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    help me with find thin beam

    The ported Phantom has better feel and comfort than the O3 310. Playability wise though the 310 does everything better. Tbh the 18x20 320g Phantom is probably a better option for the OP, that's a lovely racquet.
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    help me with find thin beam

    The ported Phantom is pretty low powered, especially on serve. The O3 TT310 has a lot more power and is way more stable.
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    Tier One Sports

    Yep - I loved this exact same combo in my O3 Prince TT310 - didn't last long though unfortunately. Might try it again in my Pro Kennex Q Tours once I'm done testing Velocity/GW and Rip Control/GW
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    I Love Poly/Poly Hybrids. Best Affordable Ones You've Tried?

    Tier one strings are very good value, Ghost Wire makes a great cross string.
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    Djokovic plays points vs fan

    You realise there are two players in that video, right? One of them is right-handed (that's your clue as to who's who)...
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    help me with find thin beam

    If you're demoing I'd add the ProKennex Q Tour 325 to your order, very under-rated frames. 19.5mm beam, decent static weight, very stable. Less $$$ than the new sticks from bigger brands. I keep trying new racquets but nothing has replaced these in my bag for very long.
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    FireWire Boost tension (Blade 16x19)

    Need to string up my dubs partners blade, he's been using full bed Velocity but wants more spin. Figured I'd try him on FireWire Boost first up, what sort of tensions would people recommend? Was thinking 54/52 for first try?
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    Best modern 18x20 97-100"?

    Pro Kennex Q Tour 325
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    Prince O3 Tour 100 (290g)

    Bit late answering this, but O3 (310 version) Vs K7 Red, I would say the O3 does pretty much everything better in terms of playability. The K7 has way better feel and comfort though, and still plays pretty well in its own right.
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    Any recommendations for a soft poly?

    Yeah, full bed. Blows my mind that I can string at 44/40 and not sail the ball long all the time. Big power upgrade from FB Velocity but the ball just stays in the court no matter how much I go after my shots. Played a league doubles match against a pair we've not beaten in two previous...
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    Hyper G Soft

    LOL. He's suggesting you can already play a 'softer' version of Hyper-G by using a thinner gauge :rolleyes:
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    Hybrid. Do you ever replace just the poly?

    Use a starting clamp and tie off the cross on a cross, then you won't have to worry about it damaging the gut.
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    Any recommendations for a soft poly?

    Where is the T1 Ghostwire number from? I can't find their strings on TW?
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    Any recommendations for a soft poly?

    Absolutely loving Tier One Ghostwire in my PK Q Tours. Don't have anything to compare it to as it's my first foray in to the poly world having only played with multis and SG since taking up tennis again after a 20 year hiatus (due to pre-existing elbow problems). It's as least as comfortable as...
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    Kevlar like wine :) better with age .

    I recently found an old racquet from my junior days, strung with Kevlar mains. They must be 25+ years old, maybe I should test out your theory!
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    Frame for elbow pain

    Why don't you want to drop the tension? Could give you a little more power, and a little more comfort, in a frame you already really like. 18x20s can take pretty low tensions without sacrificing control. Some good racquet suggestions in this thread, but make sure you don't neglect elbow...
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    Multi -> Poly, tension adjustments

    Full multi to full poly was indeed a fairly drastic difference, but in a very good way lol. Power was up, but then so was control due to the extra spin, really felt I could go after my targets. Waaaay more pop on first serves, and the extra spin on second serves got me plenty of free points...
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    Multi -> Poly, tension adjustments

    Thanks, will give it a go.
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    Multi -> Poly, tension adjustments

    Long time Velocity user, found a decent combination of comfort, spin and playability etc. but can't help feeling like I'm missing out. Recently tried a hybrid of V mains and T1 Ghostwire in my Prince TT310 (16x19) - absolutely loved how it played but didn't last long (<5 hours). I string my own...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Close to pulling the trigger on a TC95 (having played previously with both versions of the K7). Pretty sure what I want for the majority of the specs, just torn between string patterns. Anyone played both 16x19 and 18x20? I love the predictable response of my PK Q Tours (18x20) but could also...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Well yeah, thinner beam, less power and a lower RA with no Twaron = Phantom
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Given that the static weight and balance of yours are more or less on spec, I'd be very surprised if the SW was that high. Unstrung spec is 285 so should be closer to 315-320. When I measured mine using the same method it came out right around 318, so I've added some lead to 10/2 to bump it up a...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Well, I'm not a seasoned racquet tester but I would agree these frames have very few weaknesses. As I alluded to, the only real differences between the two versions are string pattern and feel. The one thing I wanted a bit more of is plow and static weight as I moved from heavier frames (PK Q...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    One issue is that the O3 version isn't available in the US so naturally there'll be less people using/talking about it. I can tell you the differences highlighted above are minimal, but: Spin - pretty even. Solid beam is a little more open, but the ports add a touch so overall it balances out...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    I don't feel much difference in power/control between the two versions if I'm honest.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Worse in what way? I have both versions and prefer the O3 due to the slightly tighter string pattern (especially in the throat) and comfort. The differences aren't huge though, both great frames.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    IMO comfort is very good for a 65RA frame. I had a nasty bout of TE a while back, I managed to rehab it while still playing using an Angell K7 as my main racquet. Since then I've used both versions of the K7, the DR98, Prince Phantoms and ProKennex Q Tours, all renowned for being very...
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    Stability of Head Prestige Pro but with more power and lower SW

    I've not played a prestige but in terms of stability at low weight and swingweight I'd be very surprised if there's anything that can match the new Textreme Tours. My 310 feels just as stable as my PK Q Tours and Phantom 100. It just soaks up shots at net and big serves. Pretty decent power...
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    When was the last time you changed racquets and why?

    Last frame I used for any length of time before switching was the ProKennex Q Tour 325. Love the plow, stability and control and probably play my best tennis with it when I'm on form but on off days I just find them a bit too heavy. Currently using the Prince TT310 which does everything pretty...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Reasonably similar insofar as they're both solid all round performers. The pattern on the solid beam TT310 is a bit more open than the DR and as such it's a little easier to access power and spin. Still has really good control though. The TT310 is more stable for sure. DR probably has a...