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  1. woodje12

    Tennis Warehouse: Explosive Red String (price change to $14!)

    FYI, I'm a 4.0 NTRP, A-5 ALTA, 5 UTR: Tension used for playtest: 54 lbs in mains with Dunlop Explosive Red 17g and 58 lbs in crosses with Dunlop Silk Pro in my Prince Textreme Tour 100P Regular string setup: After playing primarily with softer poly's (mainly Volkl’s like Cyclone, V-Torque...
  2. woodje12

    Tennis Warehouse: Explosive Red String (price change to $14!)

    Hey @Injured Again I use the same dampener (Prince Silencer I believe) and have a tip for you. You may not care, but technically your current set up is illegal. No one ever called me on it but I was mildly nervous given some yahoos out there who would love nothing better than a "free" default...
  3. woodje12

    Tennis Warehouse: Explosive Red String (price change to $14!)

    Type of ball received: Dunlop ATP Regular Duty Court type for playtest: Primarily Har-Tru Green Clay (fairly wet due to overnight thunderstorm) then later hard courts (Decoturf I believe…) Tennis experience/background: 4.0 NTRP / A-5 ALTA lines 4-5; playing ~6 years; low 40's in age Describe...
  4. woodje12

    ALTA league levels

    I'm sure there are reams of threads on this topic -- the correct answer is that it's not really comparable. There are far too many variables not the least of which is that an ALTA team typically has significant variation by line whereas a USTA team is technically equivalent (i.e., all 4.0...
  5. woodje12

    2019 Shoes

    That would be nice. I have bought up some extra pairs of Ubersonic 2's for my son when I have found them. The Ubersonic 3 appears to be a totally different type of shoe than the 2 -- more like the Defiant model that some remarked might work for geriatric men who play exclusively on clay...
  6. woodje12

    Is it normal to smash your toes on hard stops?

    @aminadream Good idea, thanks for sharing! I'll give it a shot!
  7. woodje12

    Is it normal to smash your toes on hard stops?

    I wish it were that simple. I have had toe jamming even when my foot tingled because it was not getting enough blood flow due to tight laces. I also have a callous-like thickening of the skin on the top of my foot/under the shoe tongue and still had jamming.
  8. woodje12

    Is it normal to smash your toes on hard stops?

    Weird that this thread has produced diametrically opposed responses but I've had this problem and have largely solved it by going up a half size. So put me in that go bigger camp. I also agree that some shoes seem more prone to toe jamming than others no matter the size (Adidas Barricades for...
  9. woodje12

    Australian Open set to introduce a super tiebreak in the final set

    A little late but a win for common sense. I understand this upsets some self-styled purists but for the players and for a majority of fans this is welcome news. It's amazing how many people can't come grips with the fact that in MANY things in life less is indeed more (bonus points for those who...
  10. woodje12

    2019 Shoes

    Sorry for the delay, I forgot I posted. He's only a mid-level junior player (14 and 1 star recruit) and he burned through Propulses more quickly than any other shoe.
  11. woodje12

    2019 Shoes

    Hmm, that has not been my experience at all. My son used to burn through Babolat shoes very quickly and so we stopped buying them. His Barricades lasted a LOT longer, heck even his light-weight UberSonics lasted a good bit longer than any Babolat shoe he tried. Not a fan of the Michelin compound...
  12. woodje12

    Best above-knee shorts?

    My fav's due to their shorter (above the knee) length and yet generous ball pockets (never have to worry about 2 if not 3 balls falling out) are actually the cheapest: Fila Sports. I have a charcoal and black pair that beat out in reverse order: Wilson (way too long/baggy), Adidas (little long...
  13. woodje12

    any sock recommendations for cold weather?

    Wow those things look like something Jerry Seinfeld wore in 1992! You know I haven't tried a b width shoe which may be stupid on my part. The most narrow shoe I've used were the Nike Breathe 2K12. Good looking shoe (all white with navy sole) but that almost felt a little uncomfortable (tight...
  14. woodje12

    any sock recommendations for cold weather?

    LOL, nice. Maybe that's one thing to look forward to about getting old. Yeah narrow foot to the point where I have some shoes where the eyelets from opposite sides are darn close to touching. With some shoes I have so much extra shoe lace left after tying (including double knotting) that I...
  15. woodje12

    Volkl V-Torque tour

    Yep, you're right. It did actually "shear" which is a good description. It wasn't a clean break but sort of a fracturing long ways.
  16. woodje12

    Volkl V-Torque tour

    I thought I was the only one? I am NOT a string breaker but even I busted this poly (thought it might have been an issue with my stringing). I still like it but if you're a string buster you might have issues. Now granted I was using it at 18g too. I am now using Head Velocity MLT as I am...
  17. woodje12

    any sock recommendations for cold weather?

    Obviously not that bad for me but I admit I also cinch my laces up super tight since I have fought toenail jamming at various times (Barricades seem to give me the most trouble in terms of my foot moving within the shoe FWIW).
  18. woodje12

    any sock recommendations for cold weather?

    I use the regular Thorlos padded tennis crew socks in the winter (versus Thorlos Experia low cut in the spring/summer/fall). I'm a believer in that brand -- great quality.
  19. woodje12

    AO Open tickets and suggestions?

    What is the sound of one hand clapping? ;-) Apparently this thread is not of broad interest but for the record, I bought Laver Day, Laver Night and Margaret Court Day sessions (uppers). I was hoping to score a pre-sale password (past year's were posted on the Interwebs) and I registered with...
  20. woodje12

    BNP Paribas Open | Indian Wells 2019

    Tickets: I would buy single session tickets but that's me. I'm more of a budget tennis traveler. I'd rather see more events than spend my whole budget on one trip. Seats: Unfortunately IIRC, the best seats (i.e., back to the sun) are mostly bought up via package/series sales so you might have...
  21. woodje12

    AO Open tickets and suggestions?

    Oops just realized the title is redundant...
  22. woodje12

    AO Open tickets and suggestions?

    Burned some miles on a big award sale from United and we're headed to the AO (after stopping in New Zealand -- this is our first time west of Alaska)! Would appreciate any tips or tricks. Looks like single tickets are going on sale soon (I did sign up for a Ticketek account a few days ago but...
  23. woodje12

    What happens to a string like bab rpm blast after playing a few weeks with it?

    Don't worry even after a few weeks, it will still shred your elbow! Haha, sorry don't sue me Babolat but yeah from seeing several people with this string come down with issues, I think of this string as the "tennis elbow-maker"... Maybe if you're a 5.0/12 UTR you can handle this string but no...
  24. woodje12

    New tennis center planned for Roswell, GA

    Dang a few of you beat me to it. My title was going to be Game, Set, Match for Atlanta Tennis. Wow this would be amazing especially since it's predominantly clay. Would especially be helpful for ATLA instead of having to play championships out of Sandy Springs or the Dekalb Tennis Center (the...
  25. woodje12

    Strategies for playing in extreme heat

    I haven't seen anyone mention mustard. I know of a couple guys who swear by it to ward off cramping. Any time they sense it coming on they literally tear open a packet or two and squeeze it in... I can't personally vouch for it but does seem to be gaining in popularity (like pickle juice).
  26. woodje12

    Question for those that have been to Southern & Western Open (Cincinnati Tournament)

    Regarding #3, the caveat I'd add is that while they won't kick you out I think they do check your tickets on Center Court. At a minimum, you should expect that your day ticket to Center Court will be used by someone else at night. I had tickets for a Fed night session and I can tell you there...
  27. woodje12

    Most ATP men no footies / short socks

    Thorlos regular Crew in the winter and no show Thorlos Experia in the spring/summer/fall. This is GA so it's all about heat dissipation. FWIW, I find a correlation with age (young, more ankle length; old, more crew) here anyway -- less age, less sock?!
  28. woodje12

    USTA Southern Sectional Champs

    I played a guy from one of the perennial Atlanta playoff teams a couple seasons ago. He was a former JUCO All-American (granted from the late 90's but still)...self-rated 3.5. USTA tennis, it's sandbagstic!
  29. woodje12

    Men vs women calling score during matches?

    Some people prefer the drama that will inevitably come with someone forgetting the score. Sorry, definitely a pet peeve of mine. I don't care how good you are, just call the dang score. I just don't get the risk/reward of not calling out the score, simple as that. BTW, for team players, it also...
  30. woodje12

    Is this UTR to NTRP conversion chart accurate?

    I think that actually makes sense because it's close to what you say at the end. Maybe not "pro-quality 95+" but at least a 2nd that has some pace along with kick/shape to it and doesn't get you murdered against a solid player. As for progression, that's what I have seen a lot at the 3.5 level...