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    String recommendation after wrist injury.

    Hi TW Team, Im recovering from a TFCC wrist injury, I normally use thin gauge Signum Pro Tornado or Solinco Tour bite in 18x20 Wilson Blade. Can you please recommend some arm/wrist friendly strings with decent control/spin? Thanks!
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    Head Graphene Prestige MP

    Looking for a Head Graphene Prestige MP grip 4 3/8 willing to ship to Australia
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    Wanted Yonex 95D 4 3/8

    Looking for a Yonex 95D Grip Size 4 3/8. Im located in Australia but willing to pay for shipping.
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    Dimitrovs twin

    Anyone seen this movie starring Dimitrov's twin brother?!
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    Yonex 95D

    Hi TW Team, Can you recommend a racquet that hits similar to a Yonex 95D? Loved hitting my OHBH with this, I got rid of mine awhile back and now they are very hard to get a hold of. Thanks
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    US Open Nike gear

    Will tennisonly be getting any of the US open nike gear?
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    4e wide shoes

    Hi Tw Team Could you guys recommend 4E wide shoes? I have a particulararly wide mid foot and i have been reading up on some of the feedback on some shoes Barricade 4E etc however some of the review indicate they are not true 4E width.
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    Sharp pain in Front of Ankle

    I just played a match a few days ago , I felt fine afterwards besides a dull ache around my ankle but otherwise felt fine and cpuld carry on my normal daily activities. However about 6 hrs later I was walking and suddenly started getting a sharp shooting pain in front of my ankle where it meet...
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    String for Wrist Injury

    Hi TW Team Can you guys recommended a durable comfortable string with decent control, I'm drecovering from an injured wrist and shoulder I usually play with natural gut/poly or full poly . Thanks
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    Wilson Six.One 95 18x20 2014 vs PS97/RF97

    Does anyone have experience using these racquets and can provide some thoughts/comparison? I have an opportunity to purchase a Six One 95 18x20 2014 the last version released, I'm wondering how different it hits compared to my current racquet PS97 which has been weighted up. The wilson Blade...
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    Moving on from Pro Staff 97

    Hi TW Team I have an older model Pro Staff 97, I like the feel but I've always struggled a bit with control when I want to fully hit out and finding myself dialing back on my shots. Can you recommend a similar feeling racquet but with better control and not too harsh on the arm. Thanks
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    Mind Games?

    I've played a match against someone that screams out Yesssss! For double faults and random shouts of too easy !! when hitting return winners. It was the first time I've come across a player like this, normally I just concentrate on my own game and things dont phase me but this guy really...
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    Moving on from a Wilson KBlade 98 suggestions?

    A friend of mine has been using a Wilson Kblade 98 for the last 6 years and is now looking for a new racquet that is similar, would the logical step be to move to the new KBlade 98 or does the racquet line now feel completely different? Would like to hear from anyone that has moved on from a...
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    I recently Injured my back playing, then started getting bad sciatic nerve pain from right lower back down my right leg up until behind my knee. Since my back has healed the nerve pain is not going away. I can walk with a very slight limp but the pain flares up, particularly if I sneeze (not...
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    Vapor 9.5 Tour alternatives?

    Hi TW team Can you guys recommend shoes that are similar to the vapor 9.5 tour? I love the glove like fit even though I have a wide foot, I also the fast feel and connection to the court however durability seems to be an issue. I'm trying the Gel resolution 6 however I get bad foot pain...
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    Serve Experience with Waiter tray position

    I've recently started playing more matches so I'm really looking to improve my serve . At the moment it's shockingly bad, I have what you call the dreaded waiter tray position where I'm almost pushing the ball in. This seems to be common at the level im playinf at. It's so fustrating trying to...
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    Recommend a shoe

    Hi TW Team Can you guys recommend a shoe for my foot which has a particularly wide mid section. I'm currently using vapour 9 and my podiatrist has observed that due the inner side of my mid foot overhangs a bit over the sole of the shoe. If that makes sense lol. I have tried Asics Gel...
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    Basketball shoes

    Just wondering if anyone here uses basketball shoes for tennis and can share their experiences?
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    Head Youtek or IG Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    Looking for a Head Youtek or IG Prestige Pro 4 3/8. Located in Australia if anyone is willing to ship.
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    Hi guys Can you please do reviews of these two strings ? :)
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    Best control string

    Hi guys I'm using a fairly powerful frame yonex 95d can you guys please recommend a round profile control string?
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    Moving on from Yonex 95D, Recommendations?

    I'm looking to move on from my yonex 95d, whilst i love the power and forgiveness especially on the backhand I'm having trouble with my forehand. I think its partly due to the power but more so the feel. I just cant get the feel I need and I feel i cant swing freely for fear of hitting long. Ive...
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    Q for Andy

    Hi Guys I was curious if you could tell me what racquet and string/tension Andy currently uses and if it is his go to racquet and string choice. Thanks!!
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    String Recommendations for Yonex Vcore 95d

    Hi guys I'm looking for a string with more control for a Yonex vcore 95d. I previously used to use a ksix one tour with natural gut/ luxilon. Best set up ! I've just started using a yonex 95d that was strung with Signum Pro Hyperion at 56lb, I'm finding it wayy too powerful! I've hit with...
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    Drouet's account of working with the Tomics

    Not sure if this is already posted, Drouet's has shared his story (diary) of working with the Tomics up until the point he got headbutted . Bernard's dad is crazyyy. Part 1...
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    Federer interview

    Thought I would share this video which I thought was interesting.
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    WANTED:Federer US Open 2005 Shirt

    Hi Looking for shirt Federer wore 2005 US open in M size : Nike Men's Fall Sphere React Crew Please send me PM.
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    Recommend a string for Ksix one tour

    I've been playing with a ksix one tour with the standard sensation strings that came with it. I'm looking for recommendations for a new string set up, I'm wondering what set ups other ksix one tour owners have, please share your suggestions.:)