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  1. Enga

    Which type(s) of opponent is most likely to be your "pigeon"?

    I'm all 3 of those :D
  2. Enga

    Body found 3 yrs later of missing Oregon hiker

    You definitely have to take it seriously and understand that youre stepping into a different ecosystem, a different food chain when hiking in the wilderness. We're just another animal that can die.
  3. Enga

    Tall, powerful and fast. The next step in the evolution of tennis!

    Movement is overrated for these big guys. I don't think they'll ever achieve Big 3 level movement. If I were tall I'd rather try to play like Isner, and Karlovic, although they're even taller. They recognize their strengths and play to it, keeping points so short that other players start to...
  4. Enga

    Fedovic subpar form post Wimbledon

    I anticipated a lull in action for the Big 3 after Wimbledon. Surprised that Nadal ended up winning USO, but I suspect all 3 are tired now. Luckily for them break time is almost soon.
  5. Enga

    Kyrgios' $300,000 car wrecked

    It's a very powerful car
  6. Enga nice guy

    He is a nice guy. The point of competition and sports is to try be the biggest a-hole possible, exploiting every weakness and developing a game that makes you impossible to beat, in order to win fame and glory, denying others the same as best as possible, hogging it all for yourself. Thats...
  7. Enga

    New BIG 4 Confirmed ?

    I guess these are 4 names that make sense, we've seen them all have some great results, at least on occasion. I think they need to do a lot more before they can be as big as deserving of the Big 4 name. I don't think a lot of players really fear and respect them like with Murray, Nadal, Federer...
  8. Enga

    Naomi Osaka choose Japanese citizenship in front of the Tokyo Olympics

    If she feels more japanese than american I can understand the decision. As someone who has a dual citizenship myself, having been born in the US to a Filipina mother, I do not feel as connected to the Philippines as I do the USA despite living in the Philippines for 13 years of my 26 year long...
  9. Enga

    Your GOAT song

    I assume were just talking songs that are greatest in general, right? Because my favorite is of course something different. I would go with Bohemian Rhapsody because I think it has transcended the ages pretty well.
  10. Enga

    Ivan Ljubicic with a burn

    Wait... so you're saying this is a non-story? :O
  11. Enga

    Ivan Ljubicic with a burn

    Meanwhile, Federer delivers a devastating blow to Djokovic. Tagging Djokovic in a post about pizza?! The gall. He knows Djoker doesn't eat gluten.
  12. Enga

    Anyone seen the Joker ???

    Well there youre getting into spoiler territory. But all I can say is the movie doesnt try to shock, like I think a lot of movies and shows try to do. The movie is uncomfortable, yes. But its not "woo wee head explode haha kill off your favorite character Walking Dead execution style."...
  13. Enga

    Anyone seen the Joker ???

    Watched it with my dad. He said its nearly a perfect movie. I didnt like it near as much, but I was still glued to the screen waiting to see what would happen next. Its darker IMO than practically most any comic book movie, and not in the violent, or edgy sense. It tackles some dark subject...
  14. Enga

    Deadly brain shrinking fungus !

    Brein shrinking fungee?! :eek:
  15. Enga

    Just jogged 3 miles

    3 miles?? Come back home
  16. Enga

    Are you getting a flu shot?

    I had the flu earlier this year, at the same time as I was passing a kidney stone.... Yeah, misery. :)
  17. Enga

    Oreilly Opelka - A future Sampras or yet another American serve bot?

    I think there have been a lot of big guys who put emphasis on movement to help balance out their game, but so far it seems to lead to injuries which limit their careers. The ones who get the best results seem to play to their strengths, such as Isner and Karlovic. Maybe the right move for bigger...
  18. Enga

    Playing against your coach in a tournament...

    I played against a former coach in friendly matches. I guess since he is much better, it wasnt very frustrating for him, he beat me handily. But I dont think he would be angry even if I did beat him. He is a nice guy, not amazing technical skills, got injured a lot, but he was patient, fun and...
  19. Enga

    Mouratoglou wants ATP rule change because of Fedal

    They do it in boxing and mma. Im sure it could work in tennis. Though I still prefer it stay limited to davis cup, laver cup, and whatever other cups.
  20. Enga

    Do you kill the net player if you get a short ball? doubles.

    I used to get hit all the time. Its mostly because I have slow reaction times. Considering my teammate back then always gave soft returns, and my refusal to back up, I can see now why I got nailed probably 3 times a match.
  21. Enga

    Except for clay, Sampras superior to Federer in every aspect of the game of tennis

    You cant give Sampras a better forehand than Federer, nor even equal. Sampras cant hit an inside out forehand as well as Federer can. Even comparing the eras, there were players who could hit the inside out forehand better than Sampras, like Courier, Agassi and Wilander.
  22. Enga

    What to do with a negative doubles partner

    Just embrace the negativity. If its your first time playin with someone and you dont know what theyre like, if they dont follow your lead just follow theirs. :) Just complain constantly to the opposing team that your teammate sucks, that theyre lazy, that they already played singles etc etc...
  23. Enga

    Some players like to use old depressurized balls to play matches, do u encounter them?

    I like practicing with dead balls just for money saving and because I think theyre easier to get a rally going with, but for an official match for sure I would open a new can. I can only think the reason someone wouldnt is because they want an advantage, so theyre using balls that they are...
  24. Enga

    Greatest forehand of all time! Not greatest ground game or greatest baseliner.

    Well he definitely has one of the best, if not the best running forhands. Its probably because he hits with a continental-ish grip. Its very easy to hit the ball short when on the run. With the conti grip you can put more depth on the ball.
  25. Enga

    Crazy Stat: Federer won his first 7 Slam finals

    No active player is more studied than Federer, except maybe Nadal. I think its reasonable to assume that people just "figured him out". He and the rest of the Big 3 have constantly had to reinvent themselves to keep up. Theres nothing easier to beat than a predictable player.
  26. Enga

    Crazy Stat: Federer won his first 7 Slam finals

    I too have detected a massive GAS. Even from the vicinity of The Vortex, which normally would disrupt readings from my scientific instruments, I have picked up the faint signal of this GAS.
  27. Enga

    Federer fans what does Nadal need to do for him to pass Federer in terms of greatness in your eyes?

    I imagine that many Nadal fans never thought of Federer as the GOAT despite him having more titles than Nadal. I dont think Nadal could ever surpass Federer in my mind, for tennis as a whole. For clay, yes, and for having amazing power and ferocity, yes. But as a super skilled, amazing hand eye...