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    One character defining image of what you will remember a player as

    Mind you it's not their career defining or biggest achievement . But the image that describe something you will remember the player for. Djokovic Will power and Strength : Look at the guy's elbow Federer Elegance and lethality : Nadal Monster on Clay :
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    The tennis tour should test every kind of skill

    Tennis is a sport of varied styles. There are always counter claims to slowing down of courts but let's set that aside for a moment. Shouldn't the tennis tour test a player in every way ? Shouldn't every style of play find ample opportunity and each type of skill given some chance ? Even...
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    Some questionable tactics of Big 3 this past WB, and should we have strategic time out in bo5 or not ?

    Note: Each of the three did it this time around in my opinion, so please no holier than thou stuff here. Usually it's Rafa who does this kind of stuff, from customary MTOs when losing to banana choking But each of Fedovic too basically tanked half a set. Djokovic probably did it because he...
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    Novak fans, do you think there has been a player you have watched that is superior to him ? If yes why ?

    Novak is moving near GOAThood status with every slam , but many have always called him the best ever and he might really be. Do you,as a fan, think he is the best player *you* have seen? Personally, I think he really might be. The greatest combination of grit , athleticism and controlled...
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    Your experiences with paranormal 2

    There were a few threads (one by me too) about this , but I wanted to share something from yesterday and hear some more. I am a sucker for spooky tales.But sometimes when I hear someone close speak about it, the thrill factor goes down the drain.I think after what I heard last night from a...
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    Roger can win one of the next two slams, and be prepared the Slam race will become the biggest tennis story ever

    I have a very strong feeling about few things in coming months 1. Those who said that ATP is boring, sit back, we will have the greatest story in tennis history as Slam race starts to reach it's zenith 2. Novak will be the biggest juggernaut tennis has seen in slams , he will put everything...
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    As great as that match was , it was the Zenith. Nothing else will compare for the rest of the season.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a GOAT match. I loved the fact that Novak won. But this was the Zenith. It doesn't get better nor bigger. I simply cannot see why I will be interested in any masters or even USO. Nothing else compares. And won't for a long time. I am literally feeling hollow. Too...
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    Watch and learn WEAK ERA trolls THIS is how LEGENDS do it. Mods allow this just once. The greatest Tennis analyst from the 90s was at it again . Although in a galaxy far far away from our beloved TTW Propping Up Ralph Continues to do that while pushing the agenda of CURRENT ERA is full of...
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    After 2015, Tennis suddenly evolved so much. Fraud and Ralph had gained a lot of experience and finally started to peak. I have been reliably told million times that these were the best Fedal versions ever. So why should the H2H be concerned with matches where Fedal were babies ? Why not...
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    Sing with me everybody !!!

    Sing with me folks Fedr, Fedr, Fedr Fedr Fedr Fedrrrrr, Federeruruh!! Fedr , Fedr, Fedr Fedr Fedr Fedrrrrrrr, Fedruhhhruhh !! Note I didn't think of this first, someone here did, can't remember though. After he posted this, I have never been able to hear the theme in the same way.
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    The greatest problem Nadal has off clay now

    Is that he is trying to do something that he really isn't best at : Being too aggressive and bigger serve. Off clay , Federer and Djokovic have always been better in those department. Nadal could previously keep up because of his FH and footspeed, both are much worse now. In AO he wrecked...
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    15 Years and he still makes my heart jump into my mouth. Beating so hard as if it wants to break through my rib cage. I am overwhelmed. I am speechless. Such greatness. Such a great man. Such a great player. Glad that I became a fan Roger , I am honoured and privileged to have been a witness...
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    Nadal confirms tennis evolves, says he is not sure if he can beat himself from years ago

    Nadal basically contradicts Fraud , after Fred went all " We have improved so much." Quite logical response From Ralph , he says they have re adapted and not improved. He says he may not beat Rafa of 2008 at all Link :Tennis doesn't evolve,no ? Nadal’s take was slightly different. “I don’t...
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    If Fraud wishes to beat Rafa in final

    *Semis missed it in title He Should not net rush like a maniac. His presser gave the impression that he is going to do just that. Mark my words , it will turn out to be a massacre if he does go that route. Rafa will pass him all day long. And he will end up making mistakes at the net. Both of...
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    Some of the best points of the big 4 in slams

    Decent collection from their matches against each other Novak -Rafa's brutality ,Fraud 's craft, Murray 's grit all on display here And before people start complaining about " big 4 " here is Stan
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    Yet Another court speed thread this time with DATA ,DATA and DATA

    LINK : Single most coveted thing in the history : THE DATA While this is mostly a troll thread in intent, and but this is @Lew II 's second favourite site which he cites so much. So they must be really good . Jokes aside , this is worth giving a thought. They claim the difference in speed...
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    Berrittini is impressive

    Haven't really cared for him and hadn't watched any of his matches. So I just went through few highlights and he looks pretty good. He might not make a mark against Fed , he probably will be tired or his inexperience will make him vulnerable but I see him doing good things (if not great, too...
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    Why do people love Friends so much ?

    My friend suggested me to watch it. I have heard a lot about it, like it's the greatest thing ever but honestly don't see much in it. I watched some 10 12 episode of the 1st season and really wasn't too thrilled about it. Only the character of Chandler seems unique. But every actor/ess seems...
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    The Fedal Finger Wag.

    Looks like Fedal reserve their Finger Wag celebrations for important occasions for themselves. When the match actually matters and they really really want to win. I know that Djokovic has been at the recieving end mostly. And sometimes it felt too in your face (Nadal Montreal, especially after...
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    Wimbledon Court speed : Players speak

    Commentators have been saying this a lot too. Seems like a significant change has occurred. From Article Link for suspicious minds. Eight-time champion Roger Federer was quick to sound off on Centre Court's slower speed after his opening-round victory over Lloyd Harris. “I just...
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    I hate Reilly Opelka.

    Good lord. Have you seen his face ? He might be a foot taller but I have a very strong urge to punch him whenever they show his face. Hate his attitude too. And absolutely detest the fact he beat Wawarinka here.
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    Young Rafa funny moments

    A reminder that even Rafa was an innocent young kid , who used to struggle with his English and was adorably awkward. This young man has grown into a Tennis great both as a player and as an ambassador
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    Tennis truly has evolved.

    Now the due to the improved talent pool, evolved tactical understanding and the much more physical game, we have the best up and coming generation of all time. But tennis has evolved. So these uber talented youngsters can't just take over the tour. They need to gain more experience and...
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    Is anything that happened in past safe from revisionism ?

    Now it's 2011 Djokovic's turn. Just read some posts claiming 2018 Djokovic is better than 2011. Whenever I read something along the lines of 2018 Djokovic is better than 2011, I want to find the nearest pole and bang my head on it. On grass ,Maybe that is true. But 2018 didn't have half...
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    Personal life stability of the big 4 : How big a contribution to their success ?

    Their personal life stability has really helped them. They also have a very loyal team. Due to the stability their personal life to these champion is like a sanctuary, they can break their bones chasing their dreams but then always return to their wives and kids and be happy. Not to mention the...
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    Wimbledon : Your 5 Memories of watching the event.

    Events/little things you still remember Here are mine 1. 2010 : I am excited, dreaming of a Fedal revenge For the first time the sports channel also broadcasted the official WB preview hours before the beginning of the tournament. Fed shows up in it and says " I don't know but I don't...
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    Your opinions that majority do not share vol. 2

    For people with too much time on their hands : Vol.1 Rip me part folks,For me: 1.Wawrinka has a slam in him. Most probably a slam final at least. 2. Djokovic would have beaten Nadal at RG 2011. For this I have no doubt. 3. Djokovic has a significantly higher peak on grass than clay due to...