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  1. IA-SteveB

    Commercials you can't stand right now

    Tennis channel plays GoodRX commercials on the regular. This is Kate and I don't like Kate, looking all smug at the pharmacist like she solved the world's problems and stuff. Free phone football Sam Adams I can taste my beer
  2. IA-SteveB

    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    I have been playing since 2012 and have played in various tournaments within two hours of home, playing in the lone tournament hosted in my city as much as I can. I am using that local tournament as my example here. When I first started playing, there were over 130 people entered in the...
  3. IA-SteveB

    Miami Vice

    Any fans of Miami Vice around here? I never watched it much when it was on prime time in the 80's but I picked it up around 2000 when I began to feel nostalgic for a time gone by. I was in Miami at the time and it was on television quite a bit for obvious reasons and I really got into it. I...
  4. IA-SteveB

    Actress you would watch in ANYTHING

    We all have an actress (or actor) that we really have a thing for because of looks, acting ability, personality or any combination of things. If we are searching through the television guide for something to watch, we'll always stop on a movie or show that they are in just because they are in...
  5. IA-SteveB

    Saw KISS in concert ... finally

    I saw them last night on their End of the Road tour in Moline, IL. It was a great experience and I am really glad my 13 year old son and I got to spend that time together. The guys can still put on a show and the lights and pyro where on point. They use the heck out of pyro and it was...
  6. IA-SteveB

    Mannarino hydrogen t-shirt

    Does anyone know of a place to buy the gray with black lighting bolt Hydrogen t-shirt he is wearing at Indian Wells? I'm kind of looking for unique stuff like this but it seems like it might be Euro only.
  7. IA-SteveB

    A car you have sold that you wish you had back

    I am a car nut and have owned several in my life. We all have a car or two in our history that we wish we had never sold either because it is now a collectible classic or we just simply liked it so much. For me, I wish I had never gotten rid of a 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T that I had for 17 years...
  8. IA-SteveB


    So I started watching the late 80s/90s series Baywatch on Amazon Prime. A couple of observations. I am only halfway through season 1 and I think that Mitch Buchanan's son Hobie has already cost L.A. County in excess of $100k in rescue efforts. Also, Mitch should have been a circus performer...
  9. IA-SteveB

    Commercials you despise

    The one I laugh at every time it is on is the one where people are carrying their truck tailgates up a mountain to a smug guy in a GMC with his six function tailgate. Also those insanely stupid "free free free" commercials for Turbo Tax. Trying to be like Geico and having an epic fail. Also...
  10. IA-SteveB

    How far do you run in a match

    I had always wondered so I finally borrowed a fit bit for a singles match. I was playing a very good player who can also move well and both of us can maintain long rallies quite often, resulting in pretty taxing points. My friend hits the ball hard and can hit his spots so he can really make...
  11. IA-SteveB

    Best night of tennis in a long time

    So over the last 6 weeks my tennis has been up and down. I play in a doubles club league on Sunday that ranges from 3.0 to very strong 4.0 players. We switch partners each set and the person with the most wins goes up a court the next week, lowest goes down and the other two stay put. I am...
  12. IA-SteveB

    Holiday car commercials are the worst

    The one by GMC is the absolute worst and couldn't be more out of touch. You know the one I am talking about. A smartly dressed guy brings his wife out onto the driveway of their million dollar+ home to present $135,000 worth of vehicles for Christmas, one for you and one for me. She...
  13. IA-SteveB

    Does anyone collect albums (LPs)?

    You know, the LPs from days past. I am a 70's/80's kid and one of my fond memories was looking through my parent's album collection. I was fascinated by all of the cover art and interior pictures on the two album folding covers. They had a really nice Technics system in the basement and a...
  14. IA-SteveB

    Compare your tennis to an athlete in another sport

    I think lately that my tennis persona is Jaguars QB Blake Bortles. I am very inconsistent lately. I can play well for a set and then completely fall apart the next. If I have to make a quick move I can do it and make the shot but if you give me too much time to think about it, my mind fails...
  15. IA-SteveB

    Of all the cars you have owned, which is your favorite?

    If you are a car buff like me, you are either a person who goes through a lot of cars in a lifetime just because you are always interested in experiencing different makes/models or you are someone who has a car that is like a part of the family that will always be in the garage in some form. My...
  16. IA-SteveB

    Phrases or things people say that you don't like

    We all have phrases or just things people say that annoy us. Mine are currently: - "Reaching out" I hate getting calls or emails from people claiming they are "reaching out" to see if I need anything. I have never heard anyone use this until the last couple of years. All of a sudden EVERYONE...
  17. IA-SteveB

    What would you do in this car deal?

    Edited to add mileage. I have the opportunity to buy a VERY nice 2001 Honda S2000 for $13k. These are incredibly well made and fun sports cars so research them if you need to. It has a fully documented service history and has been in good care. In order to get it, I will have to sell a VERY...
  18. IA-SteveB

    Is there anything more satisfying than a solid OHBH winner?

    I'm a person who has never even tried a two hander because it has always felt "weird." In the past I have just used my OHBH to keep the ball in play and occasionally slice. I'd even run around a ball to get a forehand if I could. As my form and preparation have gotten better, I have been...
  19. IA-SteveB

    Playing after a leg workout

    Monday night at the gym is a chest, back and legs for me. I sometimes play doubles on Tuesday nights but had to play singles against a much younger player who could run. I won the first set 6-1 and was up in the second set 5-1 when my opponent started playing much better and we had some long...
  20. IA-SteveB

    Facebook privacy is terrible

    Even when you think things are private on Facebook, they aren't. There should be a way to hide everything on your profile including your picture, banner and featured pictures so that just your friends can see them. I realize that you can make your profile unsearchable, but then how is anyone...
  21. IA-SteveB

    When should a child have a debit card?

    Curious about experiences with this. My soon to be 13 year old son wants his own debit card so he can put money he earns into the account and then use the card for purchases. To date, everything he buys has to be through me and I always know what he is spending his money on. I am worried that...
  22. IA-SteveB

    Resting heart rate

    I recently had a checkup and my resting heart rate was 52. The nurse said, "Wow, you must be a runner." Honestly, I don't do any cardio and the exercise I get is two singles matches a week in tennis and 90 minutes of weightlifting four times a week. I am sure my heart rate gets up there while...
  23. IA-SteveB

    Wilson Amplifeel

    Curious to hear reviews of these Wilson Amplifeel shoes: I have never worn Wilson shoes and there is no place around to actually try these on to see what the fit is like. I have worn Nike for the...
  24. IA-SteveB

    The Sims: TTW Tennis Club

    Wouldn't it be fun if someone created a Sims game where the setting was a tennis club? You could have your characters perform actions that reflect all things that irritate posters at TTW. People setting tennis bags on benches, practicing serves alone while people wait for the court, making...
  25. IA-SteveB

    WTB: Agassi US Open 1992 headband

    I know this is a longshot but I am looking for the Nike Challenge Court 1992 headband Agassi wore at the US Open. I don't know if this was ever available to the public since I have never seen one for sale or on the popular internet auction site.
  26. IA-SteveB

    A game of inches

    One frustrating thing I encounter is, when playing doubles, I like to use the alleys and set up points by trying to draw the net guy over after a few cross court shots. If I sense he is ready to poach, I will try for an alley shot behind him. I am a pretty flat hitter but I have noticed that...
  27. IA-SteveB

    Best KISS song

    I have been a big fan of KISS for a long time. I have most of their albums on vinyl and have several rare original Aucoin posters on display in what I call "The Listening Room" where I take in the sweet sounds of vinyl on a vintage Pioneer turntable. I know there are too many great tunes to...
  28. IA-SteveB

    Tried a little bit different grip and it worked

    I was watching a Youtube video by Jeff Salzenstein about getting more power out of your forehand. He mentions to hold the racquet lower so your palm is hanging off the end of the butt and then spacing your fingers a bit. I tried this last night in a match and while it felt weird at first, it...
  29. IA-SteveB

    Formats for club league doubles?

    I play in a club league consisting of 5 courts of guys ranging from low 3.0 to high 4.0. The courts go 1 through 5 with 1 being the "best" players out of the 20 total player pool. Each week you play three sets on your court switching partners each set. The 1&2 seeds on your court always play...
  30. IA-SteveB

    Why do my volleys often go long?

    I should know after playing for a few years, but I can't figure out why a lot of my volleys are sailing long. I feel like I am positioned correctly so I am guessing I am using a grip that has the racquet face slightly tipped back to give it a bad launch angle? I am not swinging per se but more...