forum. That gets me every time.
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    What overgrip is the best for sweaty hands

    Can confirm that wilson overgrip does not hold up to extreme heat and humidity, though I like it otherwise.
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    Why doesn't Wawrinka learn to return properly?

    Anyone who uses a one-handed BH with big grips on either side will have different return mechanics than a two-hander who mostly doesn't have to switch grips. Federer hits over the ball more on his returns because his grips aren't as extreme and he has better hand-eye coordination.
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    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    One thing about doubles that I've been noticing is: are you tired of balls whizzing by you that you should have poached? The pros have plays and run them.
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    Are these really signs of a bad tennis lesson?

    I was asking my coach what to do if I was playing doubles and seeing all these balls whiz by me at the net. It's because pros run plays.
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    If Isner had Wawrinka's ground strokes?

    Wawrinka's serve is already pretty damn good.
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I added 8g of lead at 3 and 9 with 16 gauge poly, and it was heavy. Who would have guessed that 8g would make that much difference?
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    Which type of player is the worst to play with?

    Laughing is a better tactic for someone people than screaming in a homicidal rage, not that I would know anything about this particular inner struggle.
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    Michael Stich Serve

    He copies Sampras's, is what the poster refers to.