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    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    I think i know his son because his father is my good friend. Someone printed that logo professionally. You have to ask his father or want me to give you the professional printer’s contact detail.
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    Wilson Prostaff question

    Pro Staff line will die with RF if he retired.
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    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    Lets sue Yonex for false advertising!
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    Best thin polys

    Luxilon Bug banger Ace 18 and Timo 18. Excellent strings.
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    Leaving TTW

    Are you ok?
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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 strange membrane peeled of

    Why are you even buying them?
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Then you are extremely lucky to escape PAWS, and you can’t taper that fast or risk PAWS. Taper it very slowly from that Facebook group. Doctors doesn’t know much about it. My ex-doctors didn’t warn me about it.
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Did you taper it slowly or rapidly? I didn’t taper because I thought it would be like Zoloft but cymbalta is far more dangerous and harder to come off. Doctors doesn’t care about people’s lives.
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread

    Where can I find MSV leather grip in tan?
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    All of them. It didn’t work and now I’m having multiple injuries which I never seen it before. But I will never give up until it’s gone. I don’t trust doctors anymore. They are drug pushers. Google that I was in Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome after stopped taking it. Very hard to get off. I...
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Please make sure do not take Cymbalta if your doctor prescribed or you will end up like me - almost ruined my life.
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    Welcome to Talk Tennis Australia

    What about Afterpay?
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    Fixing my volley

    I don’t have problem with overheard. You would be surprised that not many do it as they spent too much time bashing the ball from the baseline and afraid to use overhear when lobbing over.
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    Fixing my volley

    If you want to volley alot, be sure to attack with overhead, not many players do because they are baseliners.
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    Nadal forehand topspin with conti grip?(!?)

    No, if you use wrist lag to hit crosscourt for clean winner, it wont be successfully. So i changed it, using conti grip, the ball will be deeper near the baseline, allowing me to chip and charge to the net to shorten the points.
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    Spinfire 2 ball machine - any users?

    Just put down a 300 desposit with the help of my friend cos they won’t ship international, only US.
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    Roger Federer is the greatest athlete of all time.

    Failed to mention Steffi Graf
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    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    Then you need a bubba racquet which is biggest headsize of all racquets, no?
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    Crazy stat: Nadal won all his 12 RG finals.

    Nadal’s record of FO that will last for a thousand of years or possibly for eternity unless someone will come along and break it, in my opinion, not likely.
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    Anything new in the OS world?

    Pete Sampras 14 GS titles to Andre Agassi's 8, what say you :)
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    Anything new in the OS world?

    Let's put OS to death!
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    Pro Staff 85 vs Pro Staff 97 Black

    Just buy St Vincent PS85 because it’s much better than PS97. You’re buying it because RF use it eh.
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    should be 19mm.
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    Wanted: Wilson Jack Kramer Staff

    Looking for one in L5 in good or excellent condition. PM me if you wish to sell one.
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    Which company has the best QC?

    Fischer should be back in business again.
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    Wilson being sued over Clash branding

    Can we sue Wilson to force them to reopen the St Vincent Factory to reproduce PS85, 90, 95, and even 100.
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    Wilson Hyper Carbon Tour 90inch

    Sell it to me, please!
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    That's why I put more lead tapes at 3 and 9 of Fischer Vacuum Pro 90, weighing 13.2oz with hybrid strings of M: 1.30 mm VS gut and C: either Big Banger Ace 18 or Timo 18 at lower tensions eg M: 48lbs : C 46lbs and it's very good.
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    Michael Stich Serve

    Been watching his service motion. I can see why he used his leg drive and body-shoulder rotation to generate power. Need to re-analyse his backswing properly.