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    MSV focus hex 1.18 v 1.23

    Hi all, I recently have hit with focus hex 1.18 strung at 51 lbs. First hour or two was quite boardy and I was not impressed. Afterwards it opened up and was quite nice and very durable. What I liked was the controlled decline in playability -- nothing amazing but good overall and with a long...
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    98 sq inch racket shootout

    I'd love to hear any comparisons between the Prince Beast 98 (solid beam), Pure Strike 16x19, and Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro. I've been eyeing these sticks lately and wondering how they stack up against eachother. They all fall into a sort of player tweener category and I'm thinking of...
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    Serial footfaulter (in denial)

    I'm sure this has happened to many other people. There is player who foot faults on many of his serves. Probably about 2/3 to 3/4 of them. He is an older guy, good flat/slice serve, low net clearance. His left foot is landing about 1 foot inside the court before he hits the ball. It's very...
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    Graphene Touch Radical Pro release

    So, is this version due to be out in 2017? If so would it come out in the summer/fall/winter? Just curious since there seems to be no info about the launch.