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  1. Meles

    Federer 2002 vs Tsitsipas 2019

    Fresh idea I stole from another poster @DSH Fedly's finals: Win 2–4 Jan 2002 Sydney International, Australia International Hard Juan Ignacio Chela 6–3, 6–3 Loss 2–5 Feb 2002 Milan Indoor, Italy International Carpet (i) Davide Sanguinetti 6–7(2–7), 6–4, 1–6 Loss 2–6 Mar 2002 Miami Open...
  2. Meles

    The Lurker

    Lurkerpas may be upon us. He battled Thiem and Medvedev quite well recently and of course has single handily in one match cast a great shadow over Djoko's GOAT aspirations. Just how good has Tsitsipas been over the last few weeks? Is he good enough to sneak a win in Paris or even WTF? (Has...
  3. Meles

    Federer Slam Winning Scenarios Betterer with Medvedev

    With Djokovic now possibly Tsits's whipping boy and the emergence of Medvedev one wonders if this opens the door a bit wider for Federer to win a slam. :unsure: This boils down to possible draws. For now with both at three and four in the world Medvedev is protected from playing Federer, but...
  4. Meles

    Medvedev Masters 1000 Win Streak: Ahead of Fed

    The all time record for Masters 1000 equivalent consecutive titles: # Titles Years 4 Rafael Nadal 2013 Novak Djokovic 2013–14 Novak Djokovic 2014–15 Novak Djokovic 2015–16 3 Rod Laver 1970 John McEnroe 1982–83 Stefan Edberg 1987 Rafael Nadal 2010 Novak...
  5. Meles

    2019 World Tour Finals Group Discussion: Why Wait?

    Ned and Nole will be 1 and 2 seeds Fed & Med 3-4 Tim & Stef 5-6 Zed & Other (Goffin, RBA, Matteo) Which groups do you want to see?
  6. Meles

    The Return of Zedzilla

    Looks like it started with Rublev for Zverev in Shanghai and hasn't stopped to my eye, but what do the stats show for the week? In 4 matches in Shanghai: 55.7% points won 74.0% serve points won 38.6% return points won That'll do it.;) Besides three setter with Fed, this also includes three...
  7. Meles

    Zverev: Medvedev #1 Player in the World

    The Zedulous One just declared today, Medvedev #1 Player in the World Top 20 Points since Wimbledon: 1 Daniil Medvedev 23 3950 2 Rafael Nadal 33 3000 3 Alexander Zverev 22 1330 4 Novak Djokovic 32 1220 5 Dominic Thiem 26 1210 6 Matteo Berrettini...
  8. Meles

    ATP Shanghai 2019 R16 (WTF Road) RBA vs Berrettini & Fabio vs Khachanov

    These two matches back to back to start things on Show Court 3 so why not a dual thread? Elsewhere Goffin's rise faces a road block in Federer, but he and Zverev (vs red, red hot Rublev) will be watching closely these two matches before they play on Center in the evening. Full standings: 7...
  9. Meles

    ATP Shanghai 2019 R16: The Zedulous One vs Angrey R

    Kind of the immovable force versus silly putty, but Zverev is fighting like a cornered animal to qualify for world tour finals plus easily won their previous two encounters handily. Things may be different this time as the previously weak serving Rublev has done the following just this week: 1...
  10. Meles

    When Murray Returns to Top Form What Will Be the Impact?

    Don't think this is an "if" any more based on Murray's play of late and how solid the hip and back appear Even a top 20 only Wawrinka has had major impact this year taking out Tsitsipas at RG and Djoko at the US Open. Imagine Murray does find something like his form from late 2016 what would...
  11. Meles

    2019 China Open Final - Der Thiemissar in Town?

    Its been a while: 32/2018 R32 Canadian Masters Hard Stefanos Tsitsipas Dominic Thiem 6-3 7-6(6) 22/2018 R64 FO - RG Clay Dominic Thiem Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-2 2-6 6-4 6-4 17/2018 QF Barcelona Clay Stefanos Tsitsipas Dominic Thiem...
  12. Meles

    2019 Shanghai Masters (Diamond Age Wood Anniversary Capstone)

    No thread for this Masters 1000? Well then we get a ridiculous title.:laughing: Draw ceremony is live and going to look for stream....
  13. Meles

    Diamond Age Wood Anniversary

    for @NatF and @nn Normally Diamond Anniversary is at 60 years, but dividing by 5 so the Diamond Age Diamond Anniversary at 12 years. Wood is normally five year anniversary and for those who count we can say roughly every two months ongoing is another anniversary (so Sugar, Woollen, Salt...
  14. Meles

    General Pro looks like Former Pro

    I come back here and this place is moribund. :eek: Big 3 trolls stewing in their juices talking about the good ole days. Pathetic. Medvedev for President:cool:
  15. Meles

    Medvedev Proud

    Takes on New York City US Open fans in his epic match with Deliciano. I've been saying Medvedev gets off on having the crowd against him since he took out the Demon in Sydney in 2018.
  16. Meles

    The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

    Safin's children --> First we have the true ones: Bublik on right; Tiafoe honorary Russian The transplanted: "Spainard", up and comer Fokina <--Auzzie Popyrin left with parents (Russian) and then some bullsheet Russian: Iron Curtain descends @SoBad ? (Do we count Poles, Georgians...
  17. Meles

    Medvedev Statisfaction Shows Him As Strongerer US Open Contender

    Normally slams are easier to get great stats than Master's events and 56% points won makes for a strong champion at any major and perhaps more so at the US Open. Medvedev for Washington and Canada sits at 56.0% points won for the two events with an excellent 73.2% serve points won along with...
  18. Meles

    Tomic Shamed by ITF

    Tomic (and really all players) shamed by ITF rebuke of his appeal for loss of prize money:eek:: @Aussie Darcy approved
  19. Meles

    2018 US Open Court Slowing Likely Permanent "The amount of sand or other granular items in the surface's top layer can be adjusted to make a court faster, which is what's responsible for the change, according to Brewer (US Open...
  20. Meles

    Thiemerev a Vulturing They Go

    Both are playing Hamburg with Zverev taking yet another wildcard into an event. Zverev has played every week since Monte Carlo save the week before and after Wimbledon. Thiem after breakout in 2015 on July clay has crashed and burned the last two years on July clay. Zverev oddly giving up a...
  21. Meles

    Federer Set For Surprise Longevity GOAT US Open Title in 2019

    With the momentum from Miami, his clay play, and now the last week of Wimbledon Federer is set to snag another US Open. The Djokodal US Opens of the last few years have not been dominant. With Federer nearly bettering them both for the first time in a major at a slow playing Wimbledon, its hard...
  22. Meles

    GOAT Stalemate Between the Masters (2019 Wimbledon)

    Federer cemented himself as a much, much greater grass court player than Nadal with his semi-final tour de force. Federer would have the slammed the GOAT door hard today with a victory over the much younger Djokovic in the final today. Even though Djokovic won their strategic masterclass today...
  23. Meles

    Wimbledon Statistics for the 2019 Semifinals (no thanks to Wimbledumb or IBM)

    @xFedal just asked me to do see what I though of Big 3's chances to win Wimbledon based on statistics. IBM of course has their idiotic IBM Highlights by Watson based on crowd noise, but no real tennis statistics.:mad: And so this is what we get...
  24. Meles

    2019: Greatest Back to Back Slam Semi-finals Everer?

    With Roland Garros arguably just having had the greatest final 4 in its history and the Big 3 in their best Wimbledon form and first time together since 2007, is this the greatest back to back slam semi-finals? Some may decry Roberto Grassista Agut, but with three straight wins on hard in...
  25. Meles

    2019 July Clay Season Will Be a Great One

    I'm very pleased with hard courts in July the last few years with the Washington draws and Atlanta looks tasty in 2019 as well (The Isner Open will also have baby Isner(Opelka), FAA, Diego, the Demon, Tiafoe, Kecmanovic, Hurkacz-very nice IW/Miami swing, and grass fiend Humbert.) All players to...
  26. Meles

    Diamond Age World Tour Finals Race; Looks Like A Sweep

    With Zverev winning the inaugural WTF of the Diamond Age its time to look at this years race for the top 8. Thiem and the Big 3 are all but locks for WTF leaving 4 positions. Diamond Age has 7 strong youngerer contenders bolded below. 1. Nadal R. 5550 +45 2. Djokovic N. 4770 +45 3. Federer R...
  27. Meles

    Wimbledon Seeds Andy Murray 5th

    Based on seeding formula.
  28. Meles

    2019 Wimbledon Grasserer Field

    A lot of turmoil with the likes of Anderson, Cilic, Isner, Querrey, Berdych, and Delpo not playing or with virtually no grass play. The Field Ranked: 1. Djokovic - clear #1 2. Federer - by Halle win and securing #2 seed 3. Nadal - improved first serve this year to go along with betterer 2nd...
  29. Meles

    Berrittini the Serve Meanie

    Won on clay in Gstaad last year unbroken. Just won on grass at Stuttgart unbroken. That places him 2nd all time for winning tournaments unbroken behind Federe at 4.o_O Oh yes and resplendent grass game with superior drop shots, volleys, and approaches not to mention a fairly wicked...
  30. Meles

    Felix Auger on Par with Nadal and Hewitt at Same Age

    Just click the: Saby Graph of Greatness Felix if he makes final of Queens will be 8th in ATP race, 7th if he wins. Grass and US Open series should be very kind to him as well. With win in Queens he'd be 17th ranked currently. Currently the graph shows Felix ranked 21 at 18.839. Nadal 17 at...