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  1. Seacoast Stringer

    Angell Sport!

    I'm looking foward to buying some Angel frames. Paul is one of the nicest guys in the industry and his designs at Dunlop and Vantage were second to none. These will be some nice sticks!
  2. Seacoast Stringer

    Does multi weigh more than poly

    Agreed. Poly is a bit heavier given same gauge
  3. Seacoast Stringer

    How do you get a Bosworth made ?

    Same experience here. Quick callbacks and email responses. Vantage, at least in my experiences, has great customer service (and great frames!)
  4. Seacoast Stringer

    The Donald

    Great to see Donald Young in the semi's! He's a good guy and I wish him well.
  5. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage Bast Core

    Can't wait to hit with one A modern version of the classic 200g frame IMO would be a home run. A player at my club has ordered a couple and I look forward to giving this frame a try. If you can combine the old school qualities of some of those old Wimbledon sticks & the 200g (feel/control)...
  6. Seacoast Stringer

    FS: Alpha Viper Balance Beam

    sent email question last night........
  7. Seacoast Stringer

    vantage customer service is terrible

    Sven is the real deal and will answer calls/emails VERY promptly. Paul is the Vantage guru and is also very accessible. Good people.....great frames.:)
  8. Seacoast Stringer

    **** - disappointing customer service

    That type of response is one of the main reasons you see companies go out of business nowadays.:oops:
  9. Seacoast Stringer

    Hawaii Five-O

    nah Been watching the show for a few weeks and decided to dump it. I tried to like it but it's becoming the typical mindless garbage on TV lately. Nothing new or imaginative whatsoever.
  10. Seacoast Stringer

    High speed motorcycle commute!!!

    That is an incredible video. Frankly, I agree with the posters that believe these types of people are idiots. I don't care if they hurt themselves.....but innocent bystanders/car drivers/etc are all in danger with these fools pulling this stuff off. That said....the video is absolutely...
  11. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage Racquets

    Hey, mozzer. I agree with you comments re: that particular frame. I have one w/pretty much the same spec and it is a wonderful stick!
  12. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage Racquets

    You echo my thoughts exactly. I've been playing for pretty much the same amount of time as you; switched to Vantage about 4 years ago and never looked back. Playing the best tennis of my life. FWIW....I really like the red sticks with black grommets.:)
  13. Seacoast Stringer

    Prime Serena vs. prime Steffi

    Interesting stats. I think that Serena & Graf in the same era would have produced some epic matches.
  14. Seacoast Stringer

    can vantage lower swingweight??

    I've had Vantage match swingweights in the past and the frames came out perfectly. I didn't care how they did it! I can certainly tweak my sticks after that if I want with lead, grips, etc. but there is no need.
  15. Seacoast Stringer

    youtek prestige help

    I agree. tighten up the string setup or go with a lower powered string (or both - but I recommend trying one at a time). It should really help. Good luck
  16. Seacoast Stringer

    S Williams better Athlete than R P Nadal?

    Gee....I was speaking in comparative terms (and I wasn't "joking"....ouch!:) such condescension ) and after watching Serena play for years believe that she has excellent footwork compared to the majority of WTA players. Sorry, bud. Nobody's perfect and both sisters have consistency problems and...
  17. Seacoast Stringer

    S Williams better Athlete than R P Nadal?

    Disagree. Serena's footwork is just fine on clay. IMO she has very good footwork and court of the best in the WTA in that regard. Her anticipation is also a big factor in her success. I'm not sure what Venus has to do with it..:-?....but her footwork is a strength as well...
  18. Seacoast Stringer

    vantage quality control

    At about $239US for a Vantage frame compared to $199 for a Head Prestige or $239-$279 for a Prince EXO....I wouldn't at all say that Vantages are a "huge premium". Far from it. IMO they are a good value. As I have stated for several years here - I believe that you actually save money with...
  19. Seacoast Stringer

    Klip Strings

    Their gut is a good value and plays well. Excellerator is an excellent multi. Klip is a good brand IMO.
  20. Seacoast Stringer

    vantage quality control

    All good points. The guy that thinks they are just like any other racquet company has not a clue. No racquet company in my over 25 years of playing tennis has offered such a quality, and yes custom, frame. If you have a decent idea of what your best spec is....they will provide you with sticks...
  21. Seacoast Stringer

    Venus Williams with a quick gain of 30 lbs?

    Yeah! How did she ever win all of those Slams????:oops:
  22. Seacoast Stringer

    Fan trio involved in Ashe fight banned.

    After seeing seems to make sense that all of them were banned. The younger one seemed like a typical tool and the other two obviously inflammed the situation to say the least. You pull that nonsense at any event and you're history.
  23. Seacoast Stringer

    rdis 200 light version vs vantage 95

    Really??!!:confused: I have seen about 90% of people playing Vantage sticks feeling that the flex was actually a few points below the stated number (the flex stated by Vantage is unstrung). So a 70 flex feels more like about a 66-67 and the 63 flex feels more like a 59-60 with Vantages. In fact...
  24. Seacoast Stringer

    rdis 200 light version vs vantage 95

    Not as close as I would have liked (I didn't get a chance to measure the balance). I only had the frame for a few days and I used some lead. The difference in string pattern was probably important but overall I was disappointed. I have always like Yonex frames but this one didn't compare to the...
  25. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage 95"

    Yeah, I've seen those - they look great also
  26. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage 95"

    My latest frames are red with black grommets/bumper - looking good.
  27. Seacoast Stringer

    Vantage 95"

    I have also been trending toward a less HL frame - it seems as though I am hitting a heavier ball (but they still go out to often!!!:))
  28. Seacoast Stringer

    rdis 200 light version vs vantage 95

    I've hit with both and found major differences (first of all, the 95 Vantage I hit with was 18x20....a bit smaller sweetspot). The rdis 200 felt less substantial and had less control - but with slightly more power & spin capability. It definitely wasn't for me. It felt flimsy compared to the...
  29. Seacoast Stringer

    Nicest guy on tour?

    Good lord, whatever. My question was, and still is, do you believe that the statement ..." people from Taiwan are mean, ill-mannered, poorly raised, and just not good" represents a racist point of view or at a minimum a bigoted opinion????!!!! It's not rocket science, I'm just trying to...