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  1. fgzhu88

    Novak's logo analysis

    it kinda just looks like a number 2. maybe some foreshadowing going on?
  2. fgzhu88

    Can you tell the diffenent between the Twins?

    ^^ twins fascinate me. plus the fed twins are so goshdern cute
  3. fgzhu88

    2012 French Open final- Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    is it me or does Djoker's dad sorta look like Ferrer?
  4. fgzhu88

    Did you know?

    where else did Nadal wear pink? Hot pink in summer 2010 where he lost to Murray and Baghdatis at Toronto/Cincinnati.. also, did you know Nadal has won all of his RG titles while wearing blue or green? (or both) edit: f.a.g. in url
  5. fgzhu88

    Roger Federer Apparel

    Amen brother! He seems to always wear cool stuff for Indian Wells, except for that yellow one last year :mad:
  6. fgzhu88

    Gender switching Nike shoes

    gotcha T21D. I'll probably order the 11.5. Last question, is the durability/construction quality on par with the men's 2k10? @ Brian11785, I must say after browsing thru some of the women's clearance shoes, I'm incredibly grateful for my foot size :D
  7. fgzhu88

    Gender switching Nike shoes

    ah perfect!! Have you ever worn the Men's 2k10 in size 10? And how does the Women's sz 12 fit?
  8. fgzhu88

    Gender switching Nike shoes

    I absolutely love my Nike Zoom 2k10s. But I'm cheap, and it's getting close to replacement time. This is the pair I currently have I have this in Men's size 10. If fits me perfectly, especially when I...
  9. fgzhu88

    Is anyone else sick of hearing that the match is always 'on the attacker's racket'!!

    reactive force greater than proactive force?? Then the so-called reactor just exerted some of his own force and in doing so, is he still purely "reacting"? For me, the fun in tennis is not necessarily hitting the ball into the open court. I can do that without a partner. It's finding that...
  10. fgzhu88

    Fed fans, who will you support once Fed retires?

    Once he retires, I'm sure the youtube highlighters will flock to the Champions tour. There we'll see the likes of fed-gonzo-santoro-safin-moya-kuerten-(probably Davydenko). So I'm not too bummed.
  11. fgzhu88

    Fed fans, who will you support once Fed retires?

    I would start perusing the former pro player section
  12. fgzhu88

    Is Djokovic changing the game??

    which would stand out more in a typical grocer filled with obnoxious brands and icons ;) .. Maybe that's how he reinvented the game? By simplifying it
  13. fgzhu88

    The quality of the men's semi-finals

    the best thing I read in this thread came in post#1: that's just it, isn't it? One can't outfox the other. It's like playing a mirror
  14. fgzhu88

    Why doesn't Fed grunt?

    There's another c-word that fits the scenario better, plus it rhymes..
  15. fgzhu88

    Luxilon String Playtest 2011

    If moderators of TW read this, I apologize for not completing the survey on time. I couldn't play any tennis while college finals were just around the corner, and now I finally had the chance to hit with the new GOLD string over 5 solid practice sessions. plz don't blacklist my address for...
  16. fgzhu88

    Federer's Most Underappreciated Quality

    I swear I'm not trolling when I say this, but Federer and Nadal had a fairly even 2011 in terms of GS; the only deciding factor favoring Nadal was his win over Federer at RG. They both lost in the QF in one GS and to Djokovic twice this year (who was eventual champion each of those times.
  17. fgzhu88

    What if..

    Nadal takes a MTO at 5-0? Could have easily turned into 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 W for Nadal. Or was Federer GOAT'ing enough to still close it out 6-3, 6-0? Methinks the latter. It's just nice to see Nadal, for once, not stick his injured foot in the way of God-mode momentum
  18. fgzhu88

    Whose God-Mode was higher against common foe Nadal...Federer's or Murray's?

    That's his style, is it not? Plenty of margin, preferring to "imprison" (great word choice, btw) his opponents like a boa-constrictor. Going for more risks would have put him out of his comfort zone. Maybe that's what you're getting at? That Nadal should have at least made an effort to adapt...
  19. fgzhu88

    Nadal wasn't at his best

    there's also the tiny little insignificant stat where Federer hit 28 winners in 15 total games.
  20. fgzhu88

    Best break point I ever saw

    uhm.. best bp in that match was Fed saying F**K your backhand pushing tactics, I'm hitting all forehands baby!
  21. fgzhu88

    Ivan Ljubicic in Twitter regarding Roger's performance

    one of the biggest "what ifs" I constantly fantasize about. Stupid Gasquet got his ass completely handed to him by Nalbandian and still took the #8 spot (didn't he? I think he did). did absolutely nothing in Shanghai except pad a few highlight reels and beat zombie-Djokovic. Nalby for sure...
  22. fgzhu88

    Ivan Ljubicic in Twitter regarding Roger's performance

    "Even against Nadal" that says so much
  23. fgzhu88

    Federer should have nerf-balled 40-15

    or served underhanded. any other ******** hindsight suggestions?
  24. fgzhu88

    Is Djoko experiencing Karma?

    insane. I was just thinking about karma and the big 3. seems like Rafa is getting a taste of his own mental dominance over Fed. seems like former prison b!tch Djokobic is now bullying everyone who wronged him b4. seems like former matchpoint acing Fed is now squandering all the big ones...
  25. fgzhu88

    Fed Fans, Now that Fed is out......

    it's kind of a win-win for me, whoever loses tomorrow :D if Djokovic loses, Fed avenged :twisted: if Nadal loses, 16 protected, losing streak to Djoko prolonged :twisted: yes, I'm a bitter, sadistic Fedfan
  26. fgzhu88

    Favorite Federer racket PJ (i.e., paintjob)

    1. n90. I personally enjoyed his 2004-2006 years most. Fed seemed to generate the most racquethead speed during that time. The image of a red & white blur zipping through the air is the epitomic representation of Federer's dominance. This PJ also seemed to make the racquet face look smaller...
  27. fgzhu88

    The difference between Djokovic and Murray-mental or technical?

    talent is very subjective.. sure Murray's got many "tools" but no clear gameplan against the top guys. Muzza has to make drastic changes in his game to be at the same level as Novak. - 2nd serve - right now, he has to rely on an unusually high 1st serve% to trouble the top 3. His 2nd is a...
  28. fgzhu88

    Prince Footwear Questions/Discussion

    Let me start off by saying that my Prince QT Screams have been the best shoes I have ever owned (rec player, 1x/2x a week). list of outperformed shoes: reebok roddick pumps, nike breath free 3, nike vapor 3, adidas feather ii, adidas tirand iii, asics gel game. Pros: Comfort, stability, weight...
  29. fgzhu88

    verdasco the fiasco

    this guy can't consolidate a break to save his entire family from being massacred
  30. fgzhu88

    How did Canas get picked as Gulbis' coach?

    Canas is still a good enough player to rally competitively with Gulbis, if not beat him in a few practice sets. How many coaches can do that?